New HV drills are way too slow


Since last update mining with HV drills was slowed down A LOT with ROF decreasement.
This really need to be increased for drills again. The goal was better performance, and we’ll definitely get that now, because it’s too slow to mine :grimacing:

From the looks of it, golden globe is not at all worth it right now. U-T have just hacked the factory on EU right now, and we all left again after 1 minute because of these rates.
The rates should not be touched, and should be set back to their previous values.



Golden Globe is one of the best things on HWS imho. Being a pvp hotspot and great place for mining. To nerf/alter it like this might be a huge game ruiner.

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Maybe drill speed/damage/range can stay low for good performance but amount of gold received per tick can be increased?

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Yeah it’s ridiculous slow now. One could also change the conversation rate if one don’t want to make any changes to the drills. This would also fix the weight problem a bit.

I mined on red gold area about 45-50min and in the end i had allmost 20k raw, on ingots it was 3879. When people hear about this, lets see how the gold prices explode.

A few days ago i mined around 370k raw ore, and then ingots on top, in around 1:20h(double the time from Lord). So this gives clear image of how much slower it is.

I think DarthMyrten is on the right topic here. It feels just too sluggish to keep up, even in a garage ship. (Raider)

If the tick rate of what is given were increased to something that would equate to the old gains, with a noticeable performance boost over old, then I personally think that would solve our problems.

Rex, you wanted to combat inflation, but trying to slow the rate of gathering materials is a turn off for me, and I’m sure many others.

Cheers, Chaotic


Thanks for the feedback.
Tick rate can’t be changed.

As announced damages are now on my next todo. So I made some tests and hope it’s still acceptable for the performance. Will do further tests. At least better than before.

Just keep in mind that the values from today earlier were slight below Vanilla and the insane mining gathering were a spoiled gift (mistake) by me to you.
Performance is more important and there is no “but” :slight_smile:


@RexXxuS i know you busy as allways but can you share us the values what hv drills used to have and what they are now and what are vanilla values? Im just curious as allways =P

I will have to discover new ways of acquiring ore then :slight_smile:

Because of ores are so slow to get now, i’ll selly ou gold ore, 10k a piece :stuck_out_tongue:

Also what was wrong with asteroid mining performance?

Old = Spoiled = Bad T2 HV Drill




Vanilla adapted to HWS before (value from 6 drills mapped to 10 drills)


Current Value


Overall there are some misunderstanding or false claims about the relation of mining and PvP. Maybe one day I can go in detail and explain what Eleon told me about it but my day today was damn stressful and painful.
As I said, all you have to know is that old values were bad and I will observe performance more closely now. If it turns out to be bad again, I will adjust again. It is the main goal and no “mining is dead” claim can compete with it :wink:

We rather enhance other parts to boost Resource gain without performance loss - Teaser: “Mining Facilities”. Soon™


One good thing here is i like to build hv’s and now i need to make more of them :wink:

RexXxus, did you read my other reply about CV drills? 90% of vanilla damage is fine for HVs, you can always put 10 drills on an HV, but for CVs it is awful because you can’t put 10 drills on a CV and still have it viable for combat in PvP where all the rare resources are. If you have to reduce the total drilling damage a CV can do, it would be much better to reduce the limit on drills to 6 and have them do more damage each - that way the total amount you can drill is the same but you don’t have to give up half your functioning fixed weapon slots to do it.

I’m still confused (and I think a lot of others are as well) about how drilling causes performance issues in combat, especially for CVs. Once combat starts no one is going to be drilling any more, and for CVs the fight is almost certainly going to move very quickly out of the range at which the drilled asteroid needs to be rendered.


I tried mining on GG tonight and gave up after mining about 9k ore in just under 30 minutes. This was with an HV with 9 drills. Earlier this week I got three times that much ore in less time in an HV with 4 drills. Mining is well and truly broken now. And this isn’t just going to affect gold mining on GG, it’s going to be murder for anyone trying to mine anything anywhere. The only people who won’t be affected are the ones who are already so rich they’ll never need to mine resources again. Whatever issue is supposed to be fixed by this, it needs to be fixed some other way, because this is seriously going to be enough to cause a mass exodus from HWS.

You can allways go for a planet to mine rare asteroids. I dont get why you even talk about hv drills if you dont use them. CV and HV drills are 2 totally different things and i guess we all can agree that they were both nerfed too much. For the inflation part, its good that you cant mine whole asteroid in few seconds.

And here I remember all drilling done by the old drill only, and it didn’t automatically pick up the ore either. We got spoiled.

I remember that. I was using tiny exploit to make all ores stack up on the wall so it was easier to pickup. Didn’t give me more resources or anything. Just made it a bit easier.

I don’t think i ever did that on HWS though.

In general, I do not see the relationship between drilling and performance in pvp. If the surface is “poorly loaded,” make large deposits and indestructible surface. Nobody digs during the war, but shots can turn the earth into cheese. Another reason to make the surface indestructible. Drilling in space never hurt anyone.