HWS 10.X Patch | New Battle Royale Event | Rework of EWS, Config and Eton | New content

Hi HWS Community,

stressful days are behind me but I hope it is all worth it! I’ve heard tons of feedback I wanted to implement and improve your gameplay! On top of that working on more content for you!

New Battle Royale Event

Inspired and request by the community a new Event is available on HWS EU and NA.
Some short info:

  • PvP Event with First Person Shooter and building HVs from scratch as focus
  • Loot and gather over 200 POI Houses along the way as quick as possible but especially: survive!
  • No blueprint spawning allowed. You can only build a HV via Elite Builders League (by hand) - boosted by non stop falling Meteorites and the POI Loot.
  • Up to 100 Players will get teleported randomly on the planet with the barest survival loot as start
  • The goal is to reach and contest the “Battle Royale Pyramid” (activate the levers outside to get inside)
  • Stay in the marked red area at the very end to count as winner and defend this Pyramid with your life!
  • The event is running daily and you have 2 hours - from 5:30PM to 7:30PM EU and 11:30PM to 1:30AM NA.
  • :trophy: Event reward per faction/player is 1 million credits, 500k credits per player kill and 100 HWS RP

Thanks @Paxxo1985 for providing this Pyramid POI!

Note: Let me set it all up first. Fully available tomorrow.

New PDA Missions

Just the beginning of a lot of new PDA Missions. 2 new Missions for everyone but more coming which can only be played by Freelancer.

Drone Death Match

This is a Team Mission (up to 8 players) - integrated into a Stargate Mission at EGS HQ! So make sure you trust your Leader to share the reward loot with you :wink:

The other PDA mission is a reworked Pizza Delivery mission, a quicky :wink:

Rework of EWS & HWS Config

This is a bigger topic I tried to add comments in this post. Please read them here:

Eton Rework

As often said: Eton is a very cool Event benchmark, because it is played every day by so many players - PvP especially!
But I was never satisfied with all of my 4 versions so far.
So I want to try a 5th version, inspired by the Battle Royale Event type
“Reach the Position until the end”

The HWS Metropolis can’t be destroyed anymore but required from you to invade the Tower (as before) and defend the upper room with your life!
Similar to the Battle Royale or Tower Jumper Event: if you succeed, you get rewarded!

For that the Metropolis got upgraded a bit.
First Person Shooter will now finally get their place on Eton and it’s a cool atmosphere to hear the battle outside going on meanwhile some brave guys invading the POI!

Excited to hear your feedback about it soon!

Note: it will be active tomorrow. Just too late for today to setup all zones etc.

Reactivating the Deathmatch Events

They were actually missed which makes me happy!
So they are back - with all the new Garage ships of course!
I try to rotate them once again every time I remember to do it :wink:

The first rotation will do:

SV => Flatline
HV => Tempest
CV => Murcielago

Have fun!

Meanwhile I will work heavily on HWS 11 now - a new universe, tons of new content and massive boost to immersion and Story!
I push very hard and hope to see you around! Thanks for your patience in advance!

Your HWS Team


thank you very much @RexXxuS and the HWS team for your tiresome efforts to keep the game fresh with new content! looking forward to it.

@Paxxo1985 i know we have had our differences in the past but i wanted to give u proper acknowledgement for stepping up to the plate and providing the community with more great ideas. for those that don’t know, building an event POI is not easy at all. thank you as well for putting time and effort into this. i cannot wait to try it out :grinning:


THANKS! And a NEW universe!


Perhaps tireless? Doesn’t tiresome mean annoying, whereas tireless means… you’ve lost your wheels.

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Otto Cucumber? Is he related to the British actor… what’s his name… played Sherlock… Something Something Cucumberpatch.

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me no think me do this engrish thing right. do me?

While i agree with weapons and shields changes.
I do not agree with pushing the game into “FPS” type of game. This is after all a Space Survival game, not battlefield or any other type of FPS.
There should be more events that promote this game as a space survival game and not changing it into something its not.
Still, awesome work. Cool new events and missions.

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This is awesome Rex, great job and to everyone who has helped to get his going.

CAnt wait to give it a try with my fellow faction members, very excited!


The BR event is to big to laggy and full of useless ugly poi’s , not something i will ever join again . Even thinking about leaving EGS for some time , years that is , until the devs know where they want to go with this . For now EGS is running like crap , even for an Alpha game .
To many wishful thinkers with no clue on what good gameplay should be are putting there mark on this game . It’s becoming a waste of my time , as clan-play dominates the single solo pvp player .
Economy is a big joke to , i won’t tell , but one could get loaded rich in resources and equipment in only some hours after reaching lvl25 . Witch makes the whole discussion on it hilarious to follow . And if i know how , many more must know .

All have fun , GG and CYA .

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