Will's Little Poll about fairness

So many things wrong with your poll and I’m putting this here because ABN is not allowed to vote on Will’s forum post.

  1. Rexxxus stated that he would have done this for anyone. So until you actually have a war how do you know this base cant be beat? (only videos Will shows are 13 sec clips of poking at a base cluster with a tiny sv, then saying it can be defeated. NO shit with 1 sv.)
  2. This is not a starting easy POI base in PvE. Its going to take planning, time and resources and its done that way to encourage a place that should be the most desired spot outside of gg.
  3. You (OH) have a planet in pve (that you paid for) with autominers down on getting unlimited resources that no one could come and defeat unlike Zanzibar. (Your doing the exact thing your complaining about)
  4. Rexxxus announced this!
  5. See the first point about how ANY FACTION could have done this… hence even playing field.

Spacedooode for President!


This is an open-ended option and communication with @RexXxuS is required beforehand. The objective in this case is to create attractive content for other players without personal gain in mind.
under event planet conditions.

As no one else but yourselves are benefiting and having fun, it’s therefore being called into question - specifically (from what I can understand) on the balance of having 999 cores and class 7 limits.

You see as much as some players would love to grind themselves down on 20 class 7 bases at 6 fps, I think a fair share don’t find that fun.

Regardless, I would also like to point out that you have have violated the forum lounge trust - which is extremely bad to do. Specifically for being the first to publicly reveal such internal discussion.

(I have just been informed you are in fact not trusted level and that the internal discussion was being moderated which is even worse)

Absolutely insane.

This continuous descent into reddit levels of comments is depressing to see on the forums.
(Sidenote: I couldn’t give a damn on the outcome of that planet, you guys need to stop hurting the forums.)

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Zackey, the post by Will was made public for a short time… please be better informed.


Several parts of this post came directly after and from that internal one.
The other one has since vanished, meaning you still reveal internal discussion.

That is simply not true, but good try!

There are global limits by the way that only allow factions to have a limited amount of structures. Also, the options of a PVP Unrestricted planet have not been changed in 5 seasons as far as I know.

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Open ended (Except the people your poll is about)…and it was public.

If your the so called admin staff your very misinformed about the poll and who was allowed to see it before Will thought a good poll would be to not included everyone. Trashy is your response on this thread


I am not moderation staff,
I agree it should not exclude anyone,
it’s no longer public so this thread should not exist.

Wills poll was as public as was the announcement of Zanzibar…

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Zackey have you ever been to Zanzibar? better question have you even logged onto HWS this season? why are you here?

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The poll was taken down, I can not find a public reference to it (asides from here). The poll’s original reason for being taken down was excessive derailment.

I have logged in several times - I am currently playing under an alt to avoid this shitshow.
I’m a concerned hws player who’s seeing a two sided flamewar ruin the community.

Bush, I have figured out how to get a higher Trust Level in the forums! By doing exactly this…


Sarcasm does not help.
I got trusted level by making a community guide.
I believe you got it by being civil and helping too. I respect you for this and to make it absolutely clear, I am upset with the shitty discussions. At this point I think it’s completely spiraled out of control.

As both of ours could be revoked at any time and by the will of rexxxus, I fail to see anything wrong.

I don’t think I am trusted… I could be wrong though!


Did you have it revoked?

I don’t think I was ever trusted… So… I don’t think it was revoked!


The excessive derailment was because the poll made absolutely no sense because NO ONE has actually contested the planet before coming to the forum to be keyboard warriors

I have just been informed you are in fact not trusted level and that the internal discussion was being moderated & given permission by admin staff which is even worse

Look if I keep posting ill become the Zachey special of having special forum privileges


Err, it’s a regular title badge. You had it before…

I just recently started posting on the forums on the regular… I don’t think I ever had a “Trusted” Badge… but I never really payed attention… Are you stalking me and my badges?!