I love this game but i am not sure on what to do anymore

I have been playing on HWS server over 600 hours and i am sorry to say that most of the joy has ended for me in the last days.

Exampels 1 - We lost a base in a fight. About 11 bases with FLAK and 4 CV´s and some SV´s fighting. The loss was total and that is something i have no problem with. Pvp is pvp. You win some and loose some. Problem this time was that attackers only lost 2 ships. They where taking so much damage that yuo could see it from the other planets. Still due to lag or something their ships went on forever.

Exampel 2 - Watched an attack on a CV with ALOT of cannons and miniguns on it defending it self. Still 1 SV can shoot thrue 5-6 layers of combat steel and not even take damage. ??? If i try that my ship will be wrecked.

So what next ??? building something maybe ? Why even care. I love building stuff but there are no laws here so everything you build will be destroyed by 1 player in a cv monster or something like that.

Sv´s are a joke. you fight for about 1 hour just to kill someone or get killed. And thats 1v1.

You cant have bases due to CV´s lagging them then when turrets hit it dont even matter due to lag.

So before when you had like 5-10 bases you actually destroyed an enemy and see them go down in flames. Now you wont even damage them.
Now just bring a CV / HV and the battle is over due to lag.

Is this what we want in game ?

We are talking about restrictions but i havnt seen any yet. (Going from 1k to 500 devices is a joke.Block limit on SV has not been responded to.)

I have tried to talk about making restrictions and i feel that i am talking to dead ears. Everyone hard core thinks its a good idea but nothing is done…

Admins - I am not blaming you for the bad design of the game but if we want to keep HWS as the realy good place to play we need to do something quick otherwise there will only be new players left building on PVE planets and i understand them why they are doing that.

Sorry but this feels hopeless.


Maybe we could as a server rule improve the balance between SV VS BA and CV by restricting the number of guns an SV can carry ? Would this not help the issue with the lack of balance your describing ?

I am kinda in the same boat. I am playing more and more of other games now as the PvP in this game is broken - your experience backs this up.

HWS probably gave me 200 hours more play in Empyrion than the base game gave but the limitations are too much right now, maybe it will get better as the core game matures.

well im am only building 20k ships now and 500 devs… that will be fun

I know how you feel zappe and also regarding your PM:
you helped us a lot with your feedback about device limitations and making events. Very sad to see that both great actions from you were not what you expected.

I understand it and what the general feeling of long term HWS Empys is right now. It is not that we have dead ears, it is because we are limited too.

From 3.3 till now and the coming 3 weeks were the most difficult time since our seven months runtime.
We started with the gamedevelopment part by ourself with AM, OCD, factions etc. but Jascha was busy with real life and I was busy with real life. And if we had time we were fighting with dramas or bugs.
You know that jascha needs time to build the tool the way you like +X and I try to build the website the way you like +X
That is just an explanation that we are also on a point where we have to take a deep breath and try again… again a new universe with a lot of hope. This time really more significant than before but only because we have to. Since the game allows us to focus on other things.

So I am very sorry but Jascha is 3 weeks away now… no hardcore cool features can be expected and I am pushing myself once again for a new universe with all your pain in mind.
I know the 3.0 universe should already be the “problem-solver” but the patch 3.3 was like a punch in the face. From 117 + players online on HWS EU we are now by ~50.

I don’t know when 4.0 comes out or if it is worth the wait but for now I would reduce the risk to full wipe now to see 4.0 surprisingly in few weeks which forces us maybe to wipe again due new hot stuff… who knows.

Moving PK4 away and having PK5 to fly save to the PvE planets reduced a lot of “ship lost” tasks.
Since nothing is known about the bad netcode I will also reduce the server Blueprint Spawn limit to 2 soon since our tool can’t limit it good enough due the device count bug.
Hotfixes, I know but all I can do for now.

So in exchange to all the people who lost fun, you can help me with building orbital difficult (alien) POIs. You can think of new planet names. You can make a list of how many resources a planet should or should not have. What plants are good on what biome. What additional faction missions would be cool. Etc.
Just everything you as player have best experience in. It’s just an idea.

Anyways this was just an insight from me and what you can expect next.
Any feedback is always welcome.

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I was going to wait for this but now I think is a good time to bring it up. I am saving up for the planet donation package so I could implement my idea for a planet. I will now share my ideas for how I would design that planet.

