Taxed 13+ million on Sanctuary Please Help

======= NOTICE FOR HELP =======

What happened: Was Taxed 13+ million on Sanctuary for bases/vehicles
Player(s) with issue: Skard, maybe MOTH Clan
Server: NA
Time (cb:time): June 22, 2018 9am
Playfield: Sanctuary
Structure Name(s): Skard’s Aurora, RockHoundMk5L, Argonaut Sled, MOTH Lake, NPC_SV-WARP
Structure ID(s): 7363916, 6668261, 5152747, 5113574, 186619
How can we help you now: It took me 2 seasons to save up those credits. When you press “M” for map on the planet it clearly states TAXES: NO My clan mates are new to HWS so at least one of them will be in debt. At this rate in 2 more days I’ll be broke after 6 months of grinding and saving. If this was intentional I don’t know what to say, if this is unintentional, please refund my credits and grant me the full interest I would have earned from 46 million as opposed to the partial interest I earned on 33 million.
Taxes on my Structures
Playfield Advertised as NO Taxes

Thank You

Hello @Skard

ah, the second example how people abused my mistake. What should I say…
I announced it so often on multiple places that the PvE planets in the lower universe are gonna taxed but due overload of work I missed to set it there in the map description.
Or to look at HWS Connect > Universe for always most accurate information, knowing that I was overloaded.

But instead only the Tax List in HWS Connect was used of course.

Nevermind, it will be always like this and I don’t care if it was known or not or whatever. It’s not against you in general. It is always about the details.
And you can ignore all text above, I just took the time to write it because you have 684 playhours and maybe understand it better then.

From the legal point of view it was my mistake and I have to pay the “price” now (spending time to fix all of that).

I refunded the Taxes for your faction.

EDIT: I see tons of people don’t give a f** on taxes in general today. Tons of player on HQ planets (they had the map description since few days now!) got million times taxed. I am spamming in global chat now warnings about Taxes as the last chance and reset all debts to Zero for everyone except the guys chilling on ECC.
Make sure you do understand why we have Taxes or leave it be. But please don’t complain.

Skard this ticket here is the placeholder for many people I will reference. Just for your information.

Rex, taxes are incredible high, and push people against any attempt from their side to behave. If they cant pay, or the payment kills all their savings, they will just turn yolo.
A suggestion: You should maybe create a buffer of PVE planets where only one core per faction is allowed, no privates, anything over one core gets half a hour or one hour warning before removal.


There is absolutely no excuse! 3 damn Class 5 perma PvE planets without Tax are at the North of the Universe. You have Peacekeeper Orbits tax free. You can even chill your whole life in PvP space with HWS EGS Stealth.
Tax is just a placeholder word. In fact it is about stop being comfortable in the lower area and do some warp jumps.
We really try hard to tackle the high population but without understanding what is going on we can’t help at all.
And no, adding infinite PvE planets over and over again is no solution. The Hardware CPU is going down otherwise.

Already available: they are Called Origin HQ planets and their Orbits.

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Yes, but you do not see the problem from the point of view of the new players, they dont have large resources and money stashed, they dont have high level ocd and recycle to recycle their structure in case of emergency (and btw, recycle block price for level 5 is too high too), they are not comfortable moving north and they need a place to leave their stuff.

Then second idea, why dont you just create on ECC some large block of flats, each apartment with a 6 digit code, or with two doors with a code each, in each apartment several constructors and some boxes, players can rent or grab as their permanent pve base? Mark them as the only pve safe base.
For the rest of pve, just decore extra structures with a warning (assuming decoring is possible from EAH)

I really try hard to especially attract and keep new players. But a minimum of reading the Guide and understanding here and there is a requirement for HWS. Because it is not a 0815 server as others but in fact a game on top of a game.

I have placed a Supergate in ECC Orbit. So in fact you can already yolo with a SV to the Strayom Sector and build a CV on these planets if needed.

If they are not comfortable, they can at least stay in the Peacekeepers.

I really know how it is and I know it is very shit to read all that stuff about EGS Stealth and Map description and what not but as in real world: don’t know your rules, does not help for execution. And as much as I want to get rid of any rules and just offer a Creative PvE Minecraft Server to everyone, that is NOT the reality of a bugged Early Access Alpha Empyrion with a 230 dollar hardware machine forcing me to implement limits everywhere.

Good idea I had in mind with the EGS Star Appartments. Problem is the same though: sooner or later it gets full…

“Players joining HWS are infinite but the place we can offer is finite

I totally agree the job is difficult, I’m just offering a point of view. People are people, instead of trying to educate them, you should try to easy your job, taking in account that most players don’t bother reading to much, at least not first weeks of playing.

well i have no problem moving.
I now see the advertisements running, announcing the taxation of sanctuary, but I do not recall seeing them yesterday or earlier.
im just wondering if the announcement advertisements were running prior to the chatbot going down last night, as when i logged in none of the chatbot features were working, and i logged out before they came back on.
had I seen early advertisements on the server regarding the taxes changing on sanctuary, i would have made sure to move out prior.

I never thought of looking at the universe playfield info for taxation.

@RexXxuS Maybe it’s more of a problem of convenience. Sounds like the veterans that want to keep their crap on PvE need to move to the top of the map, and leave the south PvE planets for the new starter players with say less than 300 hours of playtime (give or take). That way new people introduced to HWS aren’t disenfranchised over the taxes because veterans want to keep their shit close to ECC. Quit being lazy self entitled asses and move elsewhere and let those that are beginning want to stick around. I like having opponents. I like killing, looting, plundering, etc., and I don’t mind helping someone new to HWS, so I have moar people to troll. This shouldn’t be a “we were here first so others can move” situation, this should be an act of decency towards n00bs to encourage them to stay.

I mean really, WTF kind of loss is a couple hundred pentaxid? Non existent loss to a vet, and quite a bit for a new player.

That is maybe problem number 1 but yeah, maybe you are right.
That is the reason why I exchanged the red Supergate with a blue one now.
You can now jump back and forth from / to Strayom and ECC Orbit.

I wanted to make the Strayom Sector late game content for PvE. Because PvE has normally absolutely no late game content.
But I underestimated the “Minecraft” / Creative game spirit (friendly meaning). So I have to revert some of my ideas.

This can solve the problem…

The main reason people won’t leave and go North is…they are scared, scared of making multiple warp jumps and somehow losing everything on the journey.

We simply need… a HWS Taxi CV, leaving once a day at 8pm from the HQ worlds going north that can drop you off safely at the humongous planets up north. Players can volunteer and make groovy/cool ships for the newbs to oggle at, i’d be up for it ! Heck…make it the September, give them something to aim for !

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