Questions from a new player

Hi all. I started playing on this server few days ago as a Hunter. I thought that Hunter and trader will be best for me. I’m solo player. I like to trade and I like to play PVP. I’ve read almost whole HWS guide and I couldn’t find some basic informations (maybe I’m blind). People on the server can’t answer to my questions neither so I decided to create this topic. I see that there is info about hunter board, description of each class, description of guilty feature but I can’t find information about who can kill who. I saw that guardians and traders can’t kill other traders because they will become guilty and lose RP… but what about other classes? Can trader kill a freelancer or guardian? Can hunter kill other hunter or a trader? It’s written that hunter is “Comfortable in PvP”… well great! good to know but there is no information about who I can kill without being listed on bounty hunter list with my position. So can someone explain to me:
Pirate can kill: everyone? even other pirates?
Hunter can kill: people from the bounty hunter list only?
Trader can kill: only people from bounty hunter list?
Guardian can kill: people from bounty hunter list and pirates?
Freelancer can kill: ?!

I’ve heard that people are killing eachother on planets with gold and so on… do they even care if they will be guilty or not? Do they even see what class do they attack?

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Guardian cant kill other guardians or traders but they can kill everyone else.
Traders cant kill other traders or guardians but they can kill everyone else.
Everyone else can just go crazy and kill everything.

As for trading tbh you can trade as any faction, so that shouldn’t be the reason you choose trader, in general lore wise, Traders avoid combat but still defend them selves and allies, guardians defend their allies and hunt pirates, free lancers are gypsies who move from place to place where the gold and opportunities are good. Hunters chase the people who become guilty and when there is no one guilty they will prob start hunting anyone else they can find. Pirates usually hunt in packs and kill raid pillage anything they find. If you care about lore that might help.

If you scroll down a bit it shows how each faction gains RP now that would probably be the best way to choose a faction as you don’t want to be doing something you don’t like in order to gain RP.

As far as guilty goes it seems that only traders and guardians can become guilty from killing each other, other ways to become guilty is breaking rules or by running the F1(PDA) missions like bank heist. I’m not sure if there is other ways to become guilty. To get rid of guilty you have to go to the place listed on that link and type EGS.Noguilty it will cost rp and credits and cost will go up every time you do it.

Hope this helps

Someone checked on the server if he can become guilty as a hunter by killing other hunter and he said that he started to be guilty after killing him :open_mouth: Thats why… I was and I’m still confused.

That is strange it shouldn’t be the case O_o maybe it’s been changed to killing anyone makes you guilty i’m not sure would have to find out, but then again it shouldn’t effect which faction to choose then lol…

Also… If I would play as a trader… Do I see which class is my target? For example I see a player digging gold meteorite… It could be a trader but it could be also a pirate… How can I check that? I don’t want to become guilty after killing him

No you will have to switch off your guns go closer see his tag, look under faction tab see which faction he is in so about 30-40 seconds before you know if you can shoot him, if you want to pvp regularly I would suggest Free lancer or Hunter, Pirate gets a lot of attention on global chat when you move around and a few people will start looking for you.

Ok seems like you don’t become guilty just by killing anyone only if you kill guardian 10x in a row, or if your a trader/guardian killing other trader/guardians.

Thank you very much! One more thing. Its written that Hunter gets RP for player kill… It doesn’t matter if it’s a guilty player or not, right? :slight_smile:

np, I think its only if that person is guilty.

Lmao love your post.

Hey and welcome @Darkayen !

Yeah, maybe it is my habit of writing stuff but a little note to myself:
I like the “exclusive” terminology. So if I don’t explicit mention something I either really forgot it or really not mean it that way :wink: Cause I hate redundant information.

Here is all you need to know about the Story then:

Anyways that means:
Hunter can kill everyone and everybody to get RP - guilty or not. But they get their monster credit bonus only for guilty kills.
And no, someone trolled you or didn’t know better. They only become guilty if they killed a Guardian now.

And nope, at the moment we can’t force color conventions nor custom distance / HUD markers. It’s up to you to do the scout job (with a sniper scope e.g.)


Welcome @Darkayen welcome to HWS the forever changing and adapting server. This is a really hardserver to get going. But after a month or so you will love it. I do recommend joining a faction as this will ease you in easier. Which server are you on NA or EU? I might be able to hook you with a good faction on either server.

This is my third empyrion server and I think that I will stay here forever. Wipe system… ocd and am… and other features are excellent and encourage to stay here. Now I know that bigger empyrion updates might force server to do a full wipe so this server helps in such cases with AM and OCD features. I’ve read that next season (full wipe) will be on 7th of september (am I right?) so for now I will focus on upgrading AMs, OCD and prepare for the next wipe. I need to create my pvp projects in creative mode so for now I will be a trader because its easier to get RP while not playing much but after wipe I will be a freelancer or a hunter because I love pvp. I’m solo player and for now I don’t want to join any factions.

Gunslinger… if new player will start on freelancer or hunter planet without fa:supply then yes… this is hard server and just for satisfaction I managed to survive there without death but if you have at least one RP and you will start on trader planet then its pretty easy here. With FA supply you get a lot of credits and all resources for t2 hv miner so you can get all needed resources. With such cheap prices on blackmarket you can get almost everything. Getting credits is also pretty easy. Just today I gathered 1kk credits and I didn’t play much. I like this server because those settings encourage to play pvp and if you want to get rich then you have to play in pvp zones. I want to test my future pvp projects so I’m pretty sure that I will find people which will be happy to fight against me.

Btw I’m a software developer so it’s a little bit easier for me to find bugs. If I will find any then where should I write about them? For example I’ve found that I can change my class (trader hunter and so on) anytime (if I will do some steps :D). I believe that it shouldn’t be possible. Right?

There are two things regarding class description. One thing is what you wrote already Rexxus. I think that who can kill who without changing to guilty status should be described in each class description.

Second thing is… I would add to “+X RP for having a X Alien Container in your inventory” that this alien container will be consumed :smiley: up to today I was pretty sure that I will get 3 RP everyday just for having it in inventory :smiley: I was ultra surprised when it was gone and I started to search for it :smiley: … well maybe i’m just stupid :smiley:

Ok I have few more questions from a new player :smiley:

I saw that universe has changed recently… I see that system with Ju and Sierra is taxed so I assume that I will have to pay for each structure with devices if I will settle there. AFAIK PVE planets without taxes requires 100 RP. Am I right that the only place where I can settle and not pay taxes is peacekeeper space then? I’m a trader so it’s important for me to settle in pve space.

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I also would like to understand if every space is going to be taxed or if Peacekeeper’s will stay free parkings ?


Another question about taxes from me and my friend… According to description on the map Athos and M31P are taxed. How is that money taken? From bank account? How long can I have a debt?

Consider the new tax system soon:

And read the Guide of how it works exactly then:

Thanks! Now I know everything about taxes :slight_smile: