Starter Base at District G1 NA Server - WIPED overnight on a Monday

Hey this is Tradehero and I represent 3 other players as well. We are waiting for admin to respond because our base got wiped (on a Monday - today).

I tried asking for Admin there, but no response.

Our coordinates at G1 are -192, 34, 814

This has happened before to one of our members, Gitzen, whose base got completely wiped in less than a day (on a Friday). He asked for Admin several times and no response.

How do you respond?

How large were the bases? Anything under 10 blocks will be deleted in a matter of hours if someone doesn’t visit them in that time (also need to touch the structure to count as visiting it)

You will also want to provide some more details. Which server? Structure id’s?
Id’s can be found in HWS connect.


There is a process for getting hold of an admin and unless you follow this I’m afraid we will not look I to it. Maybe we get 10-15 messages a day saying… I need help on discord or Ingame.

We don’t have time to follow it up ourselves its down to players to go out there way to report things following the guidelines such as creating the correct topic and reading up first on what we do and don’t help with.

Thanks for playing

Hi I think the base was about 6 blocks? We were on the NA server, starter planet G1. I’m not sure about being able to touch our structure every few hours because we all work and have to sleep before work.

Coordinates -192, 34, 814.
Structure ID 1678967
Server: NA
Cannot attach latest log file because it says “New users cannot upload files” so do I paste it here?

Sorry guys. I resolved this in game and didn’t see this post. It’s closed.