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… Lets keep this simple: We are here to help.

Community Support

The community are also here to help, and many veteran players love nothing more than to assist new players with their wisdom and knowledge. This could well be the quickest route for you and we suggest you always consult the community In Game first. We also have two Community-Support channels in Discord (currently for German and English speaking players only) where you may get help or advice. NOTE: Admins will not be available to assist you in these channels.

Admin Support

If you DO need Admin assistance, we in turn need your help first in the form of information and the more information you can give us, the quicker and more effectively we can assist you.

In the HWS Forum, there is an animated GET HELP (<-- also link here) Button located in the upper right corner which will provide a template for you to create a post on our support page in the forum.


Please ensure you enter all of the Important information relating to your problem and please try not to elaborate too much. This is what we need:

======= NOTICE FOR HELP =======

  • What happened: A concise version of events leading up to your problem is what is going to be most helpful and could, in itself, provide us with enough accurate information to know the solution. Again, please try and keep it short, relevant and to the point.

  • Player(s) with issue: All player names to which the issue relates.

  • Server: NA or EU or RE

  • Time (cb:time): IMPORTANT: We need the server time (type “cb:time” in Faction Chat or log into connect and click the animated menu icon top right of the page) NOT your local time.

  • Playfield: Identify on which playfield the issue occurred. (hit M in game. playfield name is top right in Planet. info eg. Name: Homeworld)

  • Structure Name(s): It is unlikely we can help if your structure has a default name (eg. [BA] Base or [SV] Small Vessel, unless of course you have the ID …

  • Structure ID(s): Type DI in console (To open the console, hit the tilde key: ~ this key, which is left of number 1 on your keyboard) which activates a small black command line window in game. Get close to the structure, point at it and it will display the Structure ID. Type that number in this field.

  • How can we help you now: What action you’re requesting, if it isn’t obvious.

Above all, we would ask you to please be patient. We are gamers and we really do understand the frustration of being stuck somewhere or losing your valuable loot, which is why we want to help you. Bear in mind though, Admins are currently based in the EU (Germany & UK to be precise) and although we are absolute machines, we do need to sleep on occasion.

It will not always be apparent to you that we’re busy. We give priority to Support Requests, but sometimes there are instances where we can’t get to you straight away. Rest assured that we will help as soon as we can, but your patience and understanding are greatly appreciated.

HWS Support vs Empyrion Support

Should be self explanatory but please be sure you know or at least try to understand what is a HWS bug and what is a game bug.
We at HWS know the game better than anyone but we can’t fix game related issues.
So for game related bugs please go here:

Admins regularly available are: