Will 5.1 be a wipe?

Title says it all

Not a major release.

I see that however asteroid system seems like a pretty big change

Yeah I suspect Rex already know about that which is why we have a system that has no planets.

To be honest it isn’t that trivial to merge new stuff over legacy stuff… but it will work without a wipe. A lot of surface wipes and cries about digging out bases again but that is all I can do.

Full wipe coming as expected with 6.0 again.

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I hate to ask, but as 5.1 brings big changes to class size. What happens to old ships that are already spawned in the server?

500 devices max, 20k blocks for CVs.
I need to test it myself too but other than that nothing.

If shots going through blocks is actually fixed, and that is a big if, would you be considering going down in class size?

Hint: My vote is for yes please.

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Hell I would wager that we have some of the biggest underground bases around. As long as hv drills work now (which I saw they found out why they werent working on auctoria, was that your doing?) It is not that bad to just dig out inside an existing structure.

Down like 1 or 2 or down like 4 or 5?

Yes and yes. I hope it is fixed. I will cover this in the announcement soon.

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Class 2.

If lag shots are fixed is more than adequate for a capable combat CV.

250 devices is more than enough. The only reason CVs end up at 500 devices now is due to 100-200 RCS that are needed to turn the massive piles of iron we build to avoid being shot through blocks.

Class 1 is stupid - 50 devices isn’t enough given that ~45 is needed to hit turret cap. If class 1 were 150 devices I’d be ok with that.

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Oh oh… make a poll or ask people. But if I do this I will be killed for sure.

Remember 50% of HWS are PvE huggers which means they love to build… flowers… windows… stairs… toilets… so they would find me and kill me if I go down to Class 2 :skull_crossbones:

And what about the block limit of 20k? Can anyone share opinions about that? Too much, to less regarding polygons etc.?

I am really really busy with a lot of things right now.


But if you reduce class size… Then this will also apply to our homes because class sizes are for ALL structure types… I will vote no because I already have serious problems with 500 devices on my house and I don’t even have plants… I really need 750-1000 like on PVE server where I can build a decent house.

I will vote yes if it would ONLY apply to CV’s/HV’s/SV’s. But for CV’s 500 devices = joke (too much). Even for 20k block ships 500 is more than you need.

20k block limit is too much. 10-15k is enough (probably 10k). But ONLY if they really fixed those lags-shots and such. They said they fixed it many times before. Also if they fixed that then we don’t even need that many polygons anymore because we only need them to counter those bugs.
But what would happen to existing ships? Would we have to tear them down manually…

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I’ll get back to you once we get our server to 5.1 and spend the evening getting drunk and shooting eachother to figure out if lag shots are still a thing or not.

With that said - what I’d REALLY like would be being allowed 1 CV of class 5 and the rest class 2 for a faction.

Would that be possible?

The logic behind that is that we like having our “base ship” where we live out of, and 500 devices is rough as well - it’s all cargo boxes, lcd panels and constructors. It’ll never be willingly brought into combat - but getting the device count to even 500 was tough. The ship used to be 990 devices in 4.0


Ah yes that is a great idea. You only need 1 combat CV per player anyway. Unless you are pirate and need 10 backup CV’s in deep space…
I have this problem that I must farm rep and such with my combat CV due to the 1-CV limit per player on planets. Which really blows. Can’t even have a mini 20 block CV for warping…

I was actually about to type this in response to tiny’s statement that 20k blocks and 500 devices is too much. I only have one ship that comes close, but I had to scrape off 5k blocks and ~300 devices to make it actually spawnable in 5.0. It is meant to be the flagship of a migrant fleet, can arm and fuel other cv’s, and hold the sv’s needed for operations. In order to keep that functionality with 20k blocks, I had to kill over half of the armor protecting it, and now it is basically tissue paper with the core targetting. I would love to fix that, but I am literally less than 500 blocks from max, and 20ish devices. I think the idea of a true “capital” vessel is a solid one, and is a little more in keeping with the concept of having a fleet for protection, and when that juggernaught is rarely if ever in combat, who does it hurt? We have seen time and again a thousand times more performance hits from turrets firing than from ship size. So do we really want to push people more towards having many small max turret cv’s? I dunno, just kinda brainstorming.


no, no, no… wait for my announcement first :stuck_out_tongue:

This is something I have long in my head and it was sad for me to deleted one ship one guy spawned yesterday with >65k blocks.
Since these big ship wouldn’t participate in fights I guess this a nice idea.

My other idea about bases coming soon too.

For CVs yes, we can say 250 devices but this would mean you can spawn 500er ships but the tool will warn you to reduce it which most people don’t give a heck on (till the devs fix the device output bug).
So difficult. And SVs and HVs are not implemented at all yet.

Why change ? 20k 500 devices is good at it is

Dunno yet but please read and use the exp and tell me again if your blueprints are red or not

500 devices for 20k it is one to one (if you build ship like ship not just Tiny Timber or PKA shoes box) . I have 490 and i remove all external lights. And i make this ship simple - like a spartan.

So give us 500 devices and 30k blocks for CV (i dont belive that lag shoot is fixed)

But i think the real wayout it is TAX. Standard 500\20k if you want more please pay! For example 50k per day for one CV if it have 21-30k blocks.

And Fat “traiders” (PVE maniacs) and other planet-living rabbits - make the TAX for they - 100k per day If they not take off from planet every hour:grinning:. Because when you fly and fly over 2-3 hours - jump - jump and nothing. Where are you all? 70-90 online. They afraid loose they ships but have bank vallets with 9-digits and full OCD (be careful it is may blow up).