HWS Patch live! New limits | Mobile Marketplace | HWS Kill Board | Better Stealth options | New Tax

Good Morning @everyone,

our announced patch is now live!

New limits


But as I said we will observe for now how it turns out and only show warnings, just to be save. PLEASE report us the warnings so we can check if all is working as intended.

Additionally you have on PvP planets now 4 minutes a 3 warnings (total 12 minutes).

Mobile Marketplace

We have now the option to set a Mobile Marketplace for specific ships. Maybe a donation option for the future? Maybe a Freighter flying around in HWS 8.
For now a HWS Marketplace Cruiser will be sporadic jumping around from system to system with an Player Admin Core so you can see it on the map.

Info: you can use the ti:sell commands there or even sell / buy your ships around that Cruiser (in future flying Garage platforms maybe)

HWS Kill Board

(Thanks Dreamworks for the icons)

A brand new feature for PvP guys :slight_smile:
If you click in HWS Connect > Hunter Board you see at the bottom also the HWS Kill Board now.
It counts ONLY the player kills (no alliance and no faction kills) and only shows the Top 10 of the whole server.

It starts from today and gets updated on the web every 30 minutes.

At the end of a season I will reward the top 3!

Better Stealth options

I implemented in HWS Connect that you can stealth / un-stealth individual ships now as well!

New Tax formula

As discussed:

Have fun!

And don’t forget the event tomorrow!! :slight_smile:

Your HWS Team


Could we see anywhere the actual limits?

Yes, in HWS Connect > Universe.

Or do you mean a pre calculated limit page, ready for your situation? So you don’t have to apply the factors above?

Would be nice if we could have a page where we can see our current limits and how many free slots we have.

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We will see what we can do about that.


Great work admin. I really appreciate the conversion factor and the startin number, it seems well balanced althought it s only the first try. And is also great the specific stealth ship command, many many many RP points saved. TYVM


+1 to that

Also, this mobile marketplace, if on pvp spots, seems like just a camp fest. Will it be impossible to use guns around it or is it just a camp area?

The Cruiser itself does not shoot. What you do around that ship is up to you.

Kill board!!! - I’d have been happy just for that from this update :slight_smile:

Just a pity its not retrospective lol.


Dont quite understand the “Faction PVE and Faction PVP” column, The “Faction PVP/PVE per member” I understand clear as day. But is the first 2 columns private structures?

Does the kill count record multiple kills of the same player? I think it should as often players respawn grab another ship and come at you again. However, is there anything in place to stop those multi-cheaters killing their multis over and over?

That is the new discussed and requested base number feature.

A faction can have 5 faction structures and then on top of that the factor you see in the middle.

Yes, it records multiple and obviously we can’t prevent multi account abuse. Well kind of, if we see there are some lovey dovey killing each other all the time.

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This is incredible Rexxus. Thank so much for giving me and many others the opportunity to provide feedback before the release. This is incredible!

Thank you thank you thank you! Or as they say in German: Danke!

Best regards
Wise :slight_smile:

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Yes the berechnete limit with all factors. How much cvs the faction actual could have ? The grenzen halt there the warning would geschickt werden