Lost ship please help return it

was gone 5 days parking in EM,
part of a faction, ship was set to private i believe.
ship was taken or removed some-how
i believe it must have been a server error
/warning to take the ship, so im back now,
and i would please like my huge ship back.
It took me a long time to make that ship class 4 - 190k iron
so please help me get this back please.
and of course i will follow the rules
only admins respond please

hey there, yes cannot give you ship ID because ship is gone.
ship was called doc’s huge FKN PEE PEE - i think
its a huge triangle shaped ship
server: hws EU
logs: well its not crash related so, perhaps that doesnt apply here?

Ahem, I’d love to chime in and let you know that you in fact can get the ship id, from the structure commander in HWS connect. But:[quote=“Doc, post:1, topic:5233”]
only admins respond please

So you are on your own. Also rude


Thank you, much better.

Not sure what happend. Only thing I see is that you played with the core (Removed and added) before that.
We dont keep backups longer then 3 days. Your ship disapeared or decayed before that, sorry.

Took the words out of my mouth , McP. Lol. How that for a chump spitting at help. putting this guy on the permanent “never offer help, ever” list.

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