Season feedback | Anti Grief and overall PvP


Sounds good!

Because we already have that problem on NA.
Opposing alliance we are fighting got multiple splinter factions for the sole purpose of having more bases on the same playfield.


Hehe, that would be a funny scenario where the Defender would have big trouble, yes.
This would work like that.
Keep in mind though that normal player can’t use the “ag” console command.
We will see how it will turns out


Bedrock is not the issue here. The bp placement stops you from pushing that far in most cases. The issue was that antigrief stopped digging the terrain, and it was active anytime there was a base. So if the base was underground, it was invincible. Plasma was an exception for a while, followed by explosive charges, but both were just oversights by the devs, and got patched to be included.


Honestly they just need to add a server configurable OLP recharge time and have it only recharge when your on the same playfield as the base. i.e. say you have to spend 2 hours online in GG once every 48 hours to have OLP go active and (still with the 30 min delay after you logout). As of right now, anyone in a small faction can just login for 5 sec at ECC and log out during random off hours to keep refreshing it.

By making ppl be on the same playfield as the base to recharge OLP, ppl would actually be at the base defending (real pvp) instead of that one random guy who logs on who decides he wants to run some factories or repair a ship while their base gets attacked with no one defending (PvBase).

I’m personally not a huge fan of alliances de-activating the other factions’ OLP, I’d rather just have it capped to 2 factions max per alliance and break up the huge zerg alliances. I’m sure the devs could add that as a setting. The red v blue laggy zerg is getting old. I’d rather have more intimate 5v5 battles and get 30-40 fps than 20v20s with 20+ bases on each side and only get 3-5 fps. This game is still only in alpha, not optimized, and not an MMO even though a lot of ppl want the game to be that way.


All the alliance system is at the moment not possible.
We have in the current state already some thieves in alliances and hard to catch.
Imagine what will happen within 2 large factions.
All these details only work if Eleon implement proper ways to lock your stuff away, decide who can access your stuff, etc.

Not much we can do about the zerg stuff as I said except starting to give larger ones benefits more and more where a non-active zombie zerg faction will gain more and more disadvantages.

We will see


They would be gimping themselves and get capped on their 10 HV/15 SV count very quickly.

Yeah I normally just leave my personal base on private and flip my CVs to private when I’m not doing pvp and flip them to faction when I am pvping. You can’t really be expected to police internal faction drama.


Is this an opportunity to make POI’s actually interesting again?

We have seen @RexXxuS has already announced Epics/Enhanced will be removed from OCD for 8.0 start - and I assume made un-craftable in the config file. This will be good for POI’s value especially for the PvE players.

I would also further suggest that the two special BA devices - anti grief/land claim and OLP are treated in the same way as the Epic/Enhanced. This would limit the original supply to the POI’s thus making the POI highly relevant and interesting to the PVP players in 8.0. Greatly expanding the game play again.

It would also created a resale value and secondary supply source, in the marketplace/blackmarket for those that specialise in POI raids, to sell to those that specialise in gold mining or who are already wealthy.


This is also my intention and mindset for what POIs should stand for.
The damn Zirax & Co. Ai logic is dumb as cookie so at least the loot should be something player should look for.

However I’m not sure yet if the Land Claim Device is distributed in the loot table yet - if it’s in POIs.
The OP device is in there, right? Red Alien Container I think!?

I wanted to treat OP the same as the Epic weapons but some smaller factions shit stormed me that they don’t have a chance in PvP then for sure, because large factions could manage to raid the POIs before them and would take away the even small possibility for them to settle in PvP.

But to not store OP in OCD in general is maybe worth to think about, same as the LC device…
Will think about it


Wait, you want to make the OP and LCD a reward from raiding a POI instead of craftable? The LCD not being craftable does mean that you could end up loosing your base simply because someone digs under your base and sets up a base with one.

I guess that is fine, but is going to make for very cut throat game.

On the OP, I could care less. that is fine being a reward.


OLP and AG should be craftable in my mind, though I like the idea i feel that this would be the wrong way to go about reneweing POIs by making bases cheese-easy again. Both AG and OLP serve to protect bases from being cheesed. Without them all bases are practically useless as we have proven many times in previous systems with either mining or attacking when nobody is there.

On the other hand i believe that Sacred’s idea should be expanded upon. My wonder is this: With the config is it possible to make more powerful variants of objects? Such as enhanced rocket launchers for SVs and such? If so maybe cool and unique weapons such as that could be considered loot from POIs.

But defo keep OLP and AG devices craftable, or you’ll have a plague of players wondering what happened to their bases on your hands.

TL:DR We should find an expansive way of making POIs interesting without taking away from the main PVP meta or by trying to limit incredibly important devices to finite amounts. This would likely result in the death of the base-meta. Be it temporary or permanent (Either until enough of these devices are in steady circulation OR would just result in disaster and folks would not bother to build bases anymore).
Best regards


And they were right we would roll over them, and yet again the PVP meta would become even more concentrated in the hands of a few factions/alliances which is not how a healthy PVP community should run.

Keep OLP and AG craftable and storeable, we should find other ways of making ‘POIs great again.’

I may not have an alternative suggestion yet, but i certainly feel that limiting these objects is NOT the way to go. I’m sure you remember the crazy PVP Base Drilling Meta, it’d either be that or offline raiding; Both of which is universally known to put the large majority of people (including PVPers) off of PVP.

I feel very strongly on this issue as you both can probably tell! I’ll brainstorm some ideas in my spare time to see how we can make POIs ‘great’ again! :slight_smile:

Best regards


Not sure I agree with the worry on availability of the OLP and Land claim if there are POI supplied. It is like the supply of AM’s, generally it has always been straight forward to get whatever quantity that you need - but without being able to craft them. And the volume of OLP/LC devices required is relatively modest compared to AM cores etc.

  • It is a question of balance though (like everything on the server!), too limited a supply, could cause an issue like you expressed concern over. Too much and the value of these devices is not created.


No your wrong drilling underground is no longer fun. Because guns can’t fire underground anymore. So no challenge there.


For reasons.


I definitely lost an hv digger on hw this season to being shot while underground. I spent a half hour being chased about, and was blown to pieces by someone that caught me.


A video for that case and good investigation at that time is needed to reproduce I guess.
Since Drones are everywhere this might be a reason. Dunno.


I am not too worried about it, I annoyed Kurauxa at that point, because I did just log off for the day. He sent me a discord message telling me nice combat logging. But, they definitely killed the digger while it was sitting on the core. I am guessing with direct fire weapons mounted on a HV or SV that was in the tunnel. =


Drones definitely fire when your underground. Found this out the hard way on Homeworld


Last time I checked a lot of turrets will fire through the terrain. Assaulting a base underground and the turrets on the base will still clip the terrain. Not sure if they fixed that in alpha 8 though, would have to do some testing. Miniguns and cannons are notorious about clipping.


They mount turrets on the bottom of HVs and can shoot through the ground by clipping.