Synergy potential

The current in game player faction system is inherently flawed and has a tendency to create unneeded hostilities in many cases. There has always been a gang centric mentality that is hindering the growth of the server and game itself. This style of high school cliques causes more issues than we realize. I have been in discussion with a few people that agree this has to change for the better or we will all lose the everything we enjoy here. We have come up with a possible solution to divert the impending collapse of our universe.

Community centrics is a viable solution as long as we have dedicated individuals that will step forward to make this a reality. The current group mentality is to gather everything before someone else does. This does not help anyone in the long run. With the vast amount of resources and things to do, we all should be able to partake in any specific actions at any time. The in game faction tool could be used more as a game play enhancer instead of the limiter it has become.

Imagine if you would like to learn the ins and outs of the trading system. Where would you go to find out? Not many know which faction knows the most and are usually met with suspicions and hostility when looking for a group. Now imagine if there were a trading workshop group to take in all players wanting to learn the trading system to see if it peaks their interest. Have a group of marketeers that take interested players under their wings and show them all there is to know about the market. Once you have your market knowledge, you can move to another “workshop” to learn something else if you choose.

Like to run HQ missions but getting frustrated with the tasks and/or lack of assistance? Having a mission runner squad to show you the ropes would be super helpful in this case. If big enough, you would never have to worry about not having enough teammates for those brutal missions like the ever popular Alien Asylum.

Don’t care about NPC RP and want to crack all those eggs to see what’s inside? I am imagining a group of POI hunters that travel the stars looking to destroy all the NPCs they can find. When you are finished and want to be friendly again, you can always join the trader group as they would always be honered with all NPC’s and know the fastest ways to to bring it back when a new player joins.

PvP is no different. A dedicated group to teach how to build and fly a proper PvP ship would be very beneficial to increasing the desire to smack up legos. This would also help increase the amount of action as no secrets will be limiting anyone. All players will have a level playing field with using the same technology reverting to skill vs skill alone.

Lots of different aspects in the game can benefit from this type of synergy. We just need to all step back and see how it would benefit the entire server instead of select groups. There honestly is no need for groups to fight over control of the server. The universe is big enough for us all. Once we extend our hands in friendship, there will be no need to throw fists in anger.


The recruiting channel in discord already covers what each faction is about and sadly we lost the last trader centric faction on NA. I think the faction imploded from smol boi syndrome. Dont think there was ever a replacement.

Cooperation between factions? that I would love to see but I dont see it happening in a million years.


If we work together, it will be a much easier goal to achieve. Some will be stuck in their comfort zone fearing change but they may come around once the potential is realized. This change will not happen overnight for sure. But then again, nothing worth it is easy. Our Nonsense group has started this last season, allowing anyone to join and learn anything they want. They are free to move on to another group whenever they choose and encouraged to do so. If there were several workshops for each aspect, it should dissolve the toxic hostilities and misconceptions across the board.

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Sadly this has become another outlet for pissing matches and gang centric way of thinking. The workshop idea removes all lines in the sand and allows collaboration of ideas rather than the hoarding of them. Share knowledge and we all grow together, squander that knowledge and we all fail together.


Hey Bob!

Good to see you posting on the forums mate, you’re input is always appreciated.

I agree with you, and would argue that you’re a good example of a community member who clearly stands above the faction politics which is fantastic, and hopefully if other faction members are smart, they will listen to what you have to say regarding player toxicity as you don’t have any axes to grind but are speaking from a position as a respected and valued member of HWS, I for one rate you very highly Bob! :slight_smile:

One issue I have though is that this whole faction hostility thing is largely an NA issue which has sadly now flooded onto the forums. Just the other day on EU, JVI vs UT, FUN, GMC, and AAA all had a massive fight. The result? GG’s all around and two awesome videos, one from UT and one from JVI with different perspectives of the battle.

Meanwhile on NA, there’s an attack on bases around a star fragment. This leads to multiple tickets and enormous amounts of toxicity and further bad blood.

Personally I think it’s more of an agency problem rather than a structural one. I.E: Too many players taking the game far too seriously and not realising that the whole point of HWS Empyrion is about enjoyment. Sadly toxicity and a gross lack of self awareness by some within our community has caused the problem to get out of hands and is one of the reasons that HWS community helpers were introduced. As somebody who has been around for over 4 years, it has NEVER been as bad as it has been now!

For HWS and the community the best thing we can all do is hold those who are being toxic or flaming to account and to remind them that we all have a shared responsibility to keep HWS a safe and accessible space for everyone. :slight_smile:

Best regards,


Hey Wiseman, was just looking, you mentioned that there was a fight over the shard with multiple tickets and toxicity. That’s literally the only NA fight that hasn’t ended in good games, that was TAW vs ABN, TAW were angry because the server lag was so bad nothing was rendering and ABN were frustrated because TAW got out of their ships and ran to get to the fragment between five bases. Also, I believe there was only one ticket on it but I could be wrong on that.

