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So what you are saying is every pvp system supergate leads to every other pvp system supergate?

Because I’m trying to create a map so I can figure out which zones are linked via supergates so I can travel more efficiently between zones (and not require a CV to do it).

The Supergate Locations

Name Command Coordinates
Atlantis System sg:warp:at 0, 7000, 0
Atlantis System (Only SV) sg:warp:at-sv 0, -7000, 0
Binomi System sg:warp:bi 0, 7000, 0
Binomi System (Only SV) sg:warp:bi-sv 0, -7000, 0
Black Hole sg:warp:bh 0, 6500, 0
Black Hole (Only SV) sg:warp:bh-sv 0, -5000, 0
Cebo System sg:warp:ce 0, 5000, 0
Cebo System (Only SV) sg:warp:ce-sv 0, -5000, 0
Donare System sg:warp:don 0, 5000, 0
Donare System (Only SV) sg:warp:don-sv 0, -5000, 0
ECC sg:warp:ecc 0, 5000, 0
ECC (to Donare System) sg:warp:ecc-sup 0, -5000, 0
Eden System sg:warp:ed -12000, 0, 0
Eden System (Only SV) sg:warp:ed-sv 12000, 0, 0
Homeworld System sg:warp:hw 0, 5000, 0
Homeworld System (Only SV) sg:warp:hw-sv 0, -5000, 0
Jupidor System sg:warp:ju 0, 5000, 0
Jupidor System (Only SV) sg:warp:ju-sv 0, -5000, 0
Nova sg:warp:no 0, 5000, 0
Nova (Only SV) sg:warp:no-sv 0, -5000, 0
Prototype System (one way out) 0, 5000, 0
Sanctuary System sg:warp:sa -12000, 0, 0
Sanctuary System (Only SV) sg:warp:sa-sv 12000, 0, 0
Sathon System sg:warp:st 12000, 0, 0
Sathon System (Only SV) sg:warp:st-sv -12000, 0, 0
Titan System sg:warp:ta 0, 5000, 0
Titan System (Only SV) sg:warp:ta-sv: 0, -5000, 0
Walla System sg:warp:wa 0, 5000, 0
Walla System (Only SV) sg:warp:wa-sv 0, -5000, 0
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Sort of correct, yes! All gates below black hole can directly link to HW as far as I am aware. Don’t forget other systems!

I’ll see what I can do about making a more visual map for people!

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I’m about 1/2 way done with a map. I’m hoping to finish it this weekend.

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Mapping within the game is complete. I just have to finish drawing it out on the map. I should be done by the end of the weekend.

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Thanks everybody here, shows that the PvP community has good people willign to share info and help others.

Some good info here maps etc, thank you all.
Much love.

The draft version of the map is DONE! I’m getting back into the game right now to double check on what I had down for 3 supergates to ensure I didn’t mess those up. I have also noticed that some of the coordinates on the supergate chart are incorrect. So that is the last thing I want to add to the map is the actual coordinates. I will post the map for everyone on Sunday, NA time.

The Supergate Warp Map is complete! I didn’t think I would finish it before I went to bed, but here it is! I tried to be pretty thorough and accurate. Please let me know of any mistakes, or additions that I didn’t have access to. If you can’t zoom in here, try downloading it to view it better.

HWS has complete authority over this map and do with it as they please. I created it to help the community out. - Vengeance


Wow, that is really awesome work @Vengeance :slightly_smiling_face:
I really, really appreciate content the Community is doing! Thanks for providing it!
I would like to implement the final version to the Guide here:

So… shame on me but Sanctuary- and Eden System were never really finished by me :disappointed:
The Supergates on Jupidor were even set to the wrong System (Sanctuary). :see_no_evil:

Overall some notes now (you can verify better too):

  • I fixed / implemented Sanctuary- and Eden System properly. They point one way to Nova and Titan and Homeworld System.

  • Jupidor points to Sathon and Titan. Sathon points to Jupidor and Nova

  • The Origin HQ Supergates are still not active. Had some special plans for them in mind regarding Commodity Trading…

  • The Coordinates on the Supergate Guide should be correct now! So you might revisit your 12000 notes about Sanctuary / Eden.

