NPC Trader donation, what is it?

Please read more about the limits and benefits at HWS Connect > NPC Trader!

Erm yea… I checked the guide but that page is blank. This is some kind of region/area where people can buy packages and the gold goes to me? How does this work? Do I have to make the packages myself? Can it never be relocated once placed and where do you advise me to place it? In a public PVE area i suppose? And can I build a station/BA in this region?

This isn’t blank. The HWS Guide is blank, but soon not.

From HWS Connect:

NPC Trader Information
The NPC Trader is a new way of trading goods / ships with others. It is either set statically in the universe by us or can be donated to a personal NPC Trader. It does not need your items for it. The items will be automatically produced by the NPC itself. Keep in mind that this is a first iteration of this new feature. We might adjust it over time.
Also please let us know if you want to trade ships near that station too.

To see the available NPC Trader commands visit: HWS Commands

NPC Trader - how they work
Personal NPC Trader have custom packages the Donator is telling us. He can set the items, the location, the name, the welcome and goodbye message and the price in talk with us.
Whenever a package is bought the guy who owns the Trader gets 77% of the full price to prevent an infinite loop of supplys.
We recommend to stick to a package theme. So a resource package don’t contain turrets for example.
Keep also in mind that your personal NPC Trader can placed to Elemental Market Orbit / Planet. All you have to do is building a Shop there and let us know
NPC Trader Limits
To prevent infinite buy abuse we have limits regarding your faction / RP:

You can’t sell Gold in any way
Lawless: can buy 2 NPC packages per day
Pirate: can buy 5 NPC packages per day
Hunter: can buy 10 NPC packages per day
Alliance: can buy 5 NPC packages per day
Trader: can buy 7 NPC + RP packages per day
Remember: you can’t buy packages from your own NPC Trader!


Keep also in mind that your personal NPC Trader can placed to Elemental
Market Orbit / Planet. All you have to do is building a Shop there and
let us know

That is almost a must. You want it at the most crowded place possible. But you also want it in a PVE region. Nobody wants to get shot at while shopping and you don’t want your shop to be blown to pieces either :D. So the elemental market is the only place that makes sense there is not really another choice unless you just want to use him yourself…

Unless… Can we also place them on faction planets? Or do I then have to pay the tax for my shop station?

Ah I see this is how carebear-Thranir said that you can get rich. By buying from your own trader due to the massive discount. With 50RP as trader you can basically buy TONS of packages a day because they have no limit and you get super rich. I need to reroll trader they are so op on all areas even here… But lose of RP :confused:

But I was hoping it was a place where I can sell my own stuff. Like I can make a little safe area in orbit somewhere with my own trading station and sell my own goods there at vendors in my station with no market fee. That would be epic. Just like in Starwars Galaxies.

Not really. You can also limit the NPC Trader only for a specific faction, so a faction planet would make sense.
Or advanced:
technically it is a static zone. If people enter that zone our tool triggers.
Since a Base in PvE is static also this is straight forward easy.
BUT you can also create a NPC Trader Ship. If you have a very cheap but cool package you only want to sell at weekends or specific hour you can fly that ship to that zone. But for that method I would need to escape the coordinates in HWS Connect. Right now everyone can see them there and still could fly to your spot even though there is no ship.

You still give this troll your ears?

Anyways as said before we might change this soon into an “OCD Trader”. Where your stuff from OCD are possible to sell. (over HWS Connect…)


Take a look here

That was our first Shop on a PVE-Planet before the 4.0 Wipe. It wasn´t only the shop, it was a harbour quarter with a factory, a storage, offices. We got a pier with a sailboat. From the harbour quarter it was a short walk to the nearby park, the old church you can see on the pictures was the information center and the port to a seabridge over to a hotel complex.

Since there is no more PVE-Planet like Destiny i decided to bring the shop to the Elemental Orbit. With this i can reach more customers. My intention is not only to build a shop to get rich. My intention with this is a Player-Made POI, a place to meet, talk, make business.

So building a trade station in PVP is totally stupid right? And this ship, can I manually control it or does the NPC spawn at certain times at certain coordinates? And again, this ship can be blown up when it visits PVP space? If yes to those, then the elemental marketplace is really the only way for a true public vendor.

Regarding that carebear:
So instead of buying from your own trader which is not possible, I buy from my friends’ trader and he buys from my trader and we both get 77% discount? And being in a trader faction we can do this many many times a day? Or is this also not possible? Like what if I and WhizZLe would ‘trade buying packages’ from each other?

Anyways as said before we might change this soon into an “OCD Trader”.
Where your stuff from OCD are possible to sell. (over HWS Connect…)

I like that!

How many customers do you get? Do people even visit it? Because… The elemental marketplace is so much pentaxit to even visit… I think about a 100 pentaxit to get there and back from Jaggal + noobs area not allowed to visit (must leave their starter area for it) so you miss out on them as well. A 100 pentaxit is roughly 25k credits in value just to visit… And you gotta make multiple jumps, risking spawn campers and losing your ship to the bugs we got now.

This is my trade station: image image2

It´s only open since 2 days and i know that traveling to the orbit is dangerous. But where in the galaxy is traveling not risky? The system is often visited by people who come the bank, the elemental marketplace or other NPC Traders. Still looking to get the package more attractive for the people.

Oh you can change the package? It’s not a one-time decision?

Would be great if the elemental market was the central planet that divides the galaxy in 2 parts. Then you get some traffic through it anyway. Now Homeworld is the center. But if it were the elemental marketplace… That would at least force some traffic to the shops or atleast their area and customers might actually check it out then.

Personally I wouldn’t make 6 jumps (taking Jaggal as a reference) to buy something. I rather use the Eleon’s market and pay the 10% fee. And the pentaxit cost scares me away for the biggest part. We would need other people’s opinion on this to see if they would jump that much to buy something.

It is your choice to short this.

The one who owns the NPC Trader get’s only 77% of the package. The buyer however pays the normal price (100%). If you play that ping pong game you will both have soon 0 credits.

It’s 3 jumps, not 6:

In combination with the HWS Blue Crystal auto miner and my overall plenty crystals on the planet I didn’t hear a “grind for crystals” cry yet. But yeah, I am open for discussions.

Yes we will both have 0 credits with the ping pong game. But because we both buy from each other, you effectively buy it from yourself at 77% discount. Because you both get 77% back the sale from the other person and thus circumventing the “you can’t buy packages from your own NPC trader” because now you can (indirectly)!
Then you sell that on the Eleon market for profit and repeat. Or am I saying something dumb again? I thought this is how that carebear meant it to work.

6 jumps because you need to go back :P. Sorry I was vague.

Yeah the autominer will cover it. But I rather just sell those autominer crystals on the market and then buy from the eleon-market instead of jumping 3 times + 3 times. But I might be saying something dumb again. Not my day.