Performance on ECC

First i know that my PC really needs some upgrades, some components are OLD but i can play empyrion and i dont have to use the worst video settings but
i would really appriciate the compliance or tightening of the rules concerning the inactivity of structures on ECC. There are so many ships and stuff near the EGS HQ that my FPS drops like hell…
4. Limits & Restrictions, 2.2 15-Day Deletion Timer for Not ‘Touched’ Structures .
im pretty sure that some of the ships parking near the HQ are there more then 15 days.
maybe near the EGS HQ there could be an event harder rule for inactivity.
Next thing is the HWS Garage… we got the nice POI for selling ships so i dont understand why all the ships for sale have to be at the HQ.
Its a place where lots of players come day by day and do their stuff so there will be lots of ships around even without the others i mentioned above.
Please consider my suggestions because i cant imagine im not the only one with this issues.


Hi @Sc4rface

it got already suggested:

I was a bit on a ““holiday”” but will enforce it. It got announced so everyone should have left by now.


Theres allways the option you fly to some other poi where you can just teleport to hq without your ship, do your business then warp back to your ship and fly away.