Planet Playfield not loading

======= NOTICE FOR HELP =======

What happened: I cannot enter any of the playfields in Zirax Home (see image below trying to enter Yextor)
Player(s) with issue: Phoenix
Server: NA
Time (cb:time): 26 April 2018 20:20
Playfield: Zirax Home
Structure Name(s): PHOENIX DREAM
Structure ID(s): 19928696
How can we help you now: If the cause of the issue is on the server side, please fix so that I (and others) can enter the planet playfields. Thank you!

I cleared the planet yesterday after your message here.
Please try again and let us know

I tried again at 27 April 17:44 with no luck. I tried clearing my playfield cache, but that still didn’t work. I don’t see anything in my logs indicating that there is an issue.

If others can confirm we have to full wipe that planet and send it to the Devs.

I can confirm. Tried yesterday and today at 17:50.

I just tried now at 18:50 server time and unable to get in planet.

Yes, I checked myself too.

Yextor is officially dead and couldn’t be helped anymore.

Zirax HQ was almost dead and Xiva the next one. These two could be saved though.

Surface wipe.

Due some… code… the Drones and Deposits were bugged by this action.
Even though we have a Drone.dat file for exactly that, some guy did still stored Drone stuff in the World.dat, which got daily deleted for new deposits.
Overall a mess and I have to do lot of tests in Alpha 8 before I touch surface wipes at all again in combination with SSOR deposits and Drones.

With some handy command I removed all deposits now, bringing the planet entity count from 2000 down to < 100 again. Smooth.

Yextor should be accessible with the next restart again.

Surface wipe on these three planets are turned off until HWS 8

That is unfortunate.

So I can enter the 3 planets, though resource deposits appear on my screen, there are no actual resources in them. Is there any way to get the resource deposits back before 8? Thank you!

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