Using cb:destroy or egs:recycle during battle

For those of us that use these tools in a gentlemanly fashion, it’s nice to have the convenience of instant deletion. However, several times now this has been used against my faction moments before taking over the structure ourselves. As it’s saving us the work of manually multi-tooling I’m sure nobody would mind if there was a countdown. I would suggest something along the lines of 1 hour from using the command until deletion?

If that’s not possible to implement or is decided against: is it illegal to use these commands to prevent your attacker from looting you during battle? If not, should it be?

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I had to wait upto 15mins at one point in the last season/part season before i could egs:recycle a ship i’d cored.

I will post video evicdence of it shortly.

Yes agreed its a bit lack lust when your that close to taking a building. Then someone just deletes it.

I personally made the call to destroy everything on Homeworld.
This was done in response to the underhanded tactics used by TCH.

Rex is currently in procession of the video. If he chooses not release it, we will

I see this the same as combat logging. Not illegal, but very much lacking dignity.

Its fair if we are accused of “underhanded tactics” we should be handed the evidence. So please pass a copy of this to a member TCH. Thank you

Rex was at the fight so cant understand this dragging on, but again why cant people even be open to the idea that what they see and what is actually happening might not be the same, when the server is lagging for everyone involved. I sat in a fully loaded tank which never even tracked OP4 SV as it blew my turrets off but I know full well its lag and dont just jump to the assumption that its a hacked SV lol.

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This is why I chose to use CB:DESTROY. Rex has decided this was not illegal.
I decided it was underhanded enough to respond by removing All Op4 Cores from the playfield.


Definitely shady, TCH remove your spotlights from future fights.

Did Rex say why it was not illegal?

They need a global in Graphic settings to let us choose to allow light us or at least the level of use. That’s pretty weak.

Sigh… ok fine lets hijack the thread and make it all about you :roll_eyes:

I’ve been trying to simply ignore Colin & Matt’s egotistical attempts to prove to everybody that they’re kings of the universe and therefore couldn’t possibly have lost unless TCH were using exploits. Unfortunately if you say something enough times people start to believe you:

I’d rather be doing something else right now so I’m going to be lazy and paste conversations from two days ago on discord:

You seem to have gotten off the ghost-core train, perhaps you realised that was a pretty silly thing to be accusing me of. Still banging on about ‘underhanded’ flashlight use though (I’m crying, it’s too funny!) so maybe I should explain some more about how things were on our side.

For the first quarter / half of the fight I and all other TCH members experienced less than 1 FPS coupled with the “disconnected from playfield” message constantly popping up literally every 5 seconds (I’m too new to the game to remember exactly what it says, it’s one of the only times I’ve seen it… but you know the one I mean right? It gives you maybe three buttons/options… one is to continue, one is to quit the game). This resulted in us being unable to control our ships; all we could do was watch as our SVs sat mid air or perhaps fell to the ground, all the while getting hit by turret fire. You’d get control again for a second or two then lose it again for another 5-10 and this repeated over and over until the playfield was reset, at which point things behaved a bit better. Bad lag but not constantly losing control of our ships at least. Anyways, I imagine his light appearing to switch on and off on your screen was a result of him repeatedly losing connection to the playfield like the rest of TCH. As you can see in the video, we’re all just sitting there or flying into the ground.

Now, my understanding of your point of view is that 1 ship appearing to turn its front and rear spotlight on and off can somehow disconnect people from the server or cause lag or something along those lines? I’m assuming you’ve not been able to reproduce this behaviour despite your video ‘proof’ of how it’s done… but if you honestly think that’s possible then I have an idea for you: Community event: DDOS HWS with spotlights!

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I Know OP4 like to leave loot for folks but I am of two minds on the EGS Recycle.

On one hand the faction or person did PAY:
7m credits and 70RP + 1m credits and 30 RP + 500k credits and 17RP + 50k credits and 7RP = 8.55 Mill Credits AND 124RP

Plus 1 Credit per Block recovered…$$$

One the other I’d like to get some spoils of war from a long drag out fight.

It’s not the strong factions (OP4, LoT(where R U?), PKA, UMC, Sorry if I missed you) job to support the weak but it sure is nice when they set stuff up to be killed.

I cb:destroy stuff in combat all the time, to prevent blueprints and supplies from being captured. This is an entirely plausible battle tactic setting ships and bases to self destruct so they don’t fall into enemy hands and get used against you. I can see though how recycling on the battlefield is a bit less logical, perhaps some delay would be appropriate. Not sure how much of a pain that would be to using it though. I have not invested in and don’t use the recycle feature since I heard it’s levels don’t carry over, it seemed a waste of credits.

See I’m the Opposite train of thought. I think CB:destroy should have a time out and the recycle not. One you have to earn / pay for. The other you do not.


What other purpose would there be to keep flashing both flares and spotlights in PvP if not
to cause even more lag on an already stressed playfield. You used an underhanded tactic and
we responded in kind.

Giving a cb:destroy command is always going to be a last resort in a battle.

The facts are we in op4 still had plenty of fight in us, we had fresh players trying to log in, 2 players around the base replacing turrets, enough ammo to last for a week, fresh sv’s in orbit and had just scouted the 2 opposition supply bases near the North hemisphere and where ready to counter attack and remove the assets.
The problem was when you get to the stage where all of our players get kicked and can’t get in due to the server overloading or because as our members get kicked the server replacers the player with the next in line we get to the stage where we had no players in game for a long period of time.

As a military man you look at all your options on the battle field:- stand and fight, pull back to another base/defence point, call for support , remove assets to preserve bp’s

It is a tactical option but it is still a last resort as we all would have rather carried on with the fight.
Given the same scenario the call would still be the same “deny the enemy access to your designs”

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Thanks for sharing some thought-out points of view, I was beginning to lose faith it would happen XD

@Upgrade I LOVE the idea of it being a self-destruct! I will definitely be imagining explosions next time I use it :joy:

These commands are features that have been added to the base game. I definitely understand that if you’re being attacked who wouldn’t want to self-destruct rather than give your designs and loot to the enemy. My problem with it is that it tips the balance even further in the direction of offline-raiding. As the scales already tip so far that way I think it’s silly to make it even less appealing to online-raid. These commands take seconds to type in. You could even save a macro and make it near-instant. When it comes to base-raiding in particular I struggle to imagine a situation where the attackers can take out the core and place their own without giving the defenders ample time to realise the fight isn’t going their way and delete the structure.

We build bases partly for the fun it will be to defend them. Sadly there’s already so little incentive to online-raid someone… I think the defenders being able to delete the base as soon as they realise they’re going to lose it really puts the final nail in the coffin.

You build bases in PvE then raid PvP areas.
You use underhanded tactics that is indisputable as the posted video clearly shows.
As a result any views you have regarding honorable PvP is irrelevant.

We have one base on Athos and M31P for processing materials collected from the autominers there. Our other 6 bases and 95% of our structures are in PVP. It’s been like that since I joined the faction on day 1 of this season.

I tried to CSW to Sanctuary to get the registry but I’m not even in the faction there. I think we have a base for our recruits there but that’s about it. Going to NA to wipe your base was the first time most of our members had used CSW.

Ok so that’s another one of your false claims disproved. And apparently Rex disputing the video isn’t enough for you so we’re running an event to bust that myth too. Please, continue to educate me on how an honourable man handles defeat :roll_eyes:

If you want to continue your smear campaign please at least make a thread for it or something.