URGENT: Do not take enemy ships into your base!

Sadly there is a big exploit right now that if you take an enemy ship (put your core in), the enemy can track it down.
So please: If you took one --> Move it away and change your hiding spot.
And if you capture a ship --> Dont bring it close to your base
And if someone stole your ship --> DONT use that exploit please. If we can proove it we will punish it from now on.

Devs are on it. Hopefully its taken care of soon.


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This bug existed in early 4.0 as well. Just FYI. What prompted the change in attitude towards it?

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Because now they found out and/or got into the public :wink: . Often before an exploit is reported it has already been abused many many times by others.

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Oh man. I am really rethinking how much the devs know about their own game. I am wondering if it would be beneficial to just compile a list of things that we assume they know about, just on the off chance they prove us wrong again. lol


I believe there’s no public bug-tracker.

And no the devs don’t really know how we play on HWS because otherwise a lot of exploits would have never existed in the first place.

I thought this was common knowledge among a lot of ppl already, much like in 4.0 where if you set your ship to public, everyone could see it across the map. However I’d call it a bug more than an exploit. When you PVP, you are gonna way point all your factions’ ships so your group can rally to the first person who gets attacked. That way point just never goes away after someone takes/recores your ship in battle.

However I’d call this more of a bug rather than an exploit. It’s not like the user is actively doing something unintended to make that waypoint appear for them, the devs just haven’t coded it properly to wipe out the way point after you lose ownership of your ship.


But that’s the difference between a bug and an exploit.

It seemed like a part of the game by design which is why nobody is getting slapped retroactively for using the bug but now that the devs are aware and saying that it’s not intended and they’re fixing it it crosses into exploit territory.

Pretty much has been common knowledge for PvP factions - we learned about it the hard way. One of the ships we brought to salvage was tracked, then the people who tracked it came and tried to steal our ships and got tracked and taken back by us.

It’s been actively and openly used by remnants of 5AP with no repercussions. We did not actively leave bait ships in 4.0 but in 5.0 ships we killed would be set to LBP, waypointed, then flipped back to public.

This tactic was essentially discussed on Nov 28th:

Not arguing that it is or isn’t an exploit - just that it’s been around since they added waypoints and very widely used.

I used this all the time on auctoria to keep contestant bases waypointed, so I could see when faction tags flipped, as well as to see where they were.



This is likely the result from my raid the other night. I took screens because usually I get accused of hacking or whatever.



They blamed us for it and we got an official warning to stop doing it…

So did you write LBP on the SV?

Are you also the one spreading an “LBP Warship” CV blueprint around that has a hundred lights on it?

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I like this false flag idea. I think I’m going to start painting UMC on the side of my ships.

They probably won’t notice that it’s a well known LBP design, right?

I’m thinking something dumb like “UMC Vanguard” or “UMC Reliant” or something like that. @SpiritMIA what are some good ship names I can use to impersonate you guys?

Ahahahahaha I purposely took an SV BP and rewrote an LBP tag to make it more “valuable” as a trophy ship. Idk about the lbp warship cv though.

I can’t believe you used an aimbot SV!

It was literally this ship http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=800292260
but with the painted on tags changed around.


Well apparently it’s an aimbot ship - whatever that is.


Well sorry man, I didn’t expect it to get that far. It was more of a tongue-in-cheek thing. I was halfway hoping an LBP ally or member would find it and get confused, take it back to wherever and ask if anybody lost the ship. Of course I realized how dumb that was when most large factions live on donor planets.


I think it’s funny more than anything.


I didn’t think it was funny.

I thought it was fucking hilarious.