HWS Voting Feedback

The HWS Voting Category should allow you and the admins to come together and vote for topics which are highly interested by you or us.

It not only shows your interest in something but helps the Owner to see what direction is in favor of the whole community!

If you have any feedback about the Vote procedure itself, please comment here.

Thanks and happy voting!


Great idea, Would it be possible to add the vote Y or N option? May give better metrics for calculating results.

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What do you mean with Y or N exactly?

This post:

Does not have the option for those who want to vote no.

For a reason.
In all projects where voting exists, you would ruin it with “downvotes”.
If someone does not like a topic, he just do not vote there and leave his vote somewhere else.
Combined with a limited amount of votes available, this is quite smart

Voting is always good, but how do you know a ratio without a down vote. Most people don’t see all posts, so unless you can tell how many people view a vote you can’t tell if only 1 person likes it, or if only one person saw it.


With a search + scrolling, you reach what you want to reach.
The spirit of voting is to vote for something what you are interested in.

Downvotes ruined the internet / new generation of humans in the internet imo.
A downvote is most likely involved with someone bored or personal conflict over someones opinion.
Simply put: downvoting someone is toxic.
It like running over someones mouth in real life which is not a gentle move.

The ratio is achieved by pure interest, which is free of negativity.

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I assume the votes would be done here in the forum and the forum has a view counter.

sort by latest posts to see a few of the ones that have popped up today. shows the vote counter next to the vote button.

@RexXxuS the hidden vote is genius.

I think this topic is for voting should be a permanent section of the forum server. It will be a constant communication of society and administration - the best feedback.

Believe, that the author better themes should be awarded, as least, a paid-for ship. This will boost stimulation new proposals, and means will make server better, think this a small the price for bright future :slight_smile:

The reason I close Vote topics after a certain time, especially if it’s clear they are not possible to realise is the Vote logic of this forum.
See here:

You have a limit of votes and I want to release it that way from time to time.

About rewards for the successful implemented suggestion… nice idea but a lot of manual work.
I will think about it!

One thing I missed out on in my first post was - where did this totalitarian voting system come from? It is not a voting system if there is only one option to choose from. Russia had that system, and China still does where you can only vote for the communist party because there is no other option - hardly democratic giving us no option to vote no. Nor is it democratic to ridicule or insult those that have a differing opinion from you. I refer to comments like the following -

I have played a long time (10600+ hours) and have seen huge changes, a lot of which were good, but constantly nerfing stuff because some have poor attention spans and become bored is pandering to the lowest common denominator.


Since it came up also in another post, let me resend the answer to that:

TL;DR: the developers of that forum software here, don’t like it (similar opinion than I have), so it’s not even possible.


If you can only vote for a proposal, how on earth do you know how many people are not for the proposal? I am well aware of the possible problems with misuse of the internet by trolls, but surely this draconian reaction to it is equally as immoral at the other extreme end of the scale - a few individuals dictating the demise of the democratic process. So at the moment the OCD nerf proposal will go through on a vote of 5 ‘yes’ and 0 ‘no’, because the ‘no’ voters aren’t allowed to vote - very democratic, and a very slippery slope to embark upon.


1- this is just a survey so to say… shows interest…
2- this is a large community… only 5 people voting yes so far = failure, not success…

So what is the undemocratic pass number? 6, 10, 20, 1000? I see no point in having a vote if the pass number is the proposers decision not a majority decision.

Good question but simple:
If a Community has 900 active members and 5 up votes are there, this is the real ratio and very clear.

As I linked you my response already:

You keep posting in russian, which in fact means, you do not care about our rules or my explanation that this is very disrespectful:

Which means I have to exclude you for awhile from posting to think about your actions.

I still bothered at your ego trip and wasted my time to translated it in Google:

Exactly, and because they do not vote, it means there is no interest for that topic which don’t need to be aggressively “downvoted” with comments :slight_smile:

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I think thats a big mistake Rexx. By excluding down votes your censoring those who don’t agree with your proposal. That smells of tyranny. Your essentially saying “you can only vote if you agree with me.” What nonsense is that? Just because someone disagrees with you doesn’t mean they shouldn’t have a right to vote no, no matter how you personally feel about it.

For example, i want you to vote for A because i just like A and it brings positive feelings because of the fact that i like A, then someone disagrees with me because they like B and to them B makes them feel positive, but to me sense i like A and voting for A makes me feel positive you voting for B makes me feel negative because you disagree with me. You see?

All of this “if you disagree with me makes me feel negative” is a very clear attempt at censoring disagreeing votes. Which that in itself makes the current voting system invalid. The current voting system has lost its value as an equal and fair voting platform.

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