Ram my CV with SV

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What happened:
=> Under retreat and pursuit for my ship 2 capitals one of ships rams my ship-resets me the speed after what pursuers catch up with and destroy my slow ship. For a player of this level and experience, this is a disgraceful act. I consider such behavior extremely negative and I ask to punish for such behavior.

Player(s) with issue:
=> Co6upatejib

=> EU

Time (cb:time):

=> Eton Space

Structure Name(s):

Structure ID(s):

How can we help you now:
=> Please punish the offender.

Its video:

that just sounds like teamwork to kill a fleeing enemy. CV ships are slower than SV ships. It just seems that you were outnumbered, lost, and now you want the victors to be punished. does not seem just in my opinion. the rules against “ramming” are due to intentional collisions causing ships to clip into each other for shooting internals. bumping into a ship so it slows down for another to attack, seems like a valid tactic.


yes since the people of red also like to do this with me I have to say that the whining is out of place


@PestBoy Do you have any video evidence of RED player ramming your ship?

I see only sv flying and one bump at the end. Where is the rest of the video?

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If its Tactic allow, i wont hear it from admin, and no 1 ship gone from me after that.

Give u proof or shut up.

It video not for u, u may spam in anothe chat, bb

orbiting the fast ship flying on inertia is not that easy thing. even more if ship firing
and reporting one accidental collision a little silly.
thats my 2 cents

maybe i need to report how you increase a distance between our ships? been at 1300 and then 1400(just for lol)

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No need to respond here at all guys.
And be more respectful @CyIvIpak

The ticket here would not be needed if checked the rules more closely:

Such a “bump” can and does happen hundreds of times a week.
Otherwise see above.