Possible Admin Abuse

Admin abuse is a serious offense and it isn’t something to be brought up lightly. However, I feel I have enough evidence to warrant Rexxxus to investigate further.

Specifically I am speaking of Statler, I have reason to believe that he is providing an unfair advantage to LHI (formerly HBH).

Evidence #1 and #2, the screen shots below show Statler as a part of the LHI faction at two separate times as show by the server timestamp in the chat

Now when I asked him about this in chat, he responded that he was helping them. However, there were no requests for help in the chat and the screenshots below show no requests for help either in the forums or on discord

While this is certainly not conclusive evidence, I feel it is suspicious enough to require further investigation. Specifically, exactly what commands did Statler use during that time frame and what justification can he provide for those commands.

Finally, I think Statler should be made to answer for why he has categorically refused to accept evidence of wrongdoing on HBH’s part. While they were bounty hunters they continuously broke the rules yet none of them have ever been punished. The best Statler could do to defend them was some weak argument about “war”, yet I really don’t see anywhere in the rules that says war is a justification for hostility between factions.

I hope that Rexxxus will do the right thing and investigate these issues and act accordingly.

Come on really? I really want to just tell you to F off, but I can’t. I don’t have it in me. I volunteered to help the server thinking I’d get to play as a trader etc, but what I found over the last few weeks was the server is broken because the game is broken.

I spend most of my day watching backpacks, moving ships and trolling the trolls. This kind of post just make it not worth it.

Yes, I’m in HbH a lot. It’s not because I’m part of their clan. It’s because in the beginning I was at GF trying to figure out why HbH and RAT were having so many Internal Errors. I had to be in HbH to prevent Ammo drains. The other reason is they are in Discord more then ANYONE. When they have a problem I hear it in my ear. so I fix it.

Sure I forget to leave their faction sometimes. That doesn’t mean I’m in their clan. I jump to and from factions everyday helping people. it’s what Jascha and Rexxxus have done for a loooong time. I’m doing my best.

These posts drain us. It makes it not worth it. If you want a hard working dedicated admin to quit. then keep it up.

In my own defense. I have banned more dupers then I can count. I spend all my time online working for the betterment of HWS.

I am a straight Arrow. It’s what I do.

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Deadulus before you accuse admins of abusing admin powers, did it ever come to mind we have our own discord server because of a certain someone jumping all over the HWS discord in multiple channels listening in on what was being said?


Well no, I guess that didn’t occur to me because I had obviously incorrectly assumed that an admins focus would be on the main discord channel, not on a factions private channel. Obviously there is nothing wrong with you having your own channel, however I don’t see why you can’t use the main channel to contact admins. I guess because you’re such a special little snowflake you get to have your own personal admin in your private channel.

Allow me to soften my tone a bit. Since my return to this server I have seen you be an awesome admin and you indeed have bent over backwards to help this server. However, there were a couple of things that caused me to question your connection with HBH.

  1. Even though evidence was presented to you in regards to HBH and their breaking of several rules, you seem to have been defending them a little too much. You use rather weak arguments to defend their actions and are quick to punch holes in any evidence presented against them.

  2. However, you are quick to use weak evidence to throw accusations toward myself and NWO/NWT. I guess what really set me off was you making some weak accusation in the HBH discussion thread about us doing some kind of faction abuse, present no real evidence of this. Then immediately close the thread, thus preventing us from defending ourselves against those accusations.

Having said all of this. I realize now that my anger from the above two points has caused me to look for evidence of the wrong doing I suspected and in doing so I failed to view the evidence in an impartial manner.

I am willing to give you the benefit of the doubt, and assume that your intentions are pure. I am simply frustrated that such a large faction can so blatantly violate the rules of engagement, yet no punishment is given.




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Thank you for providing such a deep and meaningful contribution to this conversations, it definitely shows the depths of your intellect. #sarcasm

To not let this out of control and ends in a so called “bullshit ping-pong” like we had already so often quick things from my point of view:

Why Jascha or me didn’t step into the whole NwO / HbH action like here for example: NA boggartbob25: Prison and Ban for 2 days

Is that both had caused this issue so we took it as “even”. Maybe one did it more than the other but than we had no video for it. We can’t see everything in Logs and even what we can see already is really time consuming.

So we are especially thankful that the NA server don’t go out of control over night while we are sleeping if Statler is online. About the faction tag. That is a mechanism of the Impersonate feature and if we don’t login with our own ID after it, the tag remains on the faction we were impersonating. Don’t bother about it.

That the Voice feature / permission features on Discord are quite unready is a little compromise for the switch from TS. As far as the Discord devs stated on reddit they are working on it.

The other thing is that the new patch for HWS / Empyrion and that Jascha is soon 3 weeks away took us a bit away from “dramas”. So we discussed together that if you really want a good punishment / good justice than please do yourself a favor and do this please: Active PVP? Please Read!
It is not only because of the PvP. If you found exploits e.g. it is very helpful and can be send through us to the dev via skype so we get a better game even faster.

As far as I see Statler is a honest guy who is very motivated to help HWS. Maybe he is a bit more straight forward than Jascha and me but you know that we are sometimes too nice anyways :wink:
No, we taking this of course serious and as far as I can see HbH got no advantages from Statler or are favorised. It is just that we had to ban both factions what would be even with letting you guys play and sort it out by yourself the nice way.

As I said: the NA server is somehow really more drama focused than the EU server. So my request to you all is to capture things on video. It don’t have to be 1080p resolution to save your disk but it is worth it and saves you and us more time than everything else.
Screenshots are good for showing underground turrets for example but ammo draining is a process you can’t track good in logs and pictures.

If you have any further questions let me know.

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I’m Dying, I haven’t read any of the post just had a quick look at the screenshots

Look at screen three…bottom VLC tabs

Dude maybe next time check whats in the background…

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HAHA oh my god, i missed that! sick bastard :stuck_out_tongue:

“Man tied naked”

Elfias once said many of people playing here have some kind of mental issues… i am starting to belive that… :open_mouth:

:expressionless: i took it out. You really should watch what you post.

wow, a guy watches porn. Next big news, water is wet. LOL, I take no shame in this. Having said that, I agree I should have screened the images and I apologize for any offense the images may have caused.


I accept your word as final. If you say no abuse or favoritism exists, then that is good enough for me. However, I would like to put it on the record that I would gladly accept jail time for whatever rules my Faction has violated if it meant the same for HBH. I believe rules exist for a reason and if there is no teeth so to speak behind them, then they are pointless.