Simple poll about jump cost

I find the galaxy contains plenty of fuel its just boring and tedious to mine it. Am i the only one ?

  • Warp jump cost go up.
  • Warp jump cost go down.
  • Warp jump cost stay the same.

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I voted “less cost” but tbh this poll might just be a little premature don’t you think?
We don’t know anything yet about crystal spawns in the new HWS 4.0 Universe.
Perhaps you can only find crystals on PVP planets/moons, in which case I would have voted “cost stay the same” to support PVP opportunities.

In the current universe, yes it’s very tedious and boring to grind crystals.

Rexxxus said he wanted to add crystal but for me it’s picking up a few hundred just for a single trip around the universe.

Well whatever universe Rex is talking about, wether it be the current or 4.0…
20 minutes of grinding is fine before commencing some fun operation.
Anything past 20 minutes makes me want to grab ciggies / coffee, turn on music or alt+f4

I’d count 200 crystals for a return trip now that takes way over 20 minutes to grind.
Starts to feel like a boring MMO this way :stuck_out_tongue:

What I said is that the destination from one system to another will increase due the reduced overall size of the universe.
But on the other hand I will add more crystals here and there than before.

Also keep in mind that we turn our Auto Miner off regarding the new Auto Miner so a lot of the pentaxid is free for warp only then.