HWS PDA Community Contribution

Hi HWS Community,

you might have seen the release of our eWPDA Tool:

Since it is a web tool, the contribution is very easy for everyone.
My vision of the HWS PDA is quite big and the first step would be to have it translated to every language, which is present in our Community.
The second step is to call for help in making more Missions, contributed by you!

General guideline

@Hayawen made awesome progress and once you are interested we can collaborate easily together on it. However this strongly means:

  1. Since the HWS PDA contains valuable and sensitive data in some cases such as reward Lock Codes, you are strictly bound to not share it with others in any way.

  2. The HWS PDA falls under our intellectual property! You are instantly permanently banned everywhere if you share our work with others in any way.

Translation Contribution

If you are willing to contribute, it would be really awesome for thousands of players to understand the HWS PDA in their own mother language.

Contribution Rules

  1. If you want to participate as HWS PDA Translator please reply here if you are interested and what language you want to translate.

  2. I am mainly interested in mother language translator. But even Google Translate copy cats do help me already and still better than nothing.

Current Translators and Tasks

English | 100%

  • @RexXxuS - it’s not my mother language. Some Chapters are written in a humor style, some in a specific “bad” style. But if you find obvious typos or such, please let me know

German | 10%

  • @RexXxuS - even though it’s my mother language, it just takes a lot of time. If there are some volunteer to help me with that, please feel free to help.

Russian | 75%

  • @GEEKsogen - is the main translator here. No need for more for now.

So what languages are playing on HWS aside of them? :slight_smile:

Creators Contribution

You fiddled around with eWPDA and created some cool Chapters / Missions etc.?
We would like to implement them so everyone can play your work!

Keep in mind though that mastering the PDA is much more than typing some stuff in the text field and clicky picky options together. A PDA Master Creator knows the perfect symbiosis of the PDA, the POI, where the PDA takes part and the overall Universe layout.

Note: I always like to teach someone something. So you can also ask me about such things or request that I make a tutorial about something :wink:

Contribution Rules & Guides

  1. If you want to participate as HWS PDA Creator please reply here if you are interested and what you would like to implement.

  2. There are couple of ideas you can start with and progress further over time:
    2.1. Simple “Fly to X” Missions. This just requires only text and the knowledge where the player should fly to. Example: Fly to Triton System to get something (items as reward, coordinates, lock code, etc.)
    2.2. “Do X stuff” Missions. This is also very simple and only text and clicky picky needed. Example: Kill 5 Zirax Miniguns
    2.3. Little more advanced: Make use of current POIs and create more interaction with them. Example: Fly to a Drone Base on Iceworld to get something

  3. Once you mastered the PDA <> POI symbiosis you can start with simple stuff I can even integrate any time:
    3.1. Build a Satellite blueprint
    3.2. Put a box in it and give it a name
    3.3. Make the PDA trigger when you are near that Satellite and near the box
    With that simple logic you can create hundreds of missions around the whole universe to give space playfields a lot of depth and fun exploring

  4. The final PDA boss is if you are in full control of POIs and the PDA. Making use of ChapterActivation, NearUnit, Signals, PlayfieldOps and more. Those POIs and PDA missions will be integrated for Instances or playfields in the upcoming season.

Contribution Reward

Spending time in doing all of that is very valuable and appreciated. The least I can give you back for your time is an incentive in form of a reward.

Note: @GEEKsogen translated everything for free until now. If you want to claim your reward now Geek, let me know.

  • :world_map: As mother language Translator you get one time 50 HWS RP per translated Chapter (as well as Tasks + Actions). 10 HWS RP for Google Translate copy cats :smirk_cat:
    HWS has currently over 110 PDA Chapters to offer. More to come!

  • As PDA Creator you get rewarded based on the details, skills and amount of Chapters you implemented in your PDA submission. I’ll be the judge :smirk_cat:

    • At least 10 HWS RP for simple stuff per Chapter
    • Up to 1000 HWS RP for complex cool fun stuff per Chapter
  • Additionally every contributor get listed on our thank you page!

HWS RP is and will be in the future even more important and pushed. They can be converted to “real money” HWS Ingots, get converted to credits after a season and helps you already a lot for every HWS Feature right now

I hope I did not forget anything but please feel free to let me know your thoughts about this and more importantly your interest in making HWS even cooler!
Since the beginning I was the guy who pushed the PDA to its limits and right now, we only covered up to 50% of its full potential :wink:
Thanks in advance!


I can help with a danish translation :slight_smile:

Thanks mate but unfortunately we are bound to the translation keys Eleon is giving us :wink:

Ah okay.

no Welsh… :upside_down_face:

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Where is the language all should speak? Norwegian :rofl:

I can translate in Dutch

Which they speak here in belgium and also in our neighbour country the Netherlands .

Did they just give up writing the languages in their own language after italian? Why not español? Same with all languages after lol


I don’t see Wingdings, tell the devs that is an incomplete list until Wingdings have been implemented.


Can’t help since no Finnish there :frowning:

This is amazing.

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Hey Rex, first of all, amazing work, is it possible to train PDA missions in SP before jumping into the deep with your HWS config?

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Hey! :slight_smile:
Thanks and yes! You can fiddle around in SP as good as with MP stuff.
For a singleplayer usage I created the tutorial series you can watch on Youtube or check here



You give the files to translate or i find them in my directory?
I want to see the amount of work behind it before saying yes or no and if i am able to do it.

good question.
Actually we are currently working on a dedicated Collaboration feature for eWPDA :slight_smile:

Once this is done we can talk again about that.
Sharing files all the time is too much work in the long run.

Update | HWS PDA Collaboration is possible now!

Thanks to @Hayawen we have it now in a best way possible!

If you want to translate the HWS PDA into your mother language other than english, just let me know your steam id and you get access to work dedicated on your language!
That way many can work directly in our PDA database and once you are done I just integrate it into the HWS servers! :slight_smile:

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