Vortex Industries 6.0

Hey guys, been a while since I created a post and been drumming up new ideas to improve things within the game for all involved.
Anyways I’ve been thinking again of redesigning auxilio for 6.0 and as such I’ve had ideas for player run buisnesses.
So I’ll give an idea of what I plan and what I would like would be ppl to reply if they would be interested running a business.
The idea is that if or when I redesign auxilio I will add some shop fronts, this will allow players a safe area (with insurance) to do trades and other types of buisnesses.
The traders who take up residence will need to pay an insurance premium to myself along with rent for the shop front.
The Insurance premium can be looked at like a refundable deposit, don’t rip ppl of and it’s returned to you when you cease trading.
I’ve a few ideas of buisnesses also so if your stuck for ideas I have a few suggestions (delivery/courier service, ingot trading, ship/base painters and designers, scrap merchants or second hand traders) take your pick and with the insurance premium and trading within a trusted environment like auxilio would lead to increased custom :wink:

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Hey where’d you get that courier idea from Vorty?!? :wink: You know I’m interested in this one if we can get a game mechanic allowing us to put up stuff for others from markets and such!!

Anywhoo - love the idea and Auxilio makes a great home, so depending on where it gets stuck, and whether I’m allowed there in 6.0, I’d be signing up for some space!

I think at this rate I’m getting a lot of business scrapping, so that would be a thing!

The courier idea well hrm that was erm well, think I was talking with someone called hops about that idea :wink: That’s no probs bud this version will be very mobile and with an admin core could pretty much travel anywhere, may have to draw up a plan for destinations and days :wink: but can’t do that till I’ve seen the new universe, I’ll plan it out fully just wanted to see what sort of interest it drew, course if people had their own idea I’d be happy to provide a shop for them to work from :slight_smile:

I think you’re on the right track for sure. I love Auxilio as a place to call home, as spartan as it is. It’s got my essentials, and that lets me do my business.

I’m really looking forward to seeing the new universe. Lots of opportunity. Thought about a wrecking service where you drop your ship off and I (or my yet to be formed team) would break it down and hand over a % of its blocks back to you. Etc. but I think I want to have an admin core base in PVP – add some risk in there, and if someone banks your ship while I’m scrapping it, we got some revenge stories!!

the courtier thing is still hot, the EM is picking up and I’m sure there will be improvements.

Stoked! But count me in either way.

:slight_smile: np bud, I decided/side tracked into creative and got to work on aux, now I’m currently gutting out the old T3 CV I converted for aux before the city, but may also renovate the city and see what I can like more :stuck_out_tongue:

LoT will definitely need a shop there. Bulk sales, scrapping, and ship pvp-ification. :slight_smile:

Not a problem more than happy to accommodate LoT

It would be cool to see normal store fronts become a thing, make traveling to the marketplace kinda fun, plus it would be interesting to see if store to store shopping could be a thing, or even buying a preferred factions listings #branding

Yeah I think it could be a great community run thing, negates tax charges for using market, bulk buying is made easy and fairly safe, buyers also have protection from scams also :slight_smile: so think it could work really well :slight_smile:

Quick update on the shops
There are now 8 shop fronts and 8 apartments. Shops will be kitted out with one constructor and two cargo boxes unless otherwise requested.
As I mentioned before shop owner will be subject to a one of insurance premium (refundable deposit) this is to ensure safety to trade for both partys. Buyers have a safety net IF they have evidence they were ripped off (screens/videos) In this case the insurance premium will be used to compensate the buyer…And the shop of the seller will be marked!
The seller will have a three stage warning system marked by colours, if they rip some1 off the shop recieve a yellow band on the first instance followed by orange then red. Any more infractions after this the trader is evicted. If the safety deposit is depleted in one instance this is also a cause for eviction!
The buyers however can also be expelled from using the market by abusing the system or making false claims of being ripped off.
With all that has been said the best approach to the trades is for the buyer to act first initiating each part of the trade (place what you offer into a box provided by trader, they then take and replace with your requested items) this offers both parties safety. The buyer is protected by the sellers insurance premium and the seller is protected as the buyer acts first. I hold the insurance premium and deal with disputes, trader who trade fairly recieve the full deposit back when they cease trading or prior to full wipe.
Thought I’d explain that fairly indepth so it’s as transparent as possible
Also 4 of the 8 shops are now booked which leaves 4 if interested act fast and let me know before the opertunity passes.
Apartments will continue to cost 150k per week
Shop fronts will cost 250k per week with an initial insurance premium (refundable deposit) of 500k
I will offer a 10% discount to tenants of both an apartment and shop front.
Forum lounge members will also be offered a further 10% discount on auxilio services (traders/shop owners may not offer this discount)
I think that’s everything I will make a new post for auxilio and services plus maybe a brief history of auxilio :wink: closer to 6.0, this post was mainly to see the interest the idea and with only 4 shop fronts remaining I think it’s going well :slight_smile:


I thought we were frands.

Lol I mean the traders on auxilio don’t need to offer the 10% discount to customer who are lounge members :stuck_out_tongue: I’ll edit it haha

Are the shops love in aux now? I didn’t pay attention toon last night to even look!

There you go hops :slight_smile: I can ask them to offer it but can’t force them

No the new aux is for 6.0. I’ve finished constructions just odds n sods left to take care of then she’s all set :slight_smile:

Curious, who is able to buy store fronts? Just traders?

Hey Vorty, hope you can tell I made my payment for this week on Friday, just sent you the 150k but wasn’t sure if you would see it since you weren’t online. Already talked a bit with you in game about a store, count me in! I’d like to buy up a few hws garage sv miners and rent them out to people that don’t wanna lay out the money upfront for one, I was thinking of a system where they give me 1/2-2/3 of the cost of the ship say 500k for the million free miner and they use it for the day etc for say 100k a day and then when they return it they get the deposit back. I know I might lose the other half of the cost if they don’t return it or get destroyed, but been throwing around some ideas. When my rhea got glitches I bought a cardinal and know I have both back and was thinking of a way to rent the card out but people would have to trust you to give a big deposit, but your system would help that looking forward to it!


No anyone can buy one, not just traders :slight_smile:

Dabs cool idea :slight_smile: it’s a tricky one tho cause it can’t just be done with codes as it won’t dock to CVS if it remains private or factioned to you. Saying that, it could be taken to PvP and cored. I’d prob do it in the sense you drop them on the planet or even just in the system for the customer. It can remain factioned to you or private and you can code it, but don’t code the fuel tank so when it runs dry it’s useless, if you operate it during pve it will give you alot more safety over the vessels :wink:

Yeah I was thinking of just giving them control of the ship til they brought it back and if they didn’t, or got it destroyed they would forfeit the deposit. Your ideas sound interesting ill have to work something like that into my planning, but for one I know all the hws garage ships have alien cores so running out of fuels not really an option unless they fly for about 6,000 minutes lol. I have thought over the idea of only renting them out in specific areas, like lucifer only on weekends when its pve, and then if they did take it off planet, and i could tell, or they lose it they would lose the deposit. Lots of stuff to think about but I think it could work, worst case if it goes downhill I could just start asking for the full price of the ships as a deposit, but some people might not have enough so well see, maybe once you’ve gained some trust and rented a few times the deposit will go down?

Yeah there will be a few ways you can do it if I think of anything else I’ll let you know, wonder how long a rhea will get from one cell of hydrogen. Need to get back on lol been pulling 14 HR shifts last two days and one more 2moz lol but half day Friday but working sat and sun lol oh the joys haha