Two day (or maybe 7) wipe timer for ECC

Well, there are parked a lot of ship at the EGS Main Building at ECC. I know it´s taxed to avoid long time parking there, but take a look at the pic:

It looks like a lot of people dont care for the tax, because a) they can afford it, or b) they are new to the server, or c) they just dont care for the tax.

It takes 15 Days for all these ships to despawn - if they arent touched.
I guess some of these ships are just trashed there by people who played 3 days and have never been seen again.

Why dont shorten the timer to two days?

First day: You pay enough that it hurts
Second day: Whoopsie, gone…

Or a seven day timer like on the cryos?


When I visit ECC i make it a point to jump on all vessels while I do my rounds. Out of boredom. Probably doesn’t help.


I’d suggest to move ECC HQ as a space station in ECC space. That way any one who logs off while their ship is still there gets their ships automatically egs:stealthed which is removed from the playfield and in order to get it back they have to manually egs:unstealth it.

I am against this idea. With automatic stealth the ships would be parked there, only with the intention to store them there. Also would be there a lot of drama, when ships disappear and people cant find them, when they want to uncloak them but in the place where the ship is in stealth are parking 5 others. It would be a total mess. And you couldnt even see the mess. :woozy_face:

The ECC HQ is on the planet because, well, its the HQ. Why should the EGS build it in Space when they got an own Planet? And i think there belongs the HQ.

That cauld be remedied by spawning the ships away from other structures or having the ship spawn where the character wants it spawn. Like an egs:getshiphere type of mod.

Stealth is a system to defend your ships and rewriting it to get rid of longtime parking would take the Team ages. Also the complete redesign of the HQ to a Space Station. The adjustment of the despawn needs a few clicks and solves the problem easy.
People would abuse this, if they can hide their ships.
Not to speak of the Drama “My ship is gone” “I get taxed but i cant get my ship Back” “My faction mate wants to remove my ship from ECC but cant uncloak it” etc…
The amount of Support Tickets would raise, for the stupidity of people who cant read.

I get the impression that your just making up excuses, but if thats what you want to do thats your business and your entitled to it. The amount of tickets people currently write for tax refund is also another important issue which egs:stealth would solve. Which would help Rexx and the admins so much and free up alot of their time to focus on more important things.

Or a more fun suggestion, vessels parked there for 3 days switch to public!

Then, I shall collect moar scrap!

Or give us a feature to repaint all the vessels parked there at least. I’m thinking neon pink.

Or a bi-weekly wipe of all vessels on the planet.

The amount of tickets would almost be none existent if egs:stealth is used because it would be automatic. Nothing is lost you get your ship back. I can see perhaps the developers don’t want to put in the work for this great idea. But what makes a game great is putting in the work on a great idea. And if the work isn’t put in making a great idea work the game just becomes second class or less and other games who are willing to put in the work for great ideas become great games in history.

Here is the link of the original post to the idea back in 2018. There is a few more details on the comments section on how this might work.

“The benefits are less and unnecessary lag, no unwanted taxes do to a faction member leaving their ship in ecc and logging off while everyone in the faction is made to pay, no more the hassle of new players or people who are too high in debt making many support tickets to get their debt fixed.”

I’d have a 3 day wipe timer on ECC.

I like how much thought you’ve put into it Israel, but I think it’s overthinking it, and worse with having ECC in space it just encourages people to show up in their CVs instead of their SVS. I’d rather have ECC on planet to encourage people to come down in their SVs unlike the old days where there were a dozen space ships around a single teleporter place that would cause me to crash every time I went through it lol!

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If its a class one cv like current configuration in ecc it shouldn’t be a problem and encase it does become a problem just limit it to sv’s only. Easy work bro! :smiley:

Not even one word of feedback about my idea, instead you start to insult me, while i explain you that your idea doesnt work? An Idea where you know since 2018 that it doesnt work? Okay, i thought Taco is the only troll here… :wink:

Back to topic.

I don’t like it either or well, the Hardware = Performance = Player Experience (lagging) is not good.
We have 2 options.

  1. Delete structure no matter what after 7 days, like on the Starter Planets
  2. Delete structure if not touched in X hours. But as someone said, there is a habbit of some players to jump on each ship to touch it…

So option 1 seems good BUT, it isn’t… because right now it would just check the “Create date” value and react on it.
So if we say 7 days and someone fly with his ship INTO ECC planet, where the create date of that ship is 14 days in the past, it would be removed as soon as he enters the Atmosphere :grimacing:

I guess @Jascha would need to implement something new to check how long a structure is staying ON that playfield and BASED ON THAT proceed with stuff like wiping…


ai ai sir


But is there actual lag? It always been like that and I never noticed lags at ECC so I’d keep it as it is.

I didnt thought this would be so much work to implement and i hope this could easily be done.

Thanks for trying to find a solution

For me, there is lag, and i think for other people with slow computers also. I remember when there was an event, the ECC was nearly unplayeble for me because there where so many ships parked.

Not much work. Will try to finish it tomorrow :wink:

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You could make it as we call in England, pay and display lol. You pay for how long you park up with a maximum of say 12 hours. Once you overstay your allotted time, your ship is towed to the space impound where you pay say 10% of your total wealth ( at time of violation) to get it back. Also make it so you need a cv to get to the scrap yard to get it back, and have it in pvp so you give a place for pirates to lurk. After a week your car (ship) is crushed and gone for ever. You could even design a cool scrap yard mission for story purposes. Scrap yard break in, break out.
Or just kick the ships to random parts of pvp when they’ve been there past a week. Then you give out some random little encounters to the pirate community

For example, when you are doing a Mission on ECC, sometimes you dont know how long it takes. If there is a big event, like the Patron Event was, its hard to say how long you stay.

And 10% of your total wealth? Thats insane. A player with 100 Million Credits wouldnt pay a Cent for a Warpbox, he would produce 20 new. England has some harsh parking laws if they take there a fee in the height of a new bought car.

Life as a pirate must be boring. Reeeeally boring. :smiley:

Scrapping randomly placed ships, well i dont know what a pirate normaly does when he is bored