Beyond that, I’ve been involved in almost every fight on NA, I think it’s better than it used to be. Just yesterday an ABN member told me he was mining and asked I left him alone, he was nice about it and I quit patrolling for a few hours so he could mine. I probably couldn’t have killed him, but I could have kept him out of the red gold if I really wanted to be a jerk.

Wiseman I know you pay close attention to the discord and I assume that’s where you get most of your info, but I personally believe you’re wrong on that one. There have been plenty of people saying “gf. gj, gg, etc” you’re on EU though so you don’t see them all. If you look through pvp chat for gf or gg you will find several recent results from NA players. However most of it is done in game.

Oh and there are tons of tickets from bugs and glitches that aren’t about the pvp itself but the fact you randomly get teleported into the noguilty POI for some reason.



Hey Will!

Great to hear firsthand what the experience on NA is like! And you’re correct that I haven’t been on the NA server in ages, sadly most of what I see about NA comes from the discord drama (of which there is too much).

I for one am happy that the story I mentioned appears to be the exception to the rule for NA, long may it continue! Mostly what I was saying is that sadly if we added up all of the drama, there does seem to be more (beyond the higher proportion of players) on NA. That it has supposedly quietened down of late is a relief! :slight_smile:

Cheers for the info!
Best regards,
Wise. :slight_smile:


I actually agree with this.
I’ve been on NA from time to time to watch some fights, and most of them have ended good :slight_smile:
It’s great to see when fights end, and everyone leaves happy.


Communication is key everyone. Great insights!


I am not sure why you want to turn his into a NA vs EU deal but EU has been heated in seasons past with reports made and discord talk. I forget which seasons but around 9-10?


Hello Oz! I’m not trying to turn it into an “NA vs EU” issue, i’m just stating factually that much of the discord drama carries over from NA. And with 4 years of keeping track of the HWS discord and forums I can say that the discord drama at least right now is pretty awful! It has already driven several players away.

I wonder what we can learn from EU and carry over to NA (if anything, from what Will said sounds like it’s not the NA server but the discord that has the issue) which will help solve this toxicity issue and nip it in the bud! :slight_smile:

I know as a PVP vet on EU whenever we had drama we kept it in our internal discords and if we had issues we would directly PM the players and chat over the discord to prevent HWS from becoming polluted with our drivel. I think this is one key facet which all factions could and should adopt to keep our HWS discord largely free of drama.

Best regards,

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I agree, this game accommodates multiple game focus’s if that’s the right word. In my mind it includes but is not limited to and in no particular order and with varying levels of overlap

-POI killers
-Hunter Gatherers

When someone first joins its not always clear what options their are and how to get started with them. Bob, and by extension Non has been trying to provide some insight, and perhaps to help minimize the grind that some people abhor.

What Bob proposes would go a long ways toward enhancing game play by giving everyone the opportunity to learn the ins and outs of an element of the game from others. For some players, a game like this is an opportunity to work together and make new friends, not to release their inner serial killer. Even the Pirate origin benefits because if folks are better prepared when the enter PVP, or settle on a PVP planet they perhaps are better prepared to defend themselves or even take the offense thus enhancing the confrontational game.

Its also important to remember, this is a game that is still in development and we are all in effect testers. If we can more effectively explore the various aspects of the game we can test it more thoroughly and can help bring it to full release sooner and perhaps help shape it some.


Sounds like an NA vs EU thing to me.

That’s great you guys did that 4 years ago. I am talking about in the past couple of years.

There have been no conflicts in the past 2 seasons (9 months?) on EU PVP wise as there is a large alliance.

Anyways, not sure why this topic went to Toxicity. I like the idea Bob, I will think about it.


If I could like this post more than once, I would!

You’re absolutely right!

Especially with A: Players have a responsibility to help foster a greater amount of PVP.
B: The game is an alpha, which means it’s still in development, and equally importantly: the playerbase is still small and developing. We should welcome new players as much as we can.

Now, onwards to Ozi’s points.

I like to take the enlightened stance that servers and communities can learn from eachother, I make no shame of that. :slight_smile:

Tell that to GMC and AAA and UT and JVI :slight_smile: They’ve all been fighting away :slight_smile:

Because Bob raised the topic?

