Server RE. Dropped reputation with the Free Colonists faction

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What happened?
=> Reputation with the Free Colonists faction has dropped for no reason.
The main thing is that the reputation has dropped exactly to a value equal to the level of reputation with the Traders faction, which is strange in itself.

Some time ago, over a week ago, a former member of my faction ruined our reputation with the Traders faction.

I myself have rebuilt my reputation with the Trade faction and have achieved a value of 12051.

Later I earned some more reputation with the Trader Faction and now the value is 12101

Yesterday my faction had a friendship with the Free Colonist faction. In addition to me, there is another player in the faction, but he has not entered the game lately.

Today I logged into the game and found that my reputation with the Free Colonists faction had dropped to 12101, a figure identical to that of the Traders faction. In my opinion, this is very strange in itself.

Player(s) with issue? (steam name)
=> Popper (Entity Id: 720552 )

Server? (EU or NA or RE)
=> RE

When did it happen? (Use server time: type ingame cb:time)

On which Playfield?

Structure Name(s)?

Structure ID(s) (Open ingame console and type di)?

How can we help you now?
=> If possible, check in the logs what happened to the reputation. Return the reputation level with the Free Colonists faction to the level of friendship about = 25957, as it was yesterday.

I wish we could. NPC Reputation is not tracked in any logs unfortunately.
Hence I can’t return or help really.
I can only say that maybe due a new member or inactive player that logged in again, it changed.
It’s always the faction member average, that is considered for the total NPC RP.

I know that. There are only two of us in the faction. New members haven’t joined in about a month. There were three of us, but the third I kicked out when he ruined our reputation with the Traders Faction, promised to fix it and did not do it.
I did not accept new participants.
The remaining second participant rarely comes in, once a week. He didn’t come in yesterday. Came in today, but after me, after I discovered an error with a reputation.

I understand that it’s easier for you not to do anything, not to create a precedent. But doesn’t it seem strange to you that the reputation of the Free Colonists faction has become one equal to that of the Traders faction?
The reputation is exactly equal to the level of reputation of the other NPC of the Faction, and not just fell.
I think this is some kind of bug, a bug in the game. For some reason, the reputation value of one NPC faction was copied to the parameter of another NPC faction.
This is my main point and that is why I am asking for help.

It will not be difficult for me to regain the reputation with the Free Colonist faction by game means. Unlike the Traders faction.
It is enough for me to find and destroy about a dozen weak bandit ships. Collect Insigna from them and turn them in.
However, it is rather frustrating that I am forced to do this due to a game bug. At the same time, you, as a server administrator, are able to help me.

Oh, many things in Empyrion are strange :slight_smile:
Yes, but in such cases we need a reproduction use case. So I can make a ticket for the developers and they can fix it.
Otherwise they can’t do anything.

Only because I am a Server administrator it does not mean I can do everything.
Even we are bound to the “rules” we have created to create a fair environment for everyone.
And those are for example here:

It is a pity that you, having fenced off with a fence of rules, having the opportunity to help with the correction of the error, refuse me this.

For some reason, I’m lucky to have errors on your server. First, the quest for the delivery of newspapers, then the missing days of the Daily loot (those three of which were not in your data, but which were in my dashboard), now a reputation. About the lost valuable resources from the yellow toolbar, when it was turned off, I did not even write here, I know the answer in advance. And every time - “I have to prove that I am not a camel” (Russian proverb).

I already do daily screenshots of my received awards in the Daily loot. Now I have to make more screenshots of the reputation both before exiting the game and every time the server is restarted. Not a difficult task at all. Glad to find a new goal in the game - to keep track of server bugs.

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