Not receiving RP or Credits for base on Triton

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What happened:
=> Have had a large base on Triton since near the beginning of this season, but have not received daily RP or credits at all.

Player(s) with issue:
=> katastrophik

=> NA

Time (cb:time):
=> near beginning of this season until present time

=> Triton

Structure Name(s):
=> Kriel-Aerie

Structure ID(s):
=> 6092113

How can we help you now:
=> I’d like the credits and RP owed, please :slight_smile:

Only these planets give RP and credit:

What locations give you rewards?

  • Golden Globe - PvP (Planet)
  • Homeworld - PvP (Planet)
  • Desertworld - PvP (Planet)
  • Iceworld - PvP (Planet)
  • Lavaworld - PvP (Planet)
  • Protoz - PvE (Planet)
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Ok. The user guide says differently and it used to be this way for Triton. When was this changed?

This season, it was quite well publicised at the time that Protoz is the PVE explanation reward plaent and Rex changed the guide on January 12th:


Excellent - thanks for pointing that out! Looks like i’ll have to break out the moving boxes…:slight_smile:

Just an update. I immediately closed up shop on Triton and successfully moved my base to Protoz as suggested. I have not received any daily RP or credit bonus. I checked off all the requirement boxes - but my faction is just ‘private’ as I do not have a Can anyone clarify this for me as well? Thanks.

Has it been more than 24 hours from last server tick that you set up the base? Typically you expect first RP to come 36-48 hours after making the base.

Not sure about private/faction issue tbh.

@FionnMacCumhaill - Hey Fionn - it’s been 5-6 days and no RP and my faction is listed as default - private - for my base. When I used to hang out on Triton last season, I was set at Private and received my RP/creds. I’m guessing something is up here.

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