Server Administration

Owner: @RexXxuS

  • Tasks: Community Manager, HWS Connect Owner, Features, Universe, Story, Legal, & ‘Everything’

Co-Owner: @Jascha

  • Tasks: EAH Tool Owner, Features, Co-Community Manager, & ‘Everything’

Full Admin: @RexXxuS, @Jascha, @Dr.Dark

  • Tasks: Full support, Contact Person for everything

Ingame Admin / Moderator: @RexXxuS, @Jascha, @Dr.Dark (Gamemaster)

  • Tasks: checking situations, help players, stuck e.g. if needed

HWS Police (HWP): @gareth (EU/NA)

  • Tasks: Help players and admins

Forum Moderator: @RexXxuS, @Jascha, @Ju

Discord Moderator: HWS Community Helper

All HWS Team members volunteer their time for your enjoyment. They have day jobs, families and sleep on occasion!