It would more or less be an exact replica of GF as far as planet type, terrain, and resources. However, I would make the following changes.

  1. No CVs on planet period.
  2. No Bases on planet period.
  3. there would be a rule monitor like what exists, however much shorter warning period if any. More or less, if a CV or base is detected on planet it is deleted within a very short period of time.
  4. The number of POIs would be slightly increased by an addition of some designs I have been working on.
  5. The planet is wiped every day but the orbit is never wiped.

My thinking is that eliminating bases and CVs would force people to move in SV and HV, thus any PVP would be better balanced. Also, with the planet wiping every day, there will be more drones floating around, as those bases are quickly wiped out the first day after a wipe.

I am curious to hear what people think of these ideas.

if you limit blueprint spawns Rexxus you will boost the big factions 1000x times more, and it will destroy all lonewolfs and solo players for example swp will still be able to spawn in their mega cv and put in back in pieces, for an solo player he will never be able to have more than an single cv and sv, not even an base to spawn, which will be defenseless, if you make max spawn limit of 2 remove device limit and block limit!.

Selling planets is a bad idea Rex.

The best planet on HW/NA is Saturn because it has all ore tyoes uoto Neo/Sath. And, most importantly the gold meteors onky give half what you find on Gold Fed.

Gold Fed us a mistake and is going to destroy the economy in the long run moreso than ihan it already has.

You would be better off changing gold meteors anywhere in game to a maximum of 100 to 125 ire per meteor.

Don’t know why you keep trolling so hard again but … that makes no sense at all. They can’t spawn a mega CV cause the limit is for everyone. What you try to say is that the quantity will be an issue but that is also the case for limit class 3 or no limits at all.
Also more stuff don’t mean it is always good. They have to care of all of this stuff otherwise it get wiped etc.

For CVs it will reduced still.

I didn’t expect that someone is gonna buy it. Maybe I need to increase the price x)

Yeah people don’t know that there are 3 other planets with gold on it.
I will keep this in mind for the new universe. Especially regarding the marketplace decision.

I hate to agree, but Shoe and I were discussing this about a week ago. Rexx, your server rocks, but the amount of gold has wrecked the market. Now that Eleon has wrecked PvP, ship building, base buil…well just everything, there isn’t much you as an admin can do with the core mechanics broke. Ships stuck to cv’s, ships getting lost, ships merging together (last night Rezzy and I had a good cv fight, but I noticed part of my fighter in his ship, and part of his cv in my fighter)…how can you keep up? Has the dev team considered netcode optimization? I’m not a coder, but that seems like a good place to start…
Anyway…Rexx and the admin team, thanks for the hard work and loads of fun. I hope between your efforts & feedback to the devs, something will change. This has been, up til two weeks ago, one of the best games ever.

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New rules from monday… so you should check it out again.

Hey Rex, I would be up to helping with orbital alien structures, want me to work a few in creative and bp them and let you check them out? Any ideas how big or complicated you want them?

Hey, so we talked a bit about the changes on Monday, so I got the idea of “I let my Cv far away in space and go grab this gold on the planet” and what if I die on the planet ? I’m solo player if that happens i have no ways to respawn to my cv?

Nvm, i just tried on solo and it seems we can respawn on another playfield, i didnt know…

sure you do set your cv as home, have a min of a med bay in it then you can choose to spawn there.

Umm all this seems like you are taking your CVs to planets usualy? Like you land on planet in CV and move around with SV? With CV on planet?

Maybe thats why i still have my first CV, rule no1. Never land on planet with CV unless you want to loose it. I see that this might be the problem, you dont know rule no1. So you try to build CV which is able to survive when left alone on planet which leads to huge CVs which are still not able to survive on planet.

Damn i glad i finaly understand at least one of the resons for those huge monsters.

I have a lot of hours and i always kept CV on orbit, always, i never take it down unless i want to loose it. Argument we will lose our CV on orbit is not valid. Conversation terminated.

At the same stage is Zappe. After 691 hours of Empyrion, 438 of which were on HWS, its now diminishing marginal returns of enjoyment.

Its not HWS, the server is by far the stand out place to play Empyrion, great innovations and tools and huge work from the admin crew.

Its the game. And Elfias has been banging on for months about feedback to devs. Game is fun for a while but fundamentally broken.

They need to seriously rethink the parameters of what they want to offer in their game environment.