Battle for homeworld 2 - BENCHMARK FOR ELEON

Hello lads, after a small talk with @RexXxuS its time to organize a bit today’s half improvised event.

What do we want to do?
A battle of the biggest possible scale for Rex to be able to benchmark what’s going on to improve PvP.

Well, 3 pm isn’t realistic, most people are still at work and its only 2 hours from now.
What is needed is participants - from the talk with rex, spawning defensive structures or vehicles shouldn’t be a problem for either side.

Battle will be happening on homeworld. While PvP is open in the area, i’d like to ask to not raid supply ships that will be going to homeworld on preparation for the event, and let everyone set up planetside for said event.

Of course there will also be rewards for attending.

The conception might swtich from atackers vs defendants to just team vs team with both having bases, depending on what will be available.
Stay tuned for more info, meanwhile if possible declare you presence and team preference for organizational purposes (for anyone intrested , TCH will be going team 2/defend, bring your best guns RED/SWP/U-P).

  • I want to attack! (team 1)
  • I want to defend! (team 2)

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I will try and get in game by 3pm just confirm where I need to be please I have 1 x hv ready but can easy get another. I just need ammo guys. So if you can set that up that be great

Gunslinger, keep in mind that one faction need to be on the same side, else its not possible to shoot each other.

Go check with wiseman/zappe for the ammo.

I was hoping we could time it around the server restart, that is the absolute earliest most of my guys can make it. Definitely not in an hour, its 9 AM here.

i agree but i did not know our faction choose to defend.

Its in the post @Gunslinger

@mcprouty - i hope to start at 8pm EU time. Its 4 hours from now.

mk well We will bring some random bits and pieces probably about 3 hours after that. Earliest we cant get in is about 5PM, 7 hours from now. :-\

Well, its the middle of the night for us, sadly. I was trying to get it organized on the weekend, but apparently its a pressing matter.

It seems to be all about doing it when the devs are around

damn. ok well At the least I can try to support with supplies if needed
would be nice if we could SCHEDULE one of these tests on midday weekend, with rex spawning us in copies of test ships. I know its way out of scope for this test though

@everyone my benchmark system is ready.
Let me know when you are ready for the fight or in general if you experience somewhere a fight with low FPS let me know

Hopefully enough people will be on at 8pm. I doubt anyone will have bases ready however, so i guess we’ll need some help on your part for that.

We’ll need lots of vehicles too if we’re to keep fighting for more than 15 mins.

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Let me know what you need Fulgim, I’m happy to help

I’ll be here and glad to help

remove me from vote. Sadly I missed this is still ignoring the NA people that want to help. :slight_smile: It’s cool.

Timezone issue only.

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Do you have enough silicon :wink:

same here. I wont be able to get home til long after the target time here.

Thanks @everyone for the participation!

First feedback: a lot of things which can be optimized by the Devs! So big success here!

Some facts:
I luckily upgraded my RAM two days ago from 16 to 32 GB. The benchmark took me 20GB.
I had 2 FPS. 100% CPU i7 4770K.
Benchmark files Client + Server = 1,1GB

The reward from yesterday didn’t get activated but everyone who participated can reply to this post here to get one donator package for free (if room is in your inventory).

Thanks for making Empyrion a better game!


Had much fun! Will post videos if anyone wants! I switched my graphic settings mid fight and it caused me to DC so one video is shorter than expected! :sweat_smile: I hope the test helped. I am glad everyone held out working together, it’s a shame Gunslinger purposely shot up Big Reds SV towards the end… but he still managed to make it home so all is well. Enjoy the guilty board sir! :heart:️ Thank you to all who participated in this event!! Enjoyed every bit of it! Oh yeah, let me add sorry to whoever I may have shot while I was disconnected.

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Really enjoyed it :slight_smile:

I took some screenshots…

Round 1 - SV Fight

Meeting with everyone :

Terminator’s flying fridge :slight_smile:

Nice plasma sky :

Round 2 - HV Fight

Lots of folks here…

Explosions, explosions everywhere !

12 people fighting together, huge !

Round 3 - HV Fight, again ! Now real chaos begin !

Really looks like a 2010 RTS :

Nice laser colours in the night :

I really love that last one…

Good evening everyone !