New Universe Pathing Issues

I have a gripe about the literal linear pathing across the universe. You have to follow a strict path, making ambushes easy, point A-B-C, only exception is the from starter planets, there are A2-B2-C. Like going to Elemental Marketplace, literally forced through the most desirable PvP zone in the game. The game broadcasts your trades, so people know where you are and what you’re doing, but expects you to make it back to safety through this zone. It’s like walking down the streets of a city waving your wallet around as it spills cash everywhere. I understand risk vs reward, but requiring you to blindly gamble everything unless you OCD everything, find a PvE zone to withdraw it, then fly through more PvP and gamble anyways, is rather ridiculous.

Honestly, i miss the previous universe because you could deviate, take multiple paths, have a chance at safety at extra cost, even through PvP zones, but now a single blockade, or accidental encounter, would ruin your entire endeavor and cost you millions. Feels more like Rail Game at this point. Point in fact, I jumped into trader world, trying to get to a PvE zone and was demolished by an Alliance ship with turrets active. It wasn’t a very impressive CV, but destroyed half of the blocks in 1 second flat. Literally didn’t even have time to move and had to replace the warp drive and core just to limp back home, 1 jump away, and build a new CV to try again, 30 minutes later due to trader OCD cooldown to withdraw what i needed to limp back home. And we traders have this the easiest. But to have a trader crippled by alliance due to linear pathing is pretty trashy.

Honestly, i think there needs to be more systems, leave them empty for all i care, to provide alternate routes at an extra cost. Or just make them closer so there’s more than one single path to any destination. Imagine if you walk down a road and decide to take a shortcut down another road, only to realize there’s a gang in your path, so you take another road. There isn’t anything remotely like that in this universe. You are expected to walk by the gang and hope they don’t look at you, then after getting by them to turn a corner and get shot by some fearful bystander on this gang street. That’s what happened to me, an innocent trader getting wrecked by alliance because they keep their turrets on since everything is PvP. Everytime I jump, I’m in fear of losing my ship/cargo due to friendly fire that has no control. Pirates are one thing, but being forced to fear every single person in the game is absurd. Lose a CV, “oh well, i’ll just wait 12+ hours to build a new one and try again and hope not to run into anyone this time with their turrets active” is a poor mindset to players.

I like this server, it’s the best out there, but it’s currently designed to grief everyone, unintentionally or otherwise. Every jump is a gamble that you encounter ANYONE where every player outside of your own faction is a valid target, whether you want them to be or not, and there is not even the idea of the modicum of satefy once your leave your own base. I understand the limitations of the game as it is now, but forcing warfare on the allies that this server dictates, outside of your control, is pretty insane. For all I know, I may get a bounty on me because another trader jumps in on me and gets crippled as I try to jump to another system. Alternate paths or more available jump paths would immensely reduce this feeling. Instead, i’m stuck on a freeway, forced from A-B-C, surrounded by drunk drivers, hoping not to get in an accident.

Nobody should be camping warp in points. This is a very punishable offense.

If someone is on warp in point it is because they have only been there for less than 3 minutes or they are crashed and can’t move their ship.

But the shocking thing I took away from your post is that you flew a ship in PvP space that can be so heavily damaged by a single alliance ship in, as you said, “1 second flat.” A well designed combat ship will take 10-15 minutes to die in a sustained firefight and you’re telling me you lost a significant number of core components in one second?

This is entirely a fault of your own design. Don’t fly tissue paper in pvp space.

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There are multiple ways into every faction system.

If you choose to take the highly traveled route and run into someone that’s too bad.

Also your ship must be garbage as my CV was getting pounced by 2 combat CVs without losing any internals for minutes - long enough for another friendly CV to come in from 2 systems over and fly the 9km to help. In the end of it all I had to replace about 13 blocks and a hangar door.

Pathing is simply not the problem. Lack of the game support for faction alliances is an issue but that’s basically it.

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I think it’s a good idea to force people through the marketplace because I hope that people will trade more, especially ship designs.

The global announcement has to go yes.

Somebody is giving a constructive critic about the map of the universe and all what you have to say, Xanif and Mordgier, is how crappy and weak his CV must be. Very helpfull.
All what Talcynar wanted is an “alternative” route and not the carebear-train to happiness.

At this point i had hard to laugh… This sentence from you, Xanif. Wasn´t it your faction who is responsible
for this discussion?

A lot of newbys only build a starter CV to get off the wiped planets. There is no time for them to build a superadvanced hightech weapon to get through space. They only want to reach a safe place to settle down. And a lot of them dont have the experience for a battle CV.

