thinking of coming back to HWS, but what is RE ? i used to play on the EU server but now i see lots of players on RE

the 3rd hws server. started last March. was a bit if a time filler while we wait for the new season on NA/EU

Reforged Eden is a workshop mod made by Vermillion and Ravien

info on the next season for NA/EU (HWS+)

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Ummm ok, so it’s gonna be wiped or what? Not sure I’m fully understanding this lol.

And HWS 15? does it mean HWS will stop existing?

Or will there be a wipe soon and if so, when?

ok not yet it seem. hws+ is the new thing. good it’s not dead

HWS+ is a rebuild of the universe from square one. the current season on NA&EU has been running since Christmas 2020. the latest update on wipe ETA was “soon”

discord announcements section is usually where it gets posted 1st. with low population, now is the best time to farm rare resources in PvP land :wink:

but if a wipe is coming this spring, why farm rare resources?