I did the cross sever warp and lost my Inventory help plz

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**What happened:**I did the cross sever warp and win I warped back I lost my Inventory.
**Player(s) with issue:**me
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Plz help my soon cuz im stuck in space have no air and keep dieing!!!

Plz help me cuz I’m stuck in space and have no air and keep dying

are you still stuck there?
I cant do much for you in terms of bag and such but could come bring you an escape sv and o2

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no i got out with help from others but i lost the 5 mill that was on my character and i look on both of them and there both at 0 credits and the cash is hard to get so I really mad about that cuz its 5 mill

you can look at the logs and see that i had it before the cross back


Not sure if you tried to see if you can exploit CSW or not, but what and how you used CSW after 800 hours on this server looks very suspicious.
You warped back and forth in less than 2 minutes after arriving through CSW. And that a couple times. This will end in loss and is against CSW.

I can’t return any credits in this case. Sorry :frowning:

Please also read the CSW instructions:

Well i just try to get all this figure out and don’t want it too happen again thats a lot of cash

im not trying to cheat if any one got cheated it was me thow all this im just try to keep all my stuff i dont what this to happen again i was try to voice chat with someone anyone that could talk to me about all of this but i cant find anyone to voice chat with ?

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