Ships deleted by game

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What happened?
=> warped into Lokup Vega system, got console error, closed it and continued with solving caches for quest…few minutes after that got BSOD because of memory issues (not the first time that it happens when playing Empyrion).
after logging back in, warped to Mivo Xi and noticed 3 of my ships are missing (1x CV, 1x SV, 1x HV)…they were docked to my main CV, together with another SV (main CV and 2nd SV are ok)
they were gone from in-game registry after few minutes, but Connect was still showing them (25 minutes after they were gone) in my home system from where i have warped to Lokup Vega…they are now (40-45 minutes after they are gone) shown as deleted in Lokup Vega playfield

Player(s) with issue? (steam name)
=> marko0280

Server? (EU or NA or RE)
=> RE

When did it happen? (Use server time: type ingame cb:time)
=> couple of minutes after 06:00h

On which Playfield?
=> Lokup Vega (Mivo Xi)

Structure Name(s)?
=> “TP cv dock”, “Fridge SV Seeker”, “thing m28”

Structure ID(s) (Open ingame console and type di)?
=> 6287072, 6287072, 18142

How can we help you now?
=> restore if possible, if not…well, ress loss is not big, only some spare ammo/fuel/food…mostly sentimental loss, my first spawned ship in HWS RE :slight_smile:

Most annoying bug right now.
Something to do with docked ships + warping I guess.

You provided 2 IDs but talk of 3 ships.
I restored both but in the future we probably don’t bother about a 13 block big structure (6287072).

i am sorry, i drag those ship around for weeks now, i have forgot the CV is so small…

i probably didn’t notice that second IDs last number should be 0 instead of 2
because i had to write this ticket 2 times (when posting first time, got error message that i can’t post it atm and the draft was deleted)

thank you for taking your time looking into this

ok, i picked up the 2 ships but given that their sensitivity sliders are now constantly bugged, i have deconstructed them and will respawn them again myself.
while already there, i wanted to visit few undiscovered playfields in same star system…but now is my other SV deleted, the one that survived first time…this happened probably around 16:20h-16:40h

can you please restore it, here are infos about it (or you want me to open another ticket)?

Playfield: Idezzea Moon Sector
Structure name: Surge t4 rail-laser RE
ID: 6382286

no problem.
I restored your SV here now

P.S.: since this is worse than Corona right now, can you please try to create videos of that bug or ask your friends? It must be easy to reproduce somehow I think.
Warping… docking… something like that.

thank you

i will try to reproduce it with small disposable SVs/HVs later today, unfortunately my Radeon Instant Replay didn’t record it, was to late when i noticed it missing

well, i was flying and warping around (same and other playfields) with several small test HVs/SVs docked to my CV for days now…not a single issue, they didn’t even move around the ship (they usually move 1/4-1 large block around when docked)…
will spawn those same CV/HV that got deleted and try with them, perhaps was one of them causing the issues

Weird but thanks.
Some supergates reposition at their own as well. They are a base and teleporter by the game to Roggery back and forth.
Something bad going one.

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