There is time for them, they just gotta demolish their ships between wipes and store it in their inventory/OCD to survive the Friday wipe. But some of them have no idea this can be done. Except for ere and zach and gold a starter could in theory solo build a super super large battleship in 1-2 weeks time. And sell iron/sath/magnesium to buy ere/za.

His entire criticism is based on that his CV is heavily damaged from accidental fire.

The pathing is not the problem. This is why we are jumping on the real issue here - his CV is crap.

So far we have been accused of cheating/exploiting, spawn camping, and warp camping. Of all the complaints, none have provided any evidence of us doing any of those things. In fact the only time an admin provided full logs of the event it showed that we did NOT camp. You can draw your conclusions from that - or keep on hating LBP because that’s popular these days. It’s fine either way as none of us expected to make friends by killing 4+ CVs every night.

If they are newbies and lose their CV in PvP we will replace it:

“You can lead a horse to water but you can’t make it drink.” or “You can lead a horticulture but you can’t make her think.” Pick which you like best.

There are countless guides on how to build a PvP CV or how to stay alive in PvP space.

Never mind simply asking in Global. I have shared my designs with people who have asked as well as chatted with them via steam to explain basics of building ships that can take extended sustained fire in PvP.

We will happily help people build better ships.

The whole argument is bunk. It doesn’t matter if you have to go A-B-C or can go A-E-D-C. None of it is relevant as we will kill you when you get to C and are flying to the planet.

Shortening the routes would make it WORSE for everyone. We would be able to roam easier - good for us - but our prey would be able to jump around for hours trying to lose us (dull for everyone).

In all our kills we have never killed anyone coming from the marketplace. It’s not a high traffic area and its’ just not worth going there because somebody showed up.

Knowing that somebody is there is irrelevant. I know there are 10-20+ players on trader world at any given time - or 1 guy at the market place. Where do you think I’d rather be?

Case in point , If we did have random warp-in points or more options don’t think it would be so easy to get away with camping the warp-in points.

Every system has between 2 and 4 warp ins. You have plenty of paths to take. You shouldn’t fly a ship that crumples under a couple seconds of fire. Why on Earth would the first solution to his badly designed ship be to add more playfields into a server that already has stability issues?

Space is cold, dark, empty, dangerous and cruel …

you are not ready…

Learn how to make a fortified CV, and never fly in a workshop BP Steam, most often they are bunch of decorative street junk and not serve to pvp worlds.

Has nothing to do with ship or explosions. It is about having more options than the limited ones we have atm. As a pirate it is way to easy to sit at a warp-in and wait.

And given the fact that atm building a base on any pvp planet is just stupid due to how easy they can die to CV homing rockets.

Try it and see how it goes for you.

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lol says the guy that camps warp-ins with 5-6 people :stuck_out_tongue:

I know how to recore my ship and build them :slight_smile:

And who says I am not already doing it

This is what I don’t get. With the exception of the marketplace, bank, and alien world every system has between two and four jump in points.

Couple that with the fact that any blockading is done outside of render distance of the warp in means that not only do you have choice in terms of what route you take but also gives you the opportunity to pick any other direction than straight at the planet when moving after jumping in.

And yet people still fly directly from the warp point to the planet and are shocked when they die?

Talk about enjoying being the victim.

tbh I really don’t see many people posting about you guys being at the warp-ins. But I do know for a fact you had been doing it.

Sheep will be sheep I guess

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Thanks for the feedback about my universe. Every feedback is a good feedback.

Technically it was more tricky and difficult as you can imagine to layout this universe. I tricked with the Z-axis to still be able to have a 2D map with some depths in it.

So I was limited in certain ways.

On the one hand I did it with intention to encourage the exploration factor but have the risk and “unknown” in mind. Also with the fact that CVs got boosted a lot. And last but not least had the story in mind.

Alliance: be a guardian for Traders

So that you ideally fly around with a protective fleet.

On the other hand I know that you can’t go full-combat-trader mode. But for that reason I implemented a HWS Marketplace Outpost on Milky Way and Andromeda Galaxy. In Milky Way one week should be enough to prepare yourself for the adventures out there.

Anyways I will make a note and see how I can improve it for HWS 5.0.

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Yeah yeah yeah - I’m still waiting for that video you said you had.

What HWS really really needs is a forum ignore function so I can stop falling for your stupid trolling.

Not sure who is trolling but if you are saying 15+ people are all liars and that the many post about you being at the warp-ins / camping is false then sure everyone knows you now. You lie :stuck_out_tongue:

btw easy enough to stop posting / reading . ofc don’t think self restraint is your strong point.

The game could use a 10 second warp protection (a big red shield or something) as if you were in a PVE zone for 10 seconds.

I am.

They are.

Put up or shut up.