Why dos everything i build on this server explode!?

i got of pirate starter…then went to pluto…thats not a starter planet right?? so no wipes planed there???
I build a base on plute…just got contructors in and cargo boxes and put all my materials in the base…and then while i build my base explodes and everuthing i had is gone!!
before that my cv exploded…and i hade to reset and start all over :fearful:
Did i do anything wrong or anything???..plz let me know

PLuto is PVP.

Very likely those explosions were not poor placement of your gas heater and your stove.

Someone probably blew you up with their mighty guns.

Only safe places off starter are way out in space, like 50k+.


Pluto was pve ! on my map it said pve…and it wasnt shot to peaces…i was inside a mountain…and in one blow everything inside the mountain was gone exept my core was stil there O.o

Let me first ask: what server are you on?

eu light pve/pvp with no wipes

did i build to big or anyhting?..although i just started building so it wasnt that big

Never known Pluto to be PVE.

I’d be willing to bet money someone blew you up.

Ally all your neighbors and try again.


sadly this does not help us to give you a significant answer.

Best help can be achieved with that template:

Maybe he is on the pve server?

I’m assuming this means HWS EU PVPVE, but maybe “light pvp” means PVE?

Probably best to just use the template so we stop guessing. :smile:

yes thats the one lol…but pluto was pve on my map

bisides i would know when im under atack…and i placed a block and all exploded and everything was gone in one flash…so wasnt a attack im sure

What block did you place? Can you verify that you were on EU PVE? If not, pluto was PVP. You may have just misread. When you say its all gone, but core remains, any damage to surrounding blocks? or did it just vanish? what is the class size of the base you were building? Lots of round things perhaps? Were there any warnings in the global chat that you maybe ignored?

i was on the eu pve and no damage on the mountain i build in from the outside…and i used normal concrete and wooden large blocks…non hv,sv blocks…i did nothing wrong…nothing wierd or anything…i was ading a block and it exploded…i was shot in the air and all i build in the mountain was gone O.o…
i did not see any warning…but i was in building mode so didnt pay atention to chat
whole thing just didnt make any sense!..my cv is standing next to the mountain and the cv is fine …so if it was a pvp attac…my ship would be damaged to…im sure i wasnt attacked…and was on pluto pve…stil am

Structural integrity?

(Did you fill out he template for rexxxus?)

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how and where can i do that…sorry dutch guy here…dont understand what you mean with template?..i did read in new forum replay that another guy had almost the same problem after the update

Rex quoted a Forum post for you. If you want our help, please read that forum post and give us details. The longer you wait the less we can do since our logs will be deleted after some days. But we cant help you if you dont tell us the details we need.

As you see in that quoted post we need the followoing infos:

So please give us the Infos so that we can help you.
Especially ID and Name of the structures and the exact time.

Is it possible you were working on a portion that was large and not completely connected to the ground? Try laying out the floor of what you were working on, and seeing if the blocks turn reddish in structural integrity mode. Bases on planets need to be connected fairly regularly to solid ground to keep from “exploding” (in this case it just sounds like a cheesy building demolition and rubble falling, and a visual of the blocks tumbling for about 5-10 seconds before disappearing)

It’s happened to me just dropping an adv const on to a finished base. It can Happen.