Something needs to be done

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What happened:
=> Spawn killed multiple times by player using advanced weapons you cant obtain in starter area. Would fly to where i was spawning with drop pod and wait till I landed to kill me and loot noob farm me.

Player(s) with issue:
=> Saul Guud

=> NA

Time (cb:time):
=> Around 3pm est

=> Pirate

Structure Name(s):

Structure ID(s):

How can we help you now:
=> Due to an exploit in the rules noob farming is possible because players can use OCD to return to a spawn area and farm new players after a fresh wipe preventing them from playing because the starting area is too small for a fast SV that can kill everything easily. I cannot play until the player leaves the area, thereby preventing me from playing on server past spawn. The 50 hr time limit is good but there needs to be more clarity for people with large OCD storage apparently since they don’t understand or don’t care because they can say they are not breaking the rules.

Welcome to HWS @mystic
and sorry to hear about your frustrating experience.
The starter planets should welcome players, not scare them away.
And a PvP starter planet should be exactly that: player vs player in a sense of “Survive”… “Battle Hunger”… “Battle Royale” style.
And if you compare it now to PUBG, Fortnite or whatever… imagine that you land at the beginning and somebody is greeting you after 30 seconds with T3, legendary weapon equipment, then this is obviously wrong.
If I see players spamming “git gud you chose PvP start, go cb:reset if you can’t handle it” but at the same time coming from the Pirate Tutorial planet over or used OCD even, then they failed hard and I show them my version of git gud.

TL;DR: I see if we can disallow OCD usage in a more dynamic way and control who can enter it or not in a better way. It’s not easy though.

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Had the same issue at EU.
As i said there.

To bad that the pvp guys screaming for more pvp players, actually scare away those who start on PVP before they have begun their journey.


So RexXxuS, I would like some clarification then. The way that most folks I have asked read the following rule, is that it’s only illegal to kill people on starter if you have 50 hours in that new season.

If you want to compare Pirate Starter to a game like PUBG, then let’s make a comparison where a comparison is needed.

“Dropping” on Pirate Journey is like dropping Military Base on Erangel. It’s gonna be one helluva landing, if you’re with teammates it’s likely that they won’t make it out. Those that start here should start here knowing that there is a fight, knowing that it is PvP. It is plainly stated.

The other thing is, that it’s not Pirate Tutorial, that’s for the new players. Pirate Journey is for those who just want to grab from OCD, spawn their ship, and get to ECC or their planet and set up shop.

Pirate Journey = PvP.
Pirate Tutorial = PvE.

My whole Point is:
Players who started on Pirate Tutorial going to Pirate Journey = problem.
Players who are on Pirate Journey use OCD = problem.

Hence my comparison.
But I have to check those 2 things before I can make a call.

If a player wants to start pirate, they have the option of a PvE or PvP start. You can always plaster the starter description with red text and warnings. Most choose to ignore words in front of them and complain the information was not “injected” in their brains to their likings. The pirate tutorial and the space around is in fact PvE. There is nothing stopping someone from joining tutorial, spawning the free eg:spawn, fly to orbit, pull from OCD, and warp out.

that being said, the title of this post is absolutely correct @sclossin the sword measuring contest between ABN & TAW has been going on for longer than most of our playtimes. Be it ABN’s gathering of salty tears or TAW’s plastering of their name all over the server, I feel this propaganda war needs to come to an end. Long time players already know about the WWE drama wars here but think of how this looks to outsiders that may want to join our stellar community. Reading up on global chat at times seems like a deleted episode of Jersey Shore. If you enjoy constant arguments and toxic time wasting wars, maybe this is not the place for u.

In the end, we are all here together. If we are constantly taking the battles outside of game mechanics, we will never truly enjoy what the HWS team’s vision of a true multiplayer universe that will appeal to several game play types. Try to remember this before lashing out or filling that urge to troll.


DQ, these people will never come to PvP… with or without the ‘scare’ on starter.

I remember getting chastised at the beginning of seasons for being on pirate PvP starter for a few days and was warned to move on, even though I didn’t have OCD access at that time, just because I was more seasoned.

@RexXxuS can you split the tutorial and journey planets into two of their own orbits, both one way only to HQ? Then just need a filter for total HWS play hours to disable veterans from starting on journey when choosing which faction from the very beginning.

Does t mean we should immediately ruin their experience to a new server.

It’s like playing call of duty multiplayer, first time I played I was killed constantly at the start due to aimbot, take a guess what game I don’t play multiplayer anymore?


Hah. Other factions have done this plenty of times over the seasons, but ABN does it and ABN BAD! So sick of this crap.

Found it
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At the time of this OCD was not allowed to be used on starter planets. You can’t compare something from 2018 to the server now, a LOT has changed since then.

The issue isn’t that PVP is happening, more that far experienced players are using advantages they’ve accumulated over multiple seasons to kill new players OR players that do not have as many advantages.

They had Bases down, we had a guy with a detector on an SV
They stayed for days, our guys were there a couple hours

i was there and we rekt acp , we had a base and they had a base and they even attacked us first and this is all happening away from spawn in point … we did not bottleneck the random spawn ins … anyways back to acp i pulled heats out of my ocd and gave some to my mates and we blasted them to hell on their beachside base. great memory he was so salty he described it as " “camping” starter area with base" but in reality we had a fair fight minus the fact they didnt have sv heat lol RIP
2018 i agree state

So you had OCD access, and Rex still ruled

Actually I think the Pirate PVP planet was the only one who allowed it (outside of the new Prototype planet) that season and it was the first time for it. All the seasons are blending together. I’ll edit my post

When I first started on this server I did not dare try and start on a pvp starter because I knew there was no way I could defend myself if a bigger party rolled up on me. Hence, there were PLENTY of other starter planets. Once I was able to get established I would venture out to pvp. This server offers so much in way of protecting people from pvp which has its draw. BUT the fact remains you do not have to choose pvp start.

OCD will ALWAYS bring a huge advantage when playing regardless if on a starter or on Golden Globe or any pvp playfield.

Why have a starter pvp if there is going to be rules as to how you can engage in pvp? My suggestion is take out pvp starters or don’t enforce complaints there.


At the end of the day kills on Hws Kill board do not show how good you are as a pilot. imo Wanting kills in that manner knowing the most major CON, is players not wanting to play anymore. easy rp gain i guess also justifying it with a perspective of you are making players salty,so it makes em more determined to grind and get into pvp is chancy, based on a certain type of player, what about the rest that dont come back and would have kept the server healthy population wise. you know that as u did it imo and dont care . its kinda silly because all the money you put into the server to survive is now going down the drain, because pushing population away is not good long term choice.

I never said we didn’t, but I did state that I was warned to move on by @RexXxuS that as a veteran I have no place on starter PvP. Since then I have abided by that unwritten rule he gave me and always went PvE, and I understood why.

Would it be better off disabling OCD from pirate starter orbit altogether? Maybe, as it would force an even playfield altogether to PvP with sparse resources. As the eternally AFK @TheState said, it’s been a couple years since that issue with Op4, I hope Ranzeth has no hard feelings about it…

taco u and colin did the tower thing as u can see in screen shot 2 carpenterbee thats my blueprint and i never was around for the colin and taco tower story…