Just remove this tiny tiny stack size nonsense

the OCD does have limited stack sizes. this can be increased by upgrading the level. higher levels have higher stack sizes.

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I’m responding to the fact the stack sizes don’t match in game stack sizes

to be fair the OCD was intended as a storage shed for surviving a wipe. was never meant to be a virtual backpack with instant access. this is part of the changes coming soon. OCD anywhere access will be limited in the future.

This example with watermelons is about weight not about stack size so you missing your own point in here.
If you wish to compare stack sizes than you need to compare something like hair amount which is almost the same between younger and adult. In practice its no matter of any human body any shapes age or experience rather you can hold 10 of 1 ton blocks or 100 of 1 ton blocks because you physically can`t do it in anyway and its nonsense.
It would make more sense if you were upgrading your suit and/or your devices (containers/computers) but if so it should be represented in game differently.
Take a notice in games you mentioned you do exactly it - you upgrade your devices or suits/backpacks but not your skill of stacking things better.

In overall stack size cannot be represented as “strength” in any possible way coz its logically incorrect.
I do understand what you want to achieve and I do understand that modding not giving all freedom of choice of how to implement your ideas, I am just saying it is irrational and have no “game logic” behind thus breaking connection between gamer and game and gives filling of “bugged” or redundant mechanic which makes more confusion and frustration than achievement feeling.

You are not feeling that you want to increase your stack sizes in order to become better you frustrated of the fact THAT YOU MUST do it as soon as possible or progression cannot be done.

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here’s a better analogy, as a child you can only hold a small backpack. as an adult you can hold a much larger backpack. basically stack size and volume have been fighting each other since volume became a thing. should be one or the other, not both. either an unlimited stack size with volume on or limited stack sizes with volume off. we basically have been using 2 volume mechanics for a long time.


No its not better, you still can give a child huge ass backpack and he can stack there as much as he wants but he will not be able to bring it coz of weight limit.

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that’s my point, a child can’t carry a giant large heavy backpack. but an adult can. there is no strength modifier in the game so that’s why we’re using stack size instead

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What!?! … …Ehm… … you do realize… that weight and strength are physical components that go hand in hand ???
Either you are strong enough to carry 10 Watermelons or not!

That makes absolutely no sense.
You totally must not do it and still can play the game. Like you can not upgrade your backpack in No Mans Sky. But it’s of course better to upgrade…

which is almost the same as upgrading your stack size! If you have two boxes with 1 apple in it each or 1 box with 2 apples in it.

Nah, so far you didn’t proof a single point and it rather sounds like you just answered my question already:

is this really so important you don’t mind driving people away ? Judging by the numbers playing, people have tried and immediately go back to RE. I was expecting it be the other way round, 111 on HWS+ and 8 on HWS RE. The majority of players are never vocal at all, but i bet one deciding factor to quit is the new stack size. They do what i did, see a nonsensical ‘new’ feature decide it’s absolute bolox and move on. Defend all you want Bob, but you’re so very wrong here.

Ok I see no constructive feedback is given and not even realizing that much changed since last time.

HWS+ is in Alpha and many don’t like fiddling around with work in progress - I wouldn’t either maybe.
All that matters is: this will be worked on and I just need damn time. A lot of time. And I can only ask nicely of having more patience.