Sunday SV Showdown! - event



I just want to say that I can’t give enough :heart:'s to express how glad I am to see events like this. Particularly the inclusive NA&EU aspect that CSW encourages. Big <3 to everyone involved in making all these things possible :kissing_heart:


If I am in town on Sunday, I would love to join and give my SV a test :wink:


I suspect I will be last / die first. SV fighting tactics is not my area but at least I will give you guys a red bulls eye for next round.


@Fulgrim, you can sign me up for it “sounds fun”


OK please count me in!



I wonna participate!!!111111 But Im not sure I would be in time. But nwm, I’ll try.

Cool Idea. I think we will take part in! About number - need time to count :"D


im in ! add me


Please answer quickly guys, i need to know how many we’ll be to prepare. :smiley:

To count what? You’ll bring more people from SWP? Please tell me about anyone who’ll be here, so i can add to the list.

Ok, reduced. However loking how many people there is it might still have been suicidal to propose that :stuck_out_tongue:


Trust me, you haven’t seen POI loot stash. XD It’s a little over the top! I hope the heavies will help! No worries at all


I make repost in our Discord channel. Tomorrow will see, how many would come.


It’ll be good to get an idea of the class 1 meta :wink:
Count me in, and I’ll ask factionmates whether they’re available.


Im in vocation till Monday. I’ll go back to home at Sunday, but Im not sure about WHEN. I could return at 12 a.m., or mb even at 11 p.m. :sweat_smile: Thats why Im not sure about myself.


count me in pew pew lol


Ok, Alex. Just tell me when you can :slight_smile:


I’ve cleaned lavaworld a few time, i know well what’s there :stuck_out_tongue:


Looking forward to this



How do I enter into the Showdown?
I want to participate.


Simply write here and i sign you up.

Then just show up at appointed time on the base that will be present on HW for the event.


sign me up too pls,


Withdrawing my participation.