Items and Credits vanished

Hi, Yesterday I purchased 13k steel blocks, 3k pentax raw and about 1k pentax refined spent about 500k. I payed for it and went to the elemental marketplace to pick it up. As i was about to pick it up my pc crashed. I fixed the crash, logged back on and nothing. No steel and no pentax, but my credits are still missing. Before the purchase i had 1.2mil, now i only have 700k, meaning the credits were taken but i didnt get the items. Is it possible for you to look at my account and verify what i just said, and maybe help me out? BTW, my HWS connect steam name is Black Donald Trump.

yo thats messed up your stuff dissapeared?? man i hope they help you get your stuff back!!
someone please help this guy

What we’re you doing when it crashed? Did you clcik the button To get your stuff and then crash?

Yes, exactly like that. I clicked claim all and the game crashed. I logged back on and my credits and items were not there.

That happened to me once way back…

Did you check to make sure its not in your Side Bar on the left and not in your backpack?

13k steel would be tough to miss tho

What did you end up doing to get it back?

I didnt want to answer that because i know you’re not gonna like the answer:

i didnt. :frowning:

Did you contact admin.

No, i didnt - It wasnt worth the effort for me to bug an admin to try to to find it and restore it., I mean it was, but its a lot of work for them, i just didnt.

Well i know its just a game, but i put alot of time into getting those credits. Thats real life time wasted. Yea, its just a game, but the time i spend on this game, on this server, is real. So yes, I will contact the admin.

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If you’re newer player that could be a lot for you, I think Hop is a great guy but sometimes it’s okay to call for help, I’d ask a admin for sure. If you felt it was a lot of your personal time then it’s worth it to the admins… And it might help them fix the problem you never know.

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Hey guys – I didnt say dont ask for help… I said i didnt. Please, by all means, do ask for help.

In fact, if you’re on NA, i’ll help you get back on your feet. Simply sharing my own early experience with that once.

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He will hook you up and if he can’t I can!

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of course you can ask for help but it is the same procedure as for all the others who had this or similar bugs:

That means in short:

The only thing we can do is restore your player from a certain save game. All progress you have till now would be lost and we would need the exact timestamp when it happened.
Since this is very time consuming we mostly do it if the loss is dramatically high.

  • Nevertheless the logs are always good to send if a crash happens

That is all we can do for now.


Ok, I understand all that. All I ask for is the 500k or the items. You dont have to reset my player or upload logs and do all that other stuff. But if you cant do that, I can send you all the crash logs and I would like to be reset back to before I made the purchase 2 days ago. By, the way, this is the only server i play on now. No other servers even come close to HWS. In my opinion, the devs should just make the HWS server the standard blueprint for other servers.

Do you have the approx. timestamp of your action? Would save me a ton of time chat log crawling.
If I see a 500k difference you will get it refunded.

Thanks for the compliment and glad you like our hard work.

Approximately between…

10:00 AM - 11:00 AM (UK TIME)
Tuesday, March 21, 2017

And it will show a difference of over 500k, maybe about 600 - 650.

Good, will start my search as soon as I am at home.

Doing it here at work via smartphone will get some hate of my boss

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You have a boss? You ARE the boss! lol tell him to F off your RexXxuS!
Thanks bro, and dont worry, I wont be bothering you again if another bug or glitch like this happens.

You need a cooler boss RexXxuS!!!