Suggestion Tool for "selling / deconstructing" Ships


@RexXxuS only a suggestion as we have no really sensefull possibility to deconstruct ships in a decent time.
Is it possible to implement a tool to sell ships for credits or maybe combatsteel/resources to the server?
Maybe it could work with a chatbot command like “cb:sellship ID” where you put the ship’s ID of one of your owned ships, the ship gets fully deleted and you get a kind of refund in form of credits or resources.
I guess the server can not check how much blocks from which material are used to build the the ship, so there would be several ways to exploit that.
Therefore the refund would have to be much lower than the ships value (e.g the value of a ship constructed with the cheapest material normal steel or the like) or prohibit selling ships if they have one ore more blocks out of normal steel/hardened steel.
Some indications could be taken from the current market prices, so a 20k block ships out of combat steel would have a value in credits of round about 800k credits (999 combatsteel ~ 40k), then reduce that amount by some kind of fee maybe 25% - 50% , so one could get a refund of 400k credits or 10 stacks combat steel.
Such kind of tool also would make much sense for captured ships and in case of credit refund would push the market as well.


This is a good idea if possible - but one caveat - it should only be possible in elemental market.

Else a pirate will core you, slap in his core and sell the ship within minutes.


Why we couldnt count? We could.

We had BP - its 100% full ship = block + device count.
We had broken ship = block + device count.

Make proportion of lost, and give back resources by dat %, which lefts. Ofc this function could be fee required.

For Example:

1000 Iron
100 Copper
100 Cobalt
100 Silicon
Summ: 100 blocks + devices (its example!)

We take part in fight, and lost 25% of this number (blocks+devices)

We type some command:

CB:RexMakeMeRich (Ship_ID)

We got % that lefts:
750 Iron
75 Copper
75 Cobalt
75 Silicon

And we lost ship, and get all this resources in our OCD/Factory/inventory etc.

Ofc if this function need payment - than we lost some sum of credits from our Bank.

I think its all possible?

I guess the BP is stored client side…

I don’t think the server knows.

It just has the info from structure commander.

Yes, but who said, that HWS-Tool couldnt count it after spawn?

/summon @Jascha - we need your help ^^

We didnt know exactly, but if it could count this… Than - good or bad idea?

I think it’d be better if it could give resources than money - as I feel that being able to easily sell stuff without having to ‘earn’ gold on a pvp playfield would be detrimental to the game.

So yes - good idea if possible.

good idea…

you got the point

Ofc we talking about operations in Market Place! If u could transit it to EM - than its yours!

therefore there has to be high fees

So far… we dont know what kind of blocks (but that might change one day ;)), but we know how many blocks / devices the structure has.
Paying back only part sounds good to minimize exploits. ore/money… needs to be defined.
But such a function is possible. We thought about a destroy function too (for totally bugged ships) but this would be even nicer.

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I think this is a great idea!

Maybe additionally the server would get rid of a lot not needed structures…

But could u see resources spend by Factory (or in moment of spawn) on dat BP, or not?

Sadly not yet.

Bad… I though server checks everything…

OMG Yes pls we need such a tool as far as you can made it :smiley:

Would be mega nice!

Selling the Ship and get Resources back -10- perhaps 15% Taxes.

Credits would be useless. why did I need Credits?? dont need.

JASCHAAAAA GOOOOO! Say me if you need help to test something :smiley: quick quick quick quick :smiley:

deconstruct ships iss hard boring. At the moment I let them despawm bevor I deconstruct a Ship for 6 hours…


This idea is very old of me :wink:
Here and there tasered but more needed than anything else I guess.

So yeah - we have technical difficulties as Jascha already said. We could at least let you destroy your ship in 1 second. Easy. But you want some stuff back I guess, hm?! :wink:

The main problems are the blocks, even if we calculate an internal value of ships.
For example we don’t know what size your ships has:
Block S:
5 Iron Ingots

Block M:
5 Iron Ingots
1 Cobalt Ingot
4 Sathium Ingot

Block L:
4 Sathium Ingot
1 Cobalt Ingot
11 Iron Ingot

Block L would mean combat blocks. So we can’t give you even 1 sathium back because your whole ship could be build only with S Blocks. So yeah… currently wouldn’t be satisfied for everyone we think. Soon we have more options but now we need a different way.

Suggestions are welcome

Could you tell Ship hp with server stats? could devide hp by block count to get block type and work backwards from there.

OR weight. Both of those will tell ship structure frame size easily, and you could easily explain the selling by tonnage option. Plus combat steel weight more than normal

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