HWS Tank Rush Event



West side but disqualify me I shot at west allies


EAST side. in game 123 the one with op4. The event was fun although the tower being destroyed messed me up a few times but definitly alot of fun. would do again !


IGN: Beetle
West team
only thoughts are maybe tone down the zirax spawners on the bottom, they clipped through the blocks and like 20 rocket zirax inside of blocks is difficult to deal with :stuck_out_tongue: overall was alot of fun


should have supplied more tanks and hand weapons ammo for respawners


I had an error message a few times, tanks were actually better without gunner as aiming was tough. Fun event though. GG both sides.


IGN: Krieger50
West Team
pretty good event you put on Rexxus thanks for the fun


TokenBlack GRG EAST side best side


Played WEST SIIIIIDE, we smoked their tanks, but the defense with all the zirax and the turrets shooting through the bottom was too much to over come once they were inside

would like to have an attrition fight instead of the king of the hill, or have tanks be the focus of the king of the hill but it was super fun
North America
Good job HWS
DAR: Elstubert


IGN: Gambit
West Team
Fun event, maybe more focus on tank then base rush.


IGN: Abrum13
West Team
I thought it was a tank battle, spent too much time fighting in them instead of rushing to the base.


Dhalgren reporting in.
NA Team West
Was a bit laggy at times and hard to hit with turrets. Got more action on foot. Might be nice to have small arms caches for people to re-arm when on foot. Thanks for the fun!


this is for blueavenger he cant login but is in our discord he is Eastside ,NA ,DIE


IGN: Carnage986
More tanks less base rush


i think less tank less base more pvp on foot :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: that would be alot of fun


IGN: Jakurst
West Team
NA Server

The tank battle was quite fun. After the tank phase, the NPCs at the tower distracted from the fight quite significantly. I’d also suggest adding infantry weapons/ammo to supply drops for the end phase as I think most of our team after their first death were unarmed for the remainder of the match. Otherwise, a very fun event, thanks for including me.


NA server -EAST side. in game SiK the one with A99. The event was fun
the tower being destroyed messed me up a few times but definitly alot of fun. nice one rexXxus !


Tank Event
Indica EAST JL


Greetings to everyone!

It was a wonderful idea, and fairly well executed, especially for the first edition! I fought on the glorious West Side. We were filled with vigor and steel, but sadly lost the day :sob:

Suggestion: Weapons for the ammo boxes.


West Side


My in Game name juniper with east side. Na server

was a fun time i hope to have more of these events in the future.


HI I was a player (Bloomsfield) for west server is NA, faction is LSD. I really enjoyed the event lot of fun.
I noticed once out of tank u could not tell who from who any way of making one uniform color for west and one for east. Apart from that thank you for making a fun time!