I need help please- lost my alien core

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What happened: lost my aliencore, i just recently bought a ship from hws garage,i used multi tool to get the alien core, but instead it gave me the components
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How can we help you now: Write here is there a chance that i could get back the alien core

think i replied in community support, when u take a multi to a garage ship esp the core, you simply cannot ‘get it’, you need certain recycle level and ocd level to get alien cores, in other words when u multi a garage ship you loose the warranty.

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That’s not a bug, you multitooled the core. You can’t pick an alien core up with a multitool.

When you multitool a core, any core, it deconstructs it into parts (with a very small chance at returning a whole player core, very small chance, player core only.)

The only way to reclaim an alien core is with EGS recycle, and you have to upgrade to the proper recycle level.

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