Skill-Tree suggestion for 9.0

Hey folks, I have a quick suggestion on the skill tree for 9.0

As of right now we have two sources of spending for our skill points. We have our own personal skill tree, and we have the ability to choose from our origin skill tree.

Well i was thinking of having a HWS skill tree.A so-called ‘Ambitions’ skill-tree that would see players able to invest their skill-points in a scaleable system that would reduce the price for specific features to HWS.

You could do this for the following:
Elemental Bank.
Recycle Command.
Orbital Cargo Drone.
Orbital Auto Miner.
Maybe even the (new) tax system?

Obviously I have NO IDEA how hard or whether this is even possible to code. But I feel that it is worth suggesting.

One example would be an ‘OCD Aspiration’ (where someone wants to level up their OCD). Therefore there would be about 5 ‘levels’.

(2 Skill points)
OCD-Aspiration Level 1:
5% Reduction on the RP and credit cost on OCD levels 1-3.

(5 Skill points)
OCD-Aspiration Level 2:
10% Reduction on the RP and credit cost on OCD levels 3-4

(10 Skill points)
OCD Aspiration Level 3:
15% Reduction on the RP and credit cost on OCD levels 4-5.

(20 Skill points)
OCD Aspiration Level 4:
20% Reduction on the RP and Credit cost on OCD levels 5-6.

(35 Skill points)
OCD Aspiration Level 5:
25% Reduction on the RP and Credit cost on OCD levels 6-7.

This would reset every season. Meaning that for a single player to get the most out of it they would have to work towards as many levels as they could for their OCD in one season. (Obviously i DO NOT expect ANYONE to go from OCD 1 to 7 in one season. But for those on OCD 6 and close to 7 this skill tree would still be worth investing in for the considerable discount.)

Finally I feel that this would enhance gameplay on HWS as it would encourage players to commit their skill points to one specific thing for most of the season. Providing some powerful but not over-powered discounts to encourage them to try and aim for the highest levels of some of the server features. Extending their gameplay hours and enjoyment on the server.


Obviously I realise that 8.0 hasn’t even released yet. But this is not aimed for 8.0 as that would be unrealistic and unfair to Rexxus. This is simply an idea for somewhere down the line. Something worth considering overall. I only posted it today as Rexxus putting in the effort to make the server better acted to kickstart my own idea to make me put it down at least so we can start discussing and improving this idea for now. :slight_smile:

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You know it doesnt sound like a bad idea. I have been trying to think of things as well but this tops anything i could think up. well done, we need more ideas like this :stuck_out_tongue:

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Thanks dude! Much appreciated! :slight_smile: I just thought it might add to that sense of progression and give less wealthy and smaller factions a chance to aim for some of the more powerful features such as recycle 5 and OCD 6 and so-on :slight_smile:

Thanks @Wiseman738 for that idea! Finally someone who thought about it :wink:
My teaser items you see already were quite random but in fact, like yours, it is so much possible… basically able to create a whole new game.

Regarding your idea… is it “require” Skillpoints (like now for the skills) or “cost” Skillpoints?

I think you mean require, otherwise it would take 72 days for players to achieve Aspiration level 5?

It’s true that for HWS 8 my plans regarding that will be quite impossible to realize. Have to see. But it’s just the beginning anyways.

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Hi Rexxus! No problem and i’m glad i’m able to contribute some thoughts to this :).

With the skillpoints it could mean require, or cost. I mean for a MASSIVE 25% reduction on OCD7 it might be worth comitting a near-entire season to get the cost of OCD7 down by over 100 million :slight_smile:

However i leave the whole balance aspect entirely up to you :slight_smile: I’m willing to contribute but of course you should have the final say!

I could always reduce the cost a little also to make it more feasible in case of the old 2-month season. Say (Lvl 1-2SP [SP=Skill Points])
(Lvl 2-5SP)
(Lvl 3-10SP)

This brings the total to 57 days of skillpoints. But one could reduce it even more by making lvl 5 require about 20SP, bringing the total to 52. If that is still too high then i could do

2, 5, 8, 12, 20 for each respective level. This would bring it to a total of 47 skill points for OCD Aspiration level 5.

Finally Rexxus you’re totally right that this skilltree feature of yours has limitless possibility! Very exciting indeed!

Best regards,
Wise :slight_smile:

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@RexXxuS you could do this along with the new EB system features. You have a set amount of skill points and you have to choose your path if you want to collect interest then your skill points can reflect that… make a skill tree that reflects pvp bonuses or ocd reductions or build timer redcutions… so many skill trees you can add and give perks to peoples play style