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Hey @everyone,

some people pointed me to some rules and didn’t understand them properly or just assumed they are good to go as long as nobody question about them.

So I make it more clear and transparent now.

Rule “change” 1: No ally structures near each other if OP is built in for small factions

( link = 2. Fairplay & Gameplay )

Before it was not quite clear if big Allys can build near each other with OP or not.

I rewrote it as a sub bullet point so you can see it is only valid for small factions. It is of course not cool if one OP tower protects the other so near each other but first of all the other big faction has to go offline all together to make it work and secondly with Alpha 8 it will change to the “Alliance OP” driven mechanic anyways. So I don’t bother for now.

Rule “change” 2: No backpack stealing only on starter planets

( link = 2. Fairplay & Gameplay )

Before some people thought it would be also against the rules if backpacks on non-pve-planets would be stolen. While it was indeed confusing I made it clear now that this counts ONLY for Starter playfields now.

If you lose your backpack on Eden for example it is your fault. “Thief” isn’t true there anymore because you learned your lessons on starter and grow up to an Adventurerer. Scouting your surrounding first before accepting a death, making sure you are alone. Even if it means you have to cancel / delay the POI raid.

Golden Globe & Homeworld Base amount change


Block limit activation

( link = Back to the roots with Block limitation | PvP improvement )

It would be cool if this can go live sooner than later but since I want the community to take part in that quite important decision I will wait until I sense a “common sense” change regarding it.
I know some people appreciate it but don’t share their block numbers. This just means it will be delayed.

Or to say it differently: I will set friday as a deadline for suggestions, and activate a first version of it on Sunday 9AM

For Alpha 8 I will also point out couple of things again:

  1. everything we learned for HWS 7.X and HWS 7.X.X now will be influenced there. With intention the 7.X.X season is different than the “successful” 7.X season to see what potential we could achieve or not

  2. (Planned) Offline Protection will consider Alliance for activation. If you ally is offline but not you, the OP is also offline

  3. (Planned) Bases needs to be build by hand on PvP hotspots. More details if only at Prime Time etc. etc. will be checked if it’s live

  4. Global limits will be probably adjusted accordingly to get rid of playfield specific restrictions more or less. Some good eyes saw a first test of mine couple of days ago where it was obvious that we can’t implement it now anymore because too much stuff was dropped already. The proposal for Alpha 8 global limits would be this, removing playfield specific structure amount limits more or less

I hope you enjoy HWS nevertheless. Too much hate recently, still burned out from 7.X.X, preparations for Alpha 8 and real life will make me less available the coming weeks now.

Your HWS Team

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WTF you know when you are fighting near that bases you still have massiv (Standbilder) Standpicutures^^? when the base is loading??? Has nothing to do with FPS. But in fight you go in range of the base then out of sight then back in sight and so and. And everytime you have massiv laggs und Standbilder her! Weil die kack basen sich immer wieder aufbauen!

Mit 5 Basen wirds noch viel schlimmer!

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I was following along until you switched languages on me.

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I believe he’s talking about what we would call a slide-show as a result of repeated entering and exiting of render distance of structures.

Yes, that does suck :frowning: That said, it is a game limitation right now, not much we can do.

I love love both of these! I hope they get put in soon.


Can I ask what is the reasoning behind this? Not sure how bad FPS will be solved by more bases.

Some complained about too big differences to last season where we had 10 bases. I align it more towards that again.

Again, even if we say 0 bases it will still lag.

the only lag that was on gg last season was cuz of the 30 bases that were there , leave it at 3 per faction it is bare able now , and i dont have a cheap system or internet and am close to the na server local so it was not my internet , but the mass amount of bases


So… basically you spend 3 to 8 hours building something that will be destroyed the moment you leave that zone in about 15 minutes…

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ive spent a total of 0 minutes on GG but i feel like i can safely say theres no way anyone can spend even an hour let alone 3-8 building a base there. for a playfield that gets wiped daily and vehicles get wrecked often, a base there should consist of some bare necesities and enough turrets to fortify your position. not be a home to live in. slap down a foundation and towers throw some turrets up, load ammo and fuel and done. 10 minutes tops.

Hmm, well I probably don’t agree with them then lol. We survived just fine for an entire season with only 2 bases with OLP.

Have you considered (maybe for HWS 8) capping the number of alliances to 2-3 factions? Right now there’s a cluster of at least 15+ bases on GG all allied together, and I’d assume that would go up to 25 after the base cap increases. I personally don’t think it makes for a healthy pvp meta to have 75% of the pvp guilds allied together.

Alliances don’t really have any real meaning right now, most factions just hand them out like candy nowadays. Might promote a smaller pvp meta that is easier on newer player factions, make for some more interesting server politics and less lag. It would also crush the whole family share abuse/faction splitting advantageous meta (less policing needed). The whole red vs blue team duopoly is just getting a little bit stale right now honestly.


let the backpack mugging begin


Then don’t tell me about it? Pretty sure a guy who has spent hundreds of hours there knows more than someone who has spent 0.

Bases really do seem balanced at the time. Before it was a spawn base after another. And then when the turrets starting shooting it was terrible. So my humble advice would be don’t fix what isn’t broken at the time because you might break it again.

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Hmm I suspect a lower Class BA would load a lot faster. Every little helps

Yes but did anyone complain that 3 bases weren’t enough ?

Building by hand and a daily wipe should keep the BA sizes down though. Good move

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@RexXxuS Would it be possible to raise the base turret limits? That way players have the same amount of bases, but more turrets?

Would that help with performance?


It is already canceled. See first post.

We can’t limit or influence the factions at all. Only Origins.
Eleon knows about the faction system and it needs a rework. It is indeed meaningless if you can create one for free all the time instant.
Overall, be it on EU “west vs east” or on NA “blue vs red” it is a common progress in humanity to form 2 groups. It is easier for humans to focus on one thing rather than multiple. If you look at World Wars etc. it is more or less always “bad” vs “good”. 2 groups.

Nothing we can do about it really except limits, limits everywhere.