Treasure Hunt on HWS

Dont miss the Treasure HUNT on HWS coming soon.

The treasure hunt has a grand price on 30 million credits and everyone will be invited.

You will need skills outside HWS and also skills on HWS to solve this.

More information coming soon…


can I add some money to treasure ? :slight_smile:

Ofc you can tezla

Hang on if @NikolaTesla adds money to the hunt then he cannot enter the hunt.

Looking forward to this I know all the answers they will all be 42

this looks fun!

why would he not be able to enter? he’d simply be w
inning back his own money.

I have a feeling story will be deeply touching, with some HWS lore. I wouldnt miss this opportunity. Also i think it will be pretty hard to complete :exploding_head:
In any case, looks like fun for sure :wink:

Just cus its Tesla good enough reason same as Stunner should not be allowed. He He He

Price pool is now 70 millions. Zappe donated 35kk and Tesla 35kk.

The story will start tonight or tomorrow.

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A post was merged into an existing topic: Tresure Hunt has started on EU server. Both EU & NA members are welcome. 1st price = 70m credits