Albeit Bob argued it was problem A and I argued it was sort of problem B where the players should be taking more responsibility for their actions and communications on discord+server+forum to foster a more welcoming microcosm. In my opinion this is not a structural issue with factions but a player issue with dominant personalities not always embracing the ethos of HWS and asssuming they’re above the community spirit and thus, above the community rules and moderation of helpers and police.

Best regards,


There was just another suggestion of multi-class workshops.

There could be a farmer’s market to end the great stamina famine of season A12. They could provide all the nutrients a growing adventure needs.

Rescue workshop that knows the best ways to get quick materials and build emergency FEMA stations on the fly to help lost souls caught in the new wormholes of A12.

Fighter squads that have elite builders/pilots who protect the rescue teams from the notorious lawless pirates out there in the verse. They could host the fighting events to teach new pilots how to soar.

The infamous pirates. Not much is known about internal workings of this shady group but they roam the galaxy pillaging what they see fit. Be it ships, resources, or new mates to crew their numbers, they make their presence known through out the galaxies.


The possibilities here are endless once we set aside our differences are work together at a common goal. That goal should be the assurance we have a home to go to each time we fire up the game. Regardless of the play style. I welcome any ideas on how to achieve this goal in every possible aspect of this game. While it is far from perfect, only together we can assist in making it closer.

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So true. We all have a responsibility to foster the community spirit of HWS. :slight_smile:

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I have been here for 3 seasons but just dipped my toes in the first two not really knowing what to do or what possibilities the game had to offer. More importantly what HWS had to offer. Even the webpage doesn’t give an accurate depiction of the massive differences in play style and the options on what to do. I look now and see a game that has the options of about 20 different gameplay experiences. Farming, POI Hunting, Mission raiding, Agriculture, PVP, exploring, mining, trading, marketplace, rep builder, and faction trading. Of course I’m probably missing some because again there are so many things to do and specialize in. This isnt because of game mechanics its because HWS is put together so well, Rexxus has accomplished something that has made the game what it is.

What we are discussing is a way the community can come together to get more people interested in ever facet of the HWS experience. As a newer player myself if it weren’t for meeting Bob and the NON faction mates I would have definitely went back to a game I was familiar with. Now I generally run 10-15 missions a day, I play the market place, I trade with players all the time. I test missions and give feedback to HWS staff. I have immersed myself into the game and want to call it home for a time.

If we can setup a system not just for new players but for veterans as well, make it veteran and new player run, how can we fail? No offence to the veterans but they don’t know what new players go through anymore, unless they work hand in hand with them. Many things have been added many patches have come and gone. Creative mode is migraine with a screaming child if you don’t have someone hold your hand for a bit to learn even the most basic ship building.

We are discussing a community led faction Group where each faction has its purpose, all of them will be used to teach, develop, and guide people to find their empyrion calling. A Democracy at its finest. Groups can move on subclass make multi faceted factions conquering more than one function of gameplay. Players can hop back and forth choosing what they want to do with others as they want to. Community led events with prizes in the millions.

Last but not least PVP. We know PVP is lacking but that doesn’t mean people arn’t interested, maybe they arn’t interested in joining a large faction and just want to play with friends. Maybe they have NO IDEA any of the mechanics behind it. This could be a way to bring more PVP to the server. It starts with PVP events, pvp instruction, pvp build ideas like the ships OZ put on the workshop to give people an idea of how things work. Explanation goes a long way and leads to understanding that leads to more hours put in. If you get shot up every time you try to get erestrium and don’t even have enough to build a decent sized ship then you need to be instructed where else you can mine it or acquire it so you can get into cv fighting.

This game is community focused, this server is community focused. If we start to work more together as a community and make it a place people will call home gameplay will get better and better. Donations go up, factions improve, PVP will increase. If you doubt it I understand that, however we wont know until we try it. If we reach the end of a trial run and people arnt having fun then at least we tried something for the game we love. Please Please think this over talk to you faction and see if they are interested in working towards these goals. We will be running missions almost every night of the week. We will be running community led events every other weekend.

New players we have a place for you, a learning faction where you can team up with a number of veterans and be given the gift of empyrion knowledge. As new players move forward they can shoot off into whatever part of the umbrella faction they want and learn more specifics into every ounce of gameplay it has to offer. Please get in touch with NON faction and let us know how you feel or if you have any questions.


BillyBob, I completely agree with you with just about everything mate! Go for it! :slight_smile:

At the same time, all players have to help foster a wider sense of community as well, so the new players fostered by you guys don’t have a negative encounter that drives them away.

^^ That’s my point in TL:DR Form. :slight_smile:

This is so true as well, and we often act surprised when new players rage after dying but I think your point absolutely explains why. As the more experienced players, we as a community have the ability to act as role-models for newer players.

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We have the ability. Let’s make it our responsibility

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