Abuse of PvP game mechanics



Type of Offence Committed

Abuse, using a class 5 garage ship on GG

Time/Date of offence

Tuesday, 15 October, 2019, 5:03

Player/Faction accused

Shmak / ABN

Player Faction reporting

WillEatsPie reporting (member of OH)


What happened?
Well, here it goes AGAIN. ABN abused the limits of GG, if this was the first time I would recommend a warning, but it isn’t. This isn’t even the third time ABN has abused the system.

Why did it happen?

I placed bases on GG that they couldn’t take down without abusing the limits, like they usually do when they can’t take down bases.

Below are three prior forum reports against ABN JUST INVOLVING ABUSING THE LIMITS OF GG! If I was tasked with finding reports about ABN abusing other limits or toxic reports against them, I am certain I could find some. I’m sure it will come up that all of these reports must be by brand new players, if I search for them I bet I can find quite a few from veteran HWS players.

Here on this last one was actually a report on ABN for privating their PvP bases so they would be siezed by HWS and they wouldn’t lost anything by spam-placing more. However, what wasn’t included was that they did actually attack us with two class 1 Titan CV’s as well. Although class one CV’s where allowed, one was the max.

As you can see they have a history of abusing the rules, if you look back at those posts, although they where validated as true NO PUNISHMENT WAS GIVEN.

Excuse me, but what? RexXus looked at them, checked logs, agreed they where abusing the limits and DID NOT PUNISH THE PLAYERS RESPONSIBLE. One time, okay, maybe he’s trying to give them a second chance, but I think one second chance was enough, I don’t think three second chances is OKAY, and if this slides by it may even hit four.

Below are photos of ABN with their class 5 Mercialago garage CV pushing our base.
(For anyone interested here is a link to the ship they where flying HWS Garage Ships)

(Shmak was flying it this time)

They use these CVs for multiple reasons,

Reason 1 is to strip turrets off the base, with 23 HV turrets and 6 SV pulse lazers, they effectively ruin a class 1 base (or in this case 3 class 1 bases) in under a minute of fighting, every turret killed, shields going down almost instantly. With focused fire from two SV’s (our entire air force at the moment) it’s shields didn’t go down for about a minute.

“1.1 Under no circumstances will the use of any bugs or exploits for personal gain or profit, or any advantage be tolerated for any reason.”

Reason 2 is NOT PROVABLE, however I find it highly likely. What is the main concern by most players when discussing class sizes? Lag. Lag is the main concern. As a matter of fact, players don’t want to allow class 5 bases because they cause lag, well a class 5 base causes MUCH less lag than a class 5 CV, especially a class 5 CV with double the normal HV turret count and SV pulse lasers.

“8.7 Lag Engineering.
DO NOT build structures with the intent to create lag for other players. (i.e. excessive lights, thrusters, triangles, etc.) Structures reported for possibly being created to generate lag will be examined by admins and decisions will be made & actions taken on a case-by-case basis.”

Reason 3, to dominate PvP, they have this attitude of being the biggest and baddest, not a single faction can beat them! If we where to hold bases down on GG they wouldn’t get that satisfaction, I don’t know if this even plays a part, but the FACT they claim they want more PvP then they pull stunts like this makes it obvious there is some other reason going on. No group in their right mind would pull something like this and expect their enemy to happily come back and place more bases.


Personally, I think two changes need to come in place, at least temporarily.

Change 1

I think we need to allow class 5 bases again, I know it may cause more lag but with factions abusing limits like this I think we need to, a class 1 base will NEVER stand up to a class 5 CV, no matter how good it is, when you go on to consider a class 1 base against a class 5 garage CV you can’t believe it will survive, even a class 5 base won’t stand up well against a class 5 CV, but at least you have a chance to defend it, most of the turrets being in a place where they can’t get shot at by CVs (unless the CVs dig through layers of armored concrete) will DEFINITELY help, no guarantee they will survive, but you have a chance.

Class 5 bases can spread turrets, hiding some under an “umbrella” which makes them take much more work to be taken out from the top, CVs would have to circle the entire bottom of the base (or have HVs and SVs rush while they take shields down) at the very least class 5 bases would have a much better chance against class 5 CVs, or even class 1 150 block CVs tanking bases with shields, another thing PvP factions have been doing against our GG bases.

Change 2

This is more on the penal side, we can’t let these things slide by any more. This needs to be a strict you do this, you will recieve this punishment. As shown above, WAY too many situations like this have slid by without punishment, as such factions believe it doesn’t matter if they fly a class 5 onto a class one only planet because nothing will happen, if they’re dumb and wait ten or more minutes their CV will be taken, so they just need to keep an eye on it.