  • Please remove the Phoenix Supergate coordinates on the ECC System. It’S part of a Mission and would spoil the fun too easy :wink:

  • Re-check your Sathon Coordinates. In general: above the planet (0, 5000, 0) is the Anti-BA Supergate. Below the planet (0, -5000, 0) is the SV ONLY Supergate

  • There is also a Supergate in Prototype System. One way to ECC.

I try to not change the Universe / Supergate system too much anymore but there might come some changes with the next season :wink:
Great fundament we can build on top though!

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Wooow! Great map my dude!
Would you like me to add it to the pvp guide?

It’s been a long day here. Let me make those changes by RexXxus and then it should be good to post. I should have it done later tonight (NA Central time).

I have verified all the changes that RexXxus has made. Everything looks good except for Eden & Sanctuary. There are still issues with those Supergates.

Eden: Physical supergates with turrets are still at 12000,0,0 (Anti-BA) & -12000,0,0 (SV-Only). However, warp can only be initiated at 0,5000,0 (Anti-BA) & 0,-5000,0 (SV-Only).

Sanctuary: Physical supergates with turrets are at 12000,0,0 (SV-Only) & -12000,0,0 (Anti-BA). The “SV-Only” labeled supergate is at 12000,0,0, but the jump locations correspond to a “Anti-BA” supergate. The SV-Only warp location is at 0,-5000,0 (which I believe is correct). Just no physical gate there.

Here is the updated version of the map. I would still not included it elsewhere on the website until the Eden/Sanctuary issues are resolved.

Have a good night everyone!

Thanks again @Vengeance

I’m very sorry you had to deal with my incompetence :expressionless:
I fixed it now finally…
Here is how the setup looks on my end:

In that matter I saw another mistake about Cebo System => Walla System.
I fixed it to Cebo System => Black Hole.

48 Supergates to maintain in that visual table is a little hardcore :see_no_evil:
I definitely not going to change all of them again any time soon :sweat_smile:

Whoa. Good Work Man.

I just got home from work. I’ll get in the game and check it all out again tonight.

And it’s all good! That’s a LOT of stuff to try to keep track of. If you ever need someone to verify something for you, just ask. I’m always happy to help.

Good news: Cebo is fixed and heading to BH. No more Walla.

Bad news: (please don’t kill off the messenger) Eden & Sanctuary are almost fixed…

Anti-BA Structure (with turrets) is at -12000,0,0 (seems right since this is the “beginning” of the system when you “K” warp in. Problem is the destinations off of this structure are SV-only gate points.

SV-Only Structure (with turrets) is at 12000,0,0. Again, seems right. But this SV-Only gate has the Anti-BA gate destinations.

So the Supergates structures are at the right location, they just have the wrong destinations attached to them. Just flip those.

Same exact thing. I won’t post the pictures I took. Just need to flip those destinations and you are golden.

Once those are flipped, I will double check them and then post the FINAL version of the Supergate map.

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:see_no_evil: shame on me…

I flipped those now, you were right!
Thanks a lot and sorry for the inconveniences!

I’m happy to report that after some “reconstruction” of the Supergate system, all Supergates are now 100% functional as advertised! Here is the final version of the map (at least for now)…

I had a lot of fun going around verifying everything. I even had to avoid a few players in PvP zones. From this, I have learned 1 very important lesson…

“NEVER K-warp or Supergate warp into a PvP zone without going FULL THROTTLE and the brakes OFF!” Otherwise, you could be a sitting duck (if someone is on the other end) and your ship will be torn apart. And you won’t even know it if there is a delay from the warp cut screen to the live screen. If your ship is moving the whole time it’s possible you may still have a ship when the live screen comes back!

Anyways, enjoy!

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Thanks a lot mate!
You got compensated ingame by dealing with my incompetence! I know how time consuming “bug” finding and iterating over issues can be…

I included the map in the official guide

Thank you!

It wasn’t necessary as I enjoyed doing it. But it is GREATLY appreciated! :slight_smile:

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