Issues about blueprint,EAC and playfields

Hello all,thank you for can play on this server!
First problem it is with playfield.Yesterday,I mining with a HV and at some intervals,I could not acces “F” command.But I could move on 3 axes.If I disconnect and reconnect, my ores was not in backpack and deposit remain at same(for example,if I mining 300 ore, and deposit was 1800,after reconnect was remained the same.
Second about EAC.EAC kicked me from time to time with no reason,in particular was when I mining asteroids on the orbit.But I see on the forum that are many players with this problem.I tested on another two servers and was not problem.
Third is with my blueprints.I’m new player on this server,but old in this game.Last night,because I have only 3-4 for days of play ,I prepare for wipe.I put in my factory a SV which was made and a HV.Blueprints are ok,have no bugs,I tested on other servers.Today,when I enter in server,the ships disappeared and and much of the materials from factory.Please if you want to check my blueprints,because honestly,I am weary of taking the game from the beginning from a long,long time.This two ships they were my salvation in game :slight_smile:
Thank you very much.
Liviu Dan

P.S.I have a question linked to unable to return to Starter Planet.But,if I am at beginning and must go on another system for some Erestrum and Zascosium ore,for prepare a good defense or attack,for PVP systems,I can not comeback in my starter planet for made what I need?Or for take my stuff?At the beginning,a CV it is very vulnerabile.

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Hey can you give me ID/Name of the ships that dissapeared please?
And do you mean spawned blueprints or blueprints you have finished but not spawned or blueprints from workshop?
Did you install the game new, or deleted cache or logged in/played from another pc?
Yes you cant get back to starter anymore.

Thank you for answer!
Blueprint which was finished but not spawned.Never use blueprints from workshop.
Game are ok,was not from another pc not new install.
The name of ships:
the first : Mamba_V20_full
the second : 14h_Hover-starter-ok.

hm that would be strange. never heard about that. Also lost of ressources.
Can you maybe send us your client logs? Then the devs could look at it.

Ok,I selected last three folders with logs,because are many,many and old.I looked into them this are from I beginning game here,approximate.But,are not very small,can you tell me where can send you(zip file).And ,again the bug persist with blueprint.Today I take some ore from a colleague of faction and I put into factory.First time,was ok.I spawned my SV and was ok.After that I mining a little and I put in factory a HV.After small time,again was disappeared from factory,inclusive the resources and I have not had access to “F” command,for enter in SV.Only if disconnect from server and reconnect.It is extremely unpleasant to lose all resources always.

Hey @Jascha – I dont want to hijack a thread and can start a new one if you like and this is unrelated, but i have a stuck BP in my factory i think because of the Warp drive change, but i cant delete it and i cant spawn it. I had another in there, but that BP disappeared. Im not worried about it, but seeing this thread, thought you may be interested.

The one thats stuck is a bit of clutter tho – Wouldnt mind it deleted…

If that happens again. Could you try to reproduce it with a video? and writen repro steps
That would be very neat and we would give you the lost ressources.
The logs please to me via pm as a zip (last folder with the highest number is enough), or to [email protected]

Sadly we have not much power over the blueprint list yet, or lets say it would be quite a hassle to change it. So i guess you have to keep it in the factory. Mabye you too can send us the logs.
Can you also send us a screenshot of the BP in the list. Does it have another color. Maybe its beyond the new limit.
If you could make a video spawning it and sending us the logs afterwards, that would be very helpfull.
Just let us know the time you spawned it also

And to both: Can you send us maybe via mail the blueprint so that we and the devs can test it.

Sure thing to all of the requests.

It’s the Jaunt-M2 BP in my current completed factory; I was not able to overwrite it even in creative mode. I was able to spawn it, replace the warp drive, and save an M3 version, however. Just cant do anything with the M2 version. That version spawns fine in HWS, so i think it has to do with the Warp drive – I found another BP or two in my library that i cannot send to factory for the sam error message. I’ll grab some snaps and vids and throw them in a box with the BPs. Give me some time to get it all together. :slight_smile:

theres a steam capture of the error while you wait.

ah ok then there is definetly some wrong thins ing. but should not be the warp tank devs said

So interesting development… I find this in the logs! Eleon calls me a cheater!! :smiley:

122-20:23:23.379 12_23 -ERR- Prefab is not allowed to be spawned - cheated?
22-20:23:30.465 12_23 -ERR- Prefab is not allowed to be spawned - cheated?
22-20:23:36.385 12_23 -ERR- Prefab is not allowed to be spawned - cheated?
22-20:23:53.587 12_23 -ERR- Prefab is not allowed to be spawned - cheated?
22-20:24:21.965 12_24 -ERR- Prefab is not allowed to be spawned - cheated?

See the goods in the onedrive link below:!Ai0BnRG0AFfigm-4AgBYd4uUq0xQ

Note the video demonstrates several BPs that fail – These appear to be Workshop BPs not custom BPs. Custom BPs work fine.,

I sent you some logs on the gmail .Unfortunately, this issue with “F” and “P” command is present all the time.It is impossible to play.The problem I think it is from EAC,but I can not find any error.I reinstalled the game,but nothing good.And I’m not detected any conflict with EAC.Anyway, my games are on the fresh partition ,that is it only for that and only few games.No another programs are in this partition.Some players tell me today that have some problem,but not very often.Sometime,EAC kicked me,sometime not.Can stay in game more time,but without access to this commands.And all the time I lost some stuff,when happen.It depends on what I do.
Thank you

Well, you can reproduce the bug that normally you dont want to have happen if you really want to clear your blueprint factory.
Step 1: Play on HWS on Computer A
Step 2: Log out on this computer, and log into HWS from computer B.
Step 3: Voila! You now have no blueprints completed.

This is a desync, and unfortunately it is very common. Seems to happen more when moving large quantities of items, or mining. I have also had moderate success at lower graphics settings, but not really a noteworthy difference. I have for sure seen that if you slow down a bit, and are not moving around as much, it rarely hits. Rarely, not never.
A quick way to mitigate the risk here though, if you are flying, just hit p every little bit. If you are flying with someone, ask them to let you know if your ship just stops for no reason. And you can always type a single character in FACTION chat (comma, not period) to see if you are currently desynched. Chat functions fail as well in these instances.

Yes Mcprouty,it is a desync.Unfortunately,yesterday ,last night this happen at one minute after connect in server,every time.Immediately after signing in,try to accessing mobile constructor from SV,but I could not.Even if after several minutes of waiting.And yes,faction chat have this issue.I send two blueprints which use in game,but I’m sure that this blueprints have not errors,I use more time.If you can tell me a location for this server,I can try a trace route and ping,for see if I have some lost packets

Whenever you have such trouble. Do you get the Message “Connection to Dedicated Server or Playfield Server lost”? Or no message at all?

No any message, nothing! Only some time EAC kicked me,but rarely.Can stay in server over 30-40 minutes after issue,but can not access “F”,“P”. I can move on the map.But…If I reconnect,I will be in location where the problem began,not where was when disconnect.For example, if the problem began at point A,and I move to point B which is can be far from A,when I reconnect,will be in point A and all objects will be in the last position.On the maps,when I move,can see all deposits,ships from players,can see what is write on global or faction chat,but can not access any chat.It is very interesting what happen.

Do oyu see other player also moving? Or just their ships standing there?