Since when did cheating/breaking rules get encouraged?

I see all these threads on the forums, where people are getting second chances, and i am starting to wonder why do we have an jail, if we are never gonna use it?

and to my surprise SWP griefed on pve planet again! like they did to me when they got several warnings, and now they lose reputation points, who cares about points anyways, its an insult to the offended party to see these thugs yet again dodge an bullet.

They have escaped far to much jailtime…
like some i get jailed for just having an serious discussion with people, SWP gets some warnings for ammo draining, PVE griefing twice!

I bet if i would grief someone on pve planet i would get banned or even worse…

What many don’t see is that we removed probably more ships from them than you have in the universe. It is just not a pinned global forum post all the time. Yes they playing against the rules by it and with proofs they get always punished.
Prison was maybe long time ago for them and still open for them (the chics there missing them).

Maybe my / our decision is not always very emotional and best but we try to decide neutral.
Their lost reputation points are in the 4.0 universe worth 3 million credits by the way.

They know that they can’t break rules again or they will be punished for sure.

Their reputation points would only matter if they were a PVE CLAN. They are not. So those points make no difference to them

Also pirates will have a faction Planet pve with interest. Please read HWS 4.0 Universe - Sneak Preview

I have read. But swp has no need for a pve base. Look at them on gold fed. They prefer to have a pvp base for action. So when you look at the severity of the punishment itnis low. As to them they have not lost much

As for the punishment you should reflect the outcome on this current world not in the future worlds since the reputation points dosen’t matter at all in this world, and for the punishment i think we should have an world council that decide the faith of evryone breaking the rules, like an court room of some sort.
Where they can pledge their innocence or get punished by the people.

Fixed no more gold base


I agree with thanrir but if there is a council. SWp would have to have a member on it that wasnt involved to make it fair.

But also the punishment should be for this current server not next server

I have to kinda agree with Thranir here, Players that have been around a long time have no excuse about breaking the rules, Nothing silly like banning but fine them possibly? if you sent them to jail i guess they lose everything am i’m sure they are very rich and have a lot items so that’s harsh to lose it all

You can’t have large factions getting away with breaking the rules even more so as it affects a lot.

If they have broke the rules in the past and lost ships they clearly don’t care enough to stop. Maybe the rep points are enough now but next time someone gives clear evidence of cheating hit them hard, wipe the bank and OCD. They will soon stop cheating then lol

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I agree too with Thran, and Sjdowiee is right, old players are well aware of the rules so no need to be kind ^^

Good News Rex, you should have less topic with duplicating ppl :slight_smile:

Alpha Experimental 3.4.2 (Build 618)


  • Offline protection shield now impermeable from both sides

  • Alien Humanoid Insect (Akua) now in PREDATOR faction


  • Fixed: Turrets on some bases (e.g. drone base Xenu P1 on Masperon) shooting through terrain in SP and MP

  • Fixed: SubjectKilled does not trigger in SP

  • Fixed: Mission NO MAN ON THE MOON does not trigger / wrong check

- Fixed duplicate exploit in MP related to containers doubled when opening and closing very fast.

  • Fixed: Survival Construcor Item on all planets and orbits visible

  • Fixed: Resuming a game always shows “congrats you have disabled the drone base, there will be no more drone attacks” message

Yeah I will, I will!

Well dupers will find a new way I guess. I still know some other ways… but the other interesting part is this:

This would fix the issue we had already:

Only combat logging would remain on the Contra-OP list… other than that maybe a try for 4.0 again.

That could be a game changer, did someone say no PVE playfields just OP back again…:sweat_smile:

I still don’t like OP personally, simply because it a silly feature that doesn’t even work very well and seems to be very easily hacked. Credit to the guy who designed it, but the execution is terrible and it seems to be nothing more than a constant hassle to prevent exploits on it. Great that we won’t die flying over a base tho!

Imo I think that OP in theory is a great idea, if the change actually works I don’t see how it can be exploited really, no more ammo drain, no more bases under other bases.

As long as your stuff is safe for a reasonable about of time…24 hours then it makes putting hours to building and expanding your empire worth while.

My brother used to play a game called h2 something it had zombies in basically and was a survival MP game. He put loads of hours in and built a massive base with everything in, he was well aware of raiding when people were offline but was smart. One morning he logged in after not playing for 12 hours and his entire base had been flattened. It was clear a cheater had managed to exploit and so informed the admins, unfortunately he didn’t have the safety net of ocd and am and the admins were not very active so he lost all those hours of collecting and building in 12 hours by being offline. He never played again.

We are lucky to have ocd and am (for the moment) I think OP makes the game more marketable for a wider audience. Never again overcrowding, loads more ppl will build again on pvp planets…so alot more adventures and actual things to see/do in universe. If anyone thinks this restricts pure pvp players I couldn’t disagree more. How many people log on every 24 hours? The loyal die hard guys will, so of course there stuff is safe…but maybe even they go away or have real life to contend with and can’t make it online.

So there is still a large risk, I mean if it was 2 or 3 days then I get pure pvp player dramas but 24 hours…explore the entire pvp universe, oh I found 10 bases. Mark on map. 24 hours later check up on them…I bet you at least 3 or 4 will have op expire. Go ahead and destroy, everyone will no the score so how can ppl moan when they log in after 25 hours.

I really would love to build one of my fortresses in pvp but having to mess around with so many ammo boxes and time to set up for me to know when I log off if someone finds it will be gone. For certain. They are so easy to defeat if your not their to defend in a SV or replenish ammo.

OP, yes it may still have some issues. For me the bigger issue is a huge universe with little to see or do. I know ppl will disagree and that’s cool.

I’ll just continue to live in pvp space in my CV never to be found…

OP is so wrong, there is nothing good to come out for it, people who live in pvp will be impossible to attack, lets says SWP has assembled an large attack group on my base, i see them all coming, i logoff, they cant do shit and all that planning is wasted, because all the carebears will logoff if they see someone is coming, i know that for an fact, i remember back in the days where i spent over 30 hours waiting for people to logon to raid em, because they allways combat log when you get there, pvp will be ruin if we make OP active again and i will for sure not give up without an fight on that matter!

there needs to be a timer for offline protection like it only activates 1 hour after logging off. maybe rexxxus can tell that to the admins and they can add it before 3.4.2

Valid point, Forget how cowardly people can be…

So when they have a delay timer no reason not for OP to be on, People can see an attack coming and log off, but OP doesnt kick in until 15 mns so…bye bye base :smiley:

Already in discussion with them. Funny thing is they had it already implemented in 2.4 but removed because… I don’t even know…