Even if CVs got taken after thirty seconds it wouldn’t stop it, players would fly their class five ships right over bases but in orbit, set a timer, and spend twenty seconds attacking the base. (plenty of time to completely obliterate the shields and a few turrets if there are multiple attackers with a CV tanking) If you have a garage ship like the Mercialago then that amount of damage is what will happen without any additional attackers.

My suggestion: Ban ABN from PvP for the rest of the season. They always claim they want more PvP, then they abuse the limits and don’t follow the rules. This shouldn’t happen, not once, not twice, not FOUR TIMES! It’s time to put the metaphorical foot down and finally show the server this is not something we should allow. If players from ABN don’t like it, they should leave ABN and join another faction, OH has already agreed we would NOT allow ANY ABN members into the faction, we have NEVER abused a limit and don’t ever intend to.

I will admit, I have personally stood on the line there. I flew a class 1.72 modified Hercules CV into BH space, then onto GG, I quickly realized it was over class and didn’t bring it back until I had modified it into a class one. I personally don’t consider this abuse because A: I didn’t actually stay to fight when I realized it was over limit and B: I had modified the ship myself, but didn’t know it was over class size, another faction member had modified it after I did and brought the class size up.

Sincerely, WillEatsPie


-Was not even there (Posts like these are why I am not there)
-Been ruled on multiple times, this was just the first one in the search list
-Another attempt to demonize ABN and polarize the server instead of looking for a solution to rules/mechanics you don’t agree with/are not familiar with, it’s consistent at least


He did offer a solution. Bring back bigger bases. There’s no point in reducing bases to class 1 only to allow class 5 CVs with HV turrets to roll all over them.

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Are you joking? Like genuinely, this is borderline BS.
Regardless of my past/current faction tag, I don’t care who it is, but trying to ban a faction from PvP?


Ya, I support this idea while putting no thought into at all! That being said… CV’s not allowed on GG would be interesting once SV/HV docking is implemented… assuming it ever will be.


Increasing class size will do nothing but increase lag there are multiple topics that have beaten that horse well past death. Your big suggestion was banning ABN.


lul at the original post… but on class… y not class 3 like before besides massive class 5.



Oh my bad that makes complete sense, lets only allow class 1 bases but class 5 CVs with 24 HV turrets and 6 SV Pulse lasers, just for the sake of reason

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Increasing class size helps to create a harder to attack base. Class size is mostly surface area. If I am limited in surface area I can’t cover turrets with an overhang to protect from fire from flying vehicles. Yes more class size does add more lag but so does having a class 5 CV with 24 HV turrets… and it moves! Bases just sit there and do nothing but get attacked

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Well, Rex goes on to say “Gameplay wise you invest a lot of resources to build a big ship so it’s a trade off in war.” However, you didn’t spend any resources, you spent money which you have plenty of. As shown by the dozens of garage ships you use against us EACH SEASON.

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so im hearing we ban all for the actions of a few. this where i step out before saying something offensive…


By definition, money is a resource…


Than perhaps a shorter warning timer would be an answer. However, the bulk of your post is “ABN BAD! REMOVE ABN!” and that is nonsense. We are following the rules across the board and you all still try to report everything.

  • ABN PVP donator planet reported - 100% by the rules
  • ABN is hacking, they cockpited me - 100% Legit, video’d
  • ABN followed the rules in PVP about ships - Ruled on multiple times in the past few years, searchable history on the forum, still reported, still 100% Legit

These are just a few grains of rice in the report bucket. It’s insane, especially once you start rooting through the old Police Reports. No one should spend this much time writing angry letters about a video game they are playing, and 99% of the time the answer is at its core, get better at the game because you lost legit. Sometimes its lag. Sometimes there is some actually toxicity. But its mostly nonsense.


I agree, it’s harsh, but this is the FOURTH time this has happened, something needs to stop it, players are free to leave ABN in favor of another faction. OH is not recruiting thankfully, but NPC may be, FU may be, there are plenty of factions needing players. Your faction had three opportunities to quit and you abused them every time. That deserves punishment, because it needs to stop.

And once more to highlight it, NOT AGAINST THE RULES




Agreed, that’s nonsense! I only said you where bad in the portion where I say to remove you from pvp

Considering Rex personally agreed you where NOT following the rules on THREE seperate occasions (the links are above and the posts are public if you’re curios) this is most definitely not true.

Can’t blame me - I didn’t even post this.

Agreed, but noone should need to spend this much time to begin with.

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you may need to step away from the game for a bit. Your past having fun and act like a scared animal backed into a corner.


12+ paragraphs (I think they qualify) about “ABN BAD”

If you spend half the time your reporting on the forums playing the game and getting better you would not be having these issues.