Multiple faction CV's on PVE planet = okay?

I know there was an announcement in 4.x that limits us to 1 CV per player. But I can’t find this rule anymore in the guide (I probably missed it?). However with or without limit, we can set our own ships to faction right? Or does having multiple faction CV’s on same PVE planet count as breach of that rule? Even if it’s still 1 CV per player?

I believe the limit is not 1 CV on a PvE planet but 1 CV per faction in the origin starting system.

Which playfield are you seeing this in?

LOL that cant be the case i permanently see like 10 SWP CVs on pirate starter all the time i think they only move them for wipes and then back again, but i guess it makes sense becuase starter has more different types of minerals than most pvp planets (2)…

I’m asking this because I want to leave my CV on faction (as do others) instead of having to set it to private all the time just to comply with rules. And if you are not a faction admins you gotta drill core if you’re unlucky… It does not affect performance in any way but it’s just annoying.

Rexx talked about this in the release topic of 5.0 if I’m not mistaken.

Still no answer to this one then? I live on a donator PVE planet and I not admin so its not possible for me to change my cv from faction to private.

@RexXxuS can we have clarification on this please.

Here in the topic he says something about Cv on starting planets

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Then my memory was leak and there is no CV limit then. Nice. So I can have 1 warp CV + 1 combat CV AND I can have them set to faction.

Topic can be closed.

Folks, all with proper sense, is not because there is no restriction that you will park a fleet of warships or merchant ships on the early planets, at least leave the ships in the orbit of the planets some 10 or 15 km away, and Preferably away from the warp zone, this will avoid the noobs complaining in the forum about several ships of a single faction, since the wipe is now only Friday, create ships deposited and leave them in deep space, is it so difficult To collaborate
And do not overload the player fields, to prevent it from being corrupted, after all there are no children of 10 years playing this game we are all adults and a little common sense does not hurt anyone.

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There is a 1 cv in elemental market rule as well. FYI

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You can’t.