Limit changes for better performance Patch! Monday - 19.09.2016

Hey all,

as I posted here: I love this game but i am not sure on what to do anymore

It can be a long road to HWS 4.0 but we won’t let you stay in the rain for so long.
We once again change limits to help the lagging factor ( a wipe would also help a lot, since we running HWS 3.0 4 weeks again now, but that is discussed in the link above).

It is also a test pilot to see if it is good or bad in the future.
The changes are:

  • CV Device limit after spawn via our tool: from 500 to 300 in all PvP playfields everywhere
  • First test pilot to implement a new gameplay: CVs = Motherships = Space. Tiny CVs or SVs = Fleet Patrol = Planet. That means: Only 1 CV with device limit 50 allowed on every PvP planet (max. 500 on PvE planets though). This should encourage people to have big orbital fights but more tactical fights on planets. 1 CV with 50 device is still needed to pick up guys real quick out of danger zones and warp away in safety instead of letting their CV in orbit which can be back stabbed.

Any feedback is welcome and I hope this will create more fun after all.

Disclaimer: as announced - for now we only warn people and don’t remove stuff if you don’t follow these rules because of the device limit game bug. Nevertheless if we will find ships of you who don’t play by these new rules justice come down manually.

The patch will be applied on Monday - 19.09.2016 - 3AM (EDT) / 9AM (GMT+2)

Your HWS Team

1 x cv with 50 device allowed on planet. This is a game breaker for me. I built a base with landing pad for my cv. I dont want to have to leave it in space it just not how I play.

I dont think limiting the device count is the overall answer its just limiting what people can create. I dont know the real answer. Have you checked with the dev team and other server owners?

For me the lag has not been as bad as it was last week. I would be happy to leave it as it is until either it gets worse again or next big update.

I thought about it and changed it to:

Only 1 CV with device limit 50 allowed on every PvP planet

There are the main problems with it.

Yes I spoke to them. Since HWS is the biggest server it is causing bigger problems but they try also to find ways around it.
Devs are working on it but I don’t know when or how the fix will be.

I Agree with Gunslinger these changes are game breaker for me also

I totally understand why you want to do this, BUT this would make the server pointless to play (well at least for me), And I think I will be quitting server if these restriction get put in place. The whole point of a space game like this besides the PVP and PVE, is having Large CV (I think 5k block and class 3 is reasonable) and decent size creations with these we are forces to very limit creation might as we run around with a square block for a ship pointless. this is a not only a survival game its a space BUILDING game as well, these restriction take that element out of the game for me.

I understand the issues with lag and bugs but if this is your answer to solve it, I’m out.

quick clarification. Will there be a change to base limitations after spawn as well or will only the class 3 to 2 change affect bases on PVP?

This will make 95% of all ships in the server unable to be used, half of the population will quit, suggestion better make it all pvp and we wont have this lag but you never get that, instead you limiting the device limit more and more, in the end i will only have an 5x5 cube left to fly with.
i think you all fail to see the beauty in empyrion, i once had an large ships which i called both base and home, it could fit over 160000 workers in it, i had my own eco system, we flew for years without any planets in sight, but i had this amazing survival feeling, and the roleplay for myself was never better than that time…

I wasn’t 100% sure about the class 2 restriction either. Maybe too hardcore for the beginning and not taking into an account that main problems are right now because of the overcrowded PvE / universe size / 4 weeks running with 100+ people on it.

So let me take this out but still let’s try to make a new gameplay which says motherships to space but small ships on planet. I never saw a mothership on a planet on movies… or well if they were some they ended obvious :smiley:

Independence Day:



"that main problems are right now because of the overcrowded PvE / universe size / 4 weeks "

why not remove pve and we can have bigger ships?
when you admit where the big problem is, if you gonna have this low limit, noone will play. i want my freaking capital ship, maybe not use it on planets but still have it in space, as this is an space game! not some mario kart

i did some reckon on destiny planet, when i came there the lag was increased x100 times, should tell you all about which planet sucking most power from server.

We can try with those limits to see if it’s better, but : “That means: Only 1 CV with device limit 50 allowed on every PvP planet (max. 300 on PvE planets though)” feels a bit weird, as it’s on pvp planet you need to defend with 300 devices, in PVE it’s useless and should be 50 instead, even if i understand the idea behind that, at least 50 devices for all PVP/PVE.

But hey maybe it’s time to live in space, i wish we had better turrets for space defense BA/CV :smiley:

haha blackwing, totally my point, like yes lets boost pve even more let em have 300 devices and leave us with stinking 50…
my idea was no device limits in pvp space, and then have these limits on all planets and pve areas.

Sigh, I need a XXL Thranir-Popcorn-Flatrate package for sure.

Give yourself the answer here: I love this game but i am not sure on what to do anymore - #6 by RexXxuS

I thought it is obvious: on PvP 50 because NO CV at all belongs there. JUST a rescue CV capsule max. Go somewhere else with your lagger ship Thranir.
Bigger CVs on PvE to fill them up easily with fuel, prepare your fridges and ammo boxes. It is like a tank station there where turret laggs don’t come into play.

There you go. So leave your space game ship in space and let the planets with his mario karts alone.

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yes but i want no limits in pvp space! make it happen Rexxus :stuck_out_tongue:

and yes regarding SWP i just found this funny offline exploit with em.
that will explain all you need to know about SWP and their methods :wink:

OP is deactivated since a week now… ?!?

No limit in PvP or anywhere = not in this state of the game right now.

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yeah its an old screenshot from the old maps, miss the old days :smiley: oh ok, but i meant in blueprint factory the device limit there, so i can spawn my shiny capital ship in space :slight_smile:

I see, u love to make laggs to other… Idea’s as always… last “better” than before…:open_mouth:

Well you being pve player is part of the mega lag party, so i am not sure if i have any part of the lag being done, if i have an big ship in pvp space versus an filled planet with bases and cv’s, i am pretty sure my appearence in space will go unnoticed.

this change makes playing pvp with less than 3 ppl impossible. my conclusion on this is: with a 50 device ship u will get destroyed by pirates on the way to planet and with a 300 device ship your ship will get destroyed too while you are on the planet with your sv.

how u want to prevent ppl just camping and waiting for others to leave their cv so they can take it? i will do same after this change…

U forgot the main thing: PvE-space didnt require to make cube with 100500 turrets. U could make n1 CV-base for 3-4k with 3-4 turrets if u need to land it on Planet. So its didnt lags like dat PvP-CV “ships” (or better say bricks?).

So yes - PvE let u make some bigger and dont die in lags, while PvP go freeze and error-quits by dat suck-lagging calculating of dmg from turrets. U didnt think so?

Well if we go look back about 2 months, i had many mega cv’s and it didint lag, since i only had em in space not on planets, there was no major server breakdown because of them, the only issues we had back then was the alpha blocks… and i never makes cubes as cv, i make piece of art ships.

Only sadomasochists goes on CV to planets… SV wins any way, bc of useless AI turrets on CV. So it no metter, u go with 50 devices, or with 500… Huh… Only if u wonna kill all in lags with 100-200 minigun turrets, than its a problem for u